How Baseball Betting Works

How Baseball Betting Works
Baseball on the Infield Chalk Line with the Base in the distance

In 2018 the Supreme Court put the option of online sports gambling in the hands of each state.  Online sports betting has continued to grow ever since then. Baseball is becoming a very popular wagering option in online sports books for gamblers. How does baseball betting work? 

Baseball is one of the simplest sports gambling markets to understand. There are three main betting options for baseball, the money line, the run line, and the over/under. Additional wagering can be made on parlays, five-inning wagers, prop bets, and season-long outcomes. The many statistics also make baseball perfect for live wagering. 

Below we will look at everything you will need to know when making online wagers for baseball and what wagering options are available.  

Betting on Baseball

Baseball is popular with sports betting in the summer months because it is the only professional sport available in the summer. There is an abundance of games each day to wager on with each team playing as many as six to seven games per week.  Baseball is also big on numbers and statistics. This gives bettors plenty of data and multiple options to wager on. 

Baseball Wagering Options

Betting on baseball is one of the easiest sports gambling markets to understand. Three main wagers are often placed on a baseball game. They are the money line, the run line, and the over/under. 

The Money Line

The low-scoring nature and the large number of games that are decided by a single run make the money line the preferred method of betting on baseball. The money line is picking the outright winner of each game. It is representative of the odds for each baseball game based on that team's probability of winning. 

The odds in a money line bet are displayed in a negative value for the favorite team and a positive value for an underdog. The money line is a wager on the team you think will win the game. The amount of money you will win will be based on the risk involved in the wager. 

Each value is based on a wager of 100 dollars. A negative wager will be how much you will need to wager to win one hundred dollars. The positive wager will be how much you will win if you wager one hundred dollars. 

The Run Line

The run line is different from the standard money line because the spread will remain at 1.5 runs. To account for a difference in quality in the baseball teams will be reflected in the risk and payout that varies rather than the actual line. 

When betting the run line the standard spread is 1.5 runs. The favorite will be -1.5 runs with the favorite at +1.5 runs. The favorite will need to win the contest by two runs for the bet to be successful. The underdog will need to lose the game by a single run or win the game for the wager to be successful. 

The Over/Under

The over/under bet is also known as a total bet. The over/under bet is a bet that the total score for the game will be higher or lower than the betting value that the sportsbook has set. Each sportsbook will set the total runs for a game based on the projections of each game. 

It will be up to the bettor to place the wager if they believe the total score of the game will be over or under the number that was set by the sportsbook. 

Additional Online Wagering

Online sportsbooks have opened many more options for baseball wagering. These options surpass wagering on the winners and predicted score of each game. Some of the options are to bet on multiple games, prop bets, 5-inning bets, and bets that cover an entire season. Many sports books online also offer live betting that takes place during the course of the game. 


Parlays in baseball are bets on two or more wagers that are tied together in a single wager. The parlay wager can include either money line, run line, or over/under bets. The more wagers that are placed the greater the win potential, but the higher risk that is involved. 

To win a singular parlay wager all the bets involved in that wager must be successful. If a single game is unsuccessful The entire wager is unsuccessful. 

Five-Inning Wagers

Online wagering also offers the first five-inning wagering. This can be money line, run line, or over/under bets for the entire game but are graded on the results from the first five innings of play. This wagering is a great way to get the value of a good team starting pitcher and avoid any late-game losses by relief pitchers from the bullpen.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets or prop bets are wagers made on other aspects of the game than just the final score. Prop bets can cover an individual's performance, a single team’s performance, or even the total number of hits or runs in a game. 

Prop bets open a wide range of options for betters seeking to make wagers outside just the final score of the baseball game.  

Season Long Wagers

Wagers can also be made at most online sports betting on long-term accomplishments such as the winner of the World Series, league pennants, and division winners. They can also be based on an individual's performance such as Cy Young or MVP awards. 

Their wagering options open in the off-season and continue throughout the entire season.  The odds of these wagers can be adjusted throughout the year according to the team or player results, player injuries, and wagers that are taken on each outcome until it is finally decided.

Live Wagering

Online sports betting are now offering live betting options. Live wagering adds more excitement to every game since you can make wagers as the baseball game is taking place. As soon as the first pitch is thrown the live wagering begins. Almost any wagering options already discussed can be used in live betting. During live wagering, the odds will adjust according to the baseball game as it progresses. 

Baseball is great for live wagering. There is a large number of statistics that can be used for live betting as well as over 27 different plate appearances that can be used to create a very large amount of live betting during the contest.  


Baseball is a popular sport for online wagering for many reasons. Baseball is one of the simple sport sports wagering markest to understand. It is a numbers game and those statistics transfer to online wagering easily. It is the only major sport that runs throughout the summer. There are numerous games played at that time with a single team having up to 6 or 7 games a week.

There are many different wagering options available for baseball. The money line, run line, and over/under of each game remain the most popular. Parlay bets, prop bets, season ling wagers, and five-inning wagers are all growing in popularity. Live wagering in baseball is also becoming very popular in baseball. The numbers and statistics of baseball give the many live wagering options the ability to add excitement to any contest.