What is a Teaser bet in football – explained and how to place one

what is a Teaser bet in football - we explain
We explain what a Teaser bet is in football.

Football betting is surely one of the most popular sports markets in the online gambling world. There are some pretty unique bets you can place nowadays, and one of the notable ones is the football teaser. But what exactly is a teaser in football betting?

In football wagering, teasers are a kind of parlay wherein the bettor can change the point spread for a lower potential payout. These bets, while seemingly easier to win than regular parlay bets, still come with high stakes and various rules you must follow.

If you’ve been wondering what is a teaser in football betting?, keep reading as we discuss the rules and processes. In this guide, we’ll be sharing tips on how to place a teaser bet in football, as well as insights into the pros and cons. This way, you can decide whether or not the bet is worthwhile. 

What Is A Teaser Bet In Football?

For bettors who are unfamiliar, a teaser bet can be understood as a kind of parlay bet. Now, a parlay bet is of course a high-stakes wager involving multiple bets on one or several games or sports. With the regular parlay, a bettor must be correct in all of their bets on the wager in order to win at all. 

When it comes to a teaser, on the other hand, we’re looking at a parlay that has been modified. Generally, it’s an opportunity for the bettor to change the point spread or total of the game they’re betting on to give themselves an advantage. 

There’s a price to pay for this alteration, though, as doing so lowers the potential winnings of the wager. 

A football teaser bet may merely involve bets on two different games, or it may involve bets on up to 10 different games, depending on the bookmaker

How To Tease A Football Bet 

Teasers can get somewhat complicated for the beginner bettor to understand. That’s why you should familiarize yourself with some of the rules and processes associated with football teasers. 

Over/Under Teasers

Similar to a football teaser where the bettor can adjust the point spread to favor their betting prediction, the bettor may also adjust the totals. In football betting, it’s also common to see teaser bets where bettors change the set “total” for 2 or more football games. 

This way, you can give yourself an advantage if it doesn’t seem like your initial prediction will play out. Of course, you’re again lowering your potential payout if you win. 

Point Spread Teaser Example  

Below, we’re going to share an example of a football teaser scenario. Because teasers tend to be more attractive to less risky bettors, they often involve just two legs – the minimum needed to make it a teaser bet. 

Let’s say you want to place a teaser bet involving a Brazil (-3.5) v. South Korea (+3.5) game and a Morocco (-2.5) v. Spain (+2.5) game. In the teaser, you place your bets on Brazil and Morocco (two favorites) to cover the spread. 

You decide that you want to adjust the spreads by 2 goals, making them now Brazil (-1.5) and Morocco (-0.5). Since you’re betting on two favorite teams, they still have to both win and cover the spread in order for you to win the wager. 

In this case, the bookmaker will lower your payout if you do win, but you have a much better chance of winning since it’s just a 2-leg teaser.

Tips for Placing Football Teaser Bets

Here are some tips to help you stay smart when it comes to football teasers:

Pros of Football Teasers

There are some obvious advantages to placing football teasers, especially when you compare them with traditional combination bets. Take a look below at some of the main pros when it comes to this type of wager. 

Less Risky 

Obviously, all online gambling is inherently risky. But by moving the spread or total in your favor, you increase your chances of winning and breaking even with your payout.


One arguable perk of teasers is that they’re fun to place. With high stakes and multiple games or teams to follow, you are increasing the eventfulness of your wagers as you watch them play out. 

High Payouts

Even though you lower your payout with a teaser, they can still bring in large winnings – more so as you increase the legs in the wager.

Cons of Football Teasers

Of course, there are also disadvantages to teaser bets, even in football betting. While the idea of skewing the bets in your favor is exciting, it’s worth noting what you’re risking in the process. 

It’s Still a High-Stakes Bet

This kind of bet is technically still a parlay, so it’s still risky – even more so as you start adding on legs to the wager. 

Lowered Payout

You’re always going to lower how much money you can win if you succeed with this wager, by its very nature. 

That means that, although you increase your chances of winning, you still might not earn enough payout to cover the investment you put into the wager and profit.


If you’ve been wondering what is a teaser bet in football?, then hopefully our guide has cleared things up for you. 

Teasers are high-stakes parlay bets that give the bettor a slight advantage in exchange for a lowered payout. Be sure to gamble responsibly, as every wager carries risk.