What You Need To Know About Ante Post Betting at William Hill

Tony Hammonds
March 31, 2016
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In this article we will explain all you need to know about ante post betting at William Hill.

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The William Hill bookmaker is one of the most famous betting sites known throughout the world. It operates in many countries including the UK, the US and Australia.

One of William Hill's most successful features is their ante post betting offering. William Hill is a well-known bookmaker specializing in this age old tradition in betting that has been around since the early 1900's.

Ante post betting, William Hill’s popular bet offering, is one of its most successful ventures to date with millions of users all over the world using it to bet on their favourite sport.

Ante post betting is a type of bet wherein the bets are placed days, months and even years in advance.

It was mostly used during horse races in its early stages but now, almost any kinds of sports can be used in the ante post betting William Hill markets.

There are many rules to ante post betting.


We have answered the most asked questions on Ante Post betting at William Hill below.

    The most important of which is that William Hill only takes bets from people who are 18 years and older. Or whatever the legal gambling age is in the country where the betting firm operates.

    Any bookmaker making bets with minors are fined, sanctioned and could eventually be shut down by the government, so this is a mandatory rule.

    Another rule that you can be sure to see with every William Hill ante post betting is a deadline of when you can post a bet.

    In their website, William Hill puts up a list of games you can bet on and the last day you can place your ante post bet.

    For most sporting bets, this is done prior to the start of the season. For horse racing, this is done prior to the declaration. Ante post bets are not accepted by William Hill operators after the deadline has passed.

    William Hill also requires you to open an account with them and advises you that you will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your own account.

    You will be responsible for updating the information on the account like contact numbers, bank account, and other personal information.

    The account that you open will also be used to record past bets, wins, losses and the like. This will also be your gateway to betting and collecting any winnings you might have.

    The account will be used also whenever you place any wagers or ante post bets.

    Make sure that your keep your account details secure to avoid any unintentional bets to be made under your name as any loss incurred will also be taken from your account. Report any breach with William Hill customer service as soon as possible.

    Ante post betting with William Hill is easy, convenient and secured.

    You can do it online, over the phone and even via the William Hill app. Once you have placed your ante post bet, they will provide you with a confirmation once the bet has been placed.

    If you don’t get a confirmation within a specific prescribed time (usually 24 hours), you may call the customer support to confirm if your ante post bet has been placed.

    Remember these things before you bet on anything to avoid any misunderstanding or undue losses.

    Read the rules and regulations provided in each bet before placing it and make sure that you know what you are getting into.

    Author Tony Hammonds


    • Alan Holden

      20 Aug, 2016

      I placed a bet on Danny day on 13/8/16 for the York 4.00 race on
      The horse did not run
      Why did I not have my stake refunded ?

    • Alan Holden

      20 Aug, 2016

      I placed a bet on 13/8/16 for a race on 20/8/16
      The horse was a non runner
      Why was my stake not refunded?

    • Stephen middleton

      18 Apr, 2018

      I backed a horse Monday 16th/04/2018 in your shop Monday morning called missed approach for the Scottish national I had £5each way at 14/1 got it from your screen but it looks like it was never declared to run in that race will I get my stake back or not

      • Tony Hammonds

        18 Apr, 2018

        Hi Stephen,

        If missed approach didn’t run you should get your money back providing the bookmaker was offering non runner money back (nrnb) on the betting market on Monday.

    • Paul

      25 Apr, 2018

      Put a bet on a horse in the 1,000 Guineas in a couple of weeks time. The horse was pulled out of the race 2 days ago. The shop assistant said I’d lost my money. Don’t think that’s fair if it’s not running u should always get ya money back!!

    • Paul

      25 Apr, 2018

      Also no one told me about losing my money if the horse didn’t run. Just think it stinks that u just lose ya money. Even if you have terms and conditions on a wall stating that. How many people would read this before putting a bet on. I’m really not happy about this one bit

      • Tony Hammonds

        4 May, 2018

        Totally agree it’s the harshest lesson learnt. In my opinion the bookmakers should always return your money if the horse doesn’t run. The only advantage of betting ante post are the odds which can be bigger than on the day. However you are taking a double risk with the chance the horse gets injured or lame before the race is run. On the day of the race is fine and once the Bookmaker advertises NRNB – Non Runner No Bet on the betting market – then you are covered to get your money back. The NRNB doesn’t normally appear until a few days before the race itself though, sometimes it may be a week before.

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