Types of Bets Found in Sports Betting

Tony HammondsEstablished in 2015 Typesofbets.com is a website that gives you the answers to your questions on the different types of bets. Ever wondered what the differences is between a Trixie and a Lucky 31? We explain what these different types of bets are, what combinations of bets they consist of and why some bets are more favourable than others.

Ultimately we are all in the same game which is to find a winning edge from gambling. What we will do on this website is provide, to the best of our knowledge and experience, the best ways to go about this. By explaining what bets actually consist of we hope you gather a better understanding of which methods of bets suit you better.

We also look at the Betting exchanges and betting systems. Analyse them and recommend, in some cases, which we think will benefit the punter in order to win more through education.

Good luck and enjoy your stay.