Types of Betting

This category features articles on the different types of betting found online using a bookmaker site. Discover and learn what the many types of betting mean and with it become a better gambler online.

Handical betting on Arsenal explained
Types of Betting 24-08-2015

Football Handicap Betting Explained

Introduction When a huge favorite plays against an underdog team in a football match, the odds offered are very small. At such a point, it is much better to consider the handicap betting market. In this article, we explain what handicap betting implies, and tell you the different kinds of handicap bets. Handicap betting explained […]

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A Strategy for Asian Handicap Betting
Types of Betting 13-08-2015

What Is Asian Handicap Betting?

The Asian Handicap Betting system is a special type of wagering that is becoming increasingly popular across Europe, for wagering on football matches. The basic principle of the system is that all wagers work on a handicap system, instead of just straight win, lose or draw odds. What this does, is level the playing grounds […]

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Using a Tennis Betting Sysytem
Types of Betting 19-06-2015

Tennis Betting System: Tips on What to Look for

A tennis betting system is a must if you are to approach a successful strategy to making money on tennis. Tennis has become one of the major betting sports with the arrival of online sports betting, and particularly trading. There are tournaments every year, and on a variety of platforms. The Challenger tours and ATP […]

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Comparing Betting Exchange sites
Types of Betting 18-06-2015

Comparing UK Betting Exchange Sites

Betting exchange sites are a relatively new way of bookmaking. For punters though it could be the future of online betting. This is because both the bookmaker and its clients can make huge profits compared with the traditional style of wagering. It’s also known as a player-to-player betting. This is because the bookmaker only serves […]

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Finding a Betting Exchange Trading Strategy
Types of Betting 17-06-2015

Finding the Best Betting Exchange Trading Strategy

Here we will discuss the best betting exchange trading strategy and provide tips on how it works. Trading in betting is the purchase and sale of sports bets at the betting exchange. To start with, it’s important to distinguish the methods of trading. Trading in play and trading pre play are the most common methods and […]

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Betting Exchange Trading strategy
Types of Betting 17-06-2015

Understanding Lay Betting for Profit

Lay betting has grown immensely in recent years with horse race fans interested in making money from supporting losing horses with betting exchanges. They differ from a normal bookmaker who will not take bets on horses to lose. T&C’s Apply. 18+ Only. Play Responsibly. What Is Lay Betting? This is a bet where you […]

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Betting Systems for Baseball
Types of Betting 15-06-2015

Finding Winning Baseball Betting Systems

Like all other online sports betting, with baseball betting systems, you have to know which strategies work, what won’t work. You need to employ the right ones, at the right time, to ensure you earn big when betting. With various baseball betting systems and strategies which you can employ, the right baseball handicapping systems will […]

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HOME / BETTING EXCHANGE / BETDAQ EXCHANGE REVIEW Betdaq Exchange Free Bet Betdaq Exchange Review
Types of Betting 14-06-2015

Betdaq Exchange Review

The Betdaq Exchange competes in a online UK betting market that is estimated to be worth £750 million with nearly 2.1 million customers. Although there are plenty of betting exchanges that are trying to capture this market, Betdaq exchange stands-out among them. As one the fastest growing and the second largest sports betting exchange in […]

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Best Greyhound Betting System
Types of Betting 11-06-2015

Finding the Best Greyhound Betting System

Anyone looking for a perfect greyhound betting system has probably come across a few “guaranteed” greyhound betting systems on the web. The thing about these betting systems is that they cannot guarantee results without honestly explaining the worth of adequate research. For instance, several strategies for successful sport betting focus a lot on the odds […]

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