A Legacy from The Past: The Arc de Triomphe Horse Race

January 12, 2016
A Legacy from The Past: Arc de Triomphe Ante Post Betting

A Legacy from The Past: Arc de Triomphe Horse Race Betting
Napoleon I aspired to turn his empire into one that comprises the most beautiful city in the world. In February 1806, rumours about the erection of a column in tribute to the glories brought by the Grand Army were clarified once and for all. On February 17, 1806, plans of constructing the Place Vendome column were finalized. The following day, February 18, 1806, an imperial decree that supported the establishment of the Pantheon and the construction of a trophy arch was signed. The arch was to be constructed at the opening of the boulevard near the Bastille prison. This arch was to serve as a triumphal arch. Years later, on this very arch called the Arc de Triomphe, started a very legendary horse racing event- The Arc de Triomphe Horse Race.

The Arc de Triomphe Horse Race is one of the most famous horse races in the world.  Held in France, it has the same prestige as its host nation which served as the cradle of many civilizations.  Due to this, visitors and citizens alike have always patronized the said horse race. This event happens during the arch's tribute festival. As recorded by lifestyle experts, the Arc de Triomphe Horse Race offers one of the highest turnover of ante post bets in the world.

Arc de Triomphe Horse Race Ante Post Betting

Bets drawn before the day of the declaration in a horse race are called ante post bets.  In horse racing competitions, the declaration day refers to the day where horses are open to the public for price bidding. Naturally, celebrated horse racing events are always expected to make ante post betting available. The introduction of the internet means horse racing event organizers have allowed ante post betting transactions to be done online.

Typically, considerable attention has always been placed on the Arc de Triomphe Horse Race, this became very remarkable when statistics showed that nearly 5 million stakes are gambled just on the Paris-Mutuel.

There are approximately 45 countries who participate in this ante post betting event. Within areas around the United Kingdom, several race goers decide to participate in the ante post betting on this event through dealers on online ante post betting markets.

Since, the Arc de Triomphe Horse Race has been a very famous event within the horse racing community; online bookmakers propose very favourable Arc De Triomphe bets that are free of charge for new customers on their sites.

Also aired on CH4, the Arc de Triomphe Horse Race invites a big number of followers that subscribe into the game to hearten all Irish and UK runners. Being a huge event in France, there are a lot of Ante Post Arc Triomphe strategies prepared by analysts and state papers.

In addition, The Arc De Tiomphe meets on the first Sunday of October. This meeting is dedicated to all Group One races found around Europe.  Although, The Prix L'Arc De Triomphe is the feature race, the Longchamp card offers other equally competitive races that give racers the chance to benefit from high-end racing. These other races are the Prix Marcel Boussac, Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere , Prix De L'Opera, and the Prix de L'Abbaye.

The Arc de Triomphe Horse Race is intensively cultural and historical.  With all the prestige and wealth that it promises, it is of no doubt that it is one of every punter's favourites. Napoleon built a monument that still continues to shape the lifestyles of people to this day.

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