What Is Asian Handicap Betting?

August 13, 2015
A Strategy for Asian Handicap Betting

A Strategy for Asian Handicap Betting
The Asian Handicap Betting system is a special type of wagering that is becoming increasingly popular across Europe, for wagering on football matches. The basic principle of the system is that all wagers work on a handicap system, instead of just straight win, lose or draw odds. What this does, is level the playing grounds a little in terms of wagering, as you do not have to simply depend on the weaker to pull off a surprise win.

You can still win, even if the weaker team loses and you have taken them to win the handicap. Here is how it works.

Goals win matches and the stronger the team, the more likely they are to score several goals, and the less likely they are to concede. Therefore, when a stronger teams plays against a weaker team, they will be handicapped, essentially starting the match with negative goals.

For instance:

Chelsea vs. Leicester.

  • Chelsea would definitely be the favourite team, so they would be listed with a negative sign preceding their name.
  • Leicester, on the other hand, as a weaker team, would have a positive sign before their name.
  • The teams will also have the figure of the handicap in brackets by their name.

Asian Handicap Betting Explained

An Asian Handicap is a type of betting that eliminates the draw as an outcome. The bookmakers designate a handicap for the underdog team in the event in order to bring the odds for each team has a roughly equal chance of winning.


In a match between Manchester United and Wigan.

  • Wigan are considered the underdogs and receive a +0.5 handicap.
  • Manchester United is stronger and concedes a half goal head start (-0.5).

The handicaps effectively eliminate the draw, so the proposition for the bettor is as follows: will Manchester united win this game or will Wigan avoid defeat?

If Manchester United win 2-1 and you had placed a wager on Manchester to win, your wager would have been successful because they beat Wigan by more than 0.5 of a goal.

If you had placed a wager on Wigan to win, your wager would have been a loser because they lost by a greater amount than the handicap allocated to them.

Asian handicap betting also provides a far more workable betting option for bettors in events where the teams are badly mismatched.

For example, Arsenal are playing Rochdale at Emirates in the FA cup.

The likely, traditional fixed odds prices would be something like:

1/10 Arsenal, 6/1 Draw, 14/1 Rochdale

For most punters, this would be a no bet situation. With Asian Handicap betting, however, bettors could take a view on how strong Arsenal would be in the event. The likely Asian handicap betting would be:

Arsenal (-2.5 goals), Rochdale (+2.5 goals)

The proposition for bettors would be whether Arsenal could win the match by more than two goals or whether Rochdale will be able to avoid a thorough beating and keep the deficit to under three goals.

Whether you value a close game or a whitewash, with both options likely to be priced at just under even money, Asian betting offers the opportunity to take a view on even the most one sided of event. Asian handicap betting strategy also offers a valuable addition on events between more evenly matched sides.

Asian handicap betting is a useful and profitable way for betting on sports. It gives the bettor a more even chance of winning against the bookmakers. Utilise the slick sites recommended above with the free betting bonus money and some asian handicap bets on football action this weekend on your favourite team.

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