Cricket Bets & 7 Key Factors to use for your Cricket betting Strategy

Tony Hammonds
June 12, 2019
Cricket Bets and Strategy

In this article we're going to give you a clear overview of cricket betting including several key factors worth considering before you place your winning cricket bets.

There are three formats to the game of cricket both on the domestic and international stage and it's crucial that the cricket better distinguishes between these if he's to draw up a winning betting strategy.

Test Cricket

Test cricket is the oldest and purest format of the game lasting five days and is a supreme test on both the mental and physical ability of both the individual player and the team collectively.


One Day Internationals

One Day International cricket is a shorter version of the game with each team having 50 overs to score as many runs as they possibly can. The result going in favor of the team that manages to achieve this feat.


And finally, the most thrilling and newest addition to the game of cricket is T20 much like its older brother, One Day International cricket, the winning team comes from the side that scores the most runs. Although in this case they only have 20 overs to achieve this feat.

Cricket Betting Strategy

And now we're going to focus on several key factors for cricket betting, which will enable you to draw up a solid betting strategy for Test cricket, One Day International cricket and T20 cricket bets.

1. Host and Venue

The first and most important factor across all three formats, is the host nation and the venue where the series will be played.

It is a well-known fact that playing conditions across the subcontinent in countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are completely different to where you would find in Australia, South Africa and England.

2. Fast Bowlers Bias

Conditions in South Africa, Australia and England are generally suited to the fast bowlers. The pitchers that they play on are generally quicker, have more pace and more bounce and history shows that subcontinent batsmen do struggle in these conditions.

The best fast bowlers in the world generally come from South Africa, Australia and England and while their record speaks for itself and their home venues, they do generally struggle on the lifeless pitchers that greet them on the subcontinent.

With this said, cricket series played on the subcontinent, it's advisable in your strategy to look at the slower bowling resources available to both sides.

3. Batsmen Bias

Batsmen Bias Cricket betting Strategy

Batsmen will generally score more runs on the sub-continent but the fast bowlers will struggle. This will give you a clear indication on who to potentially bet on as the leading wicket-takers of the series and potentially the leading run-scorer as of that particular series as well.

Knowing the recent form of players and teams coming into the series will help you develop a sound betting strategy. There are team and individual rankings provided by the International Cricket Council which will go a long way to help you with this, in deciding which players are informed coming into the series.

It is also worth looking at past results between the two teams and more importantly in the conditions that the series is currently taking place in. With this said cricket series played on the subcontinent it's advisable in your strategy to look at the slower bowling resources available to both sides.

Batsmen will generally score more runs on the subcontinent, but the fast bowlers will struggle. This will give you a clear indication on who to potentially bet on as the leading wicket-takers of the series and potentially the leading run-scorers of of their particular series as well.

Another important tip as well is to refer to archives of previous test matches played at the venue. This will give you a clearer idea on whether the conditions generally suit the batsman all the bowlers at this test venue. There are several media outlets which will provide you with the rankings and statistics for teams and players out there, which we recommend you refer to.

The International Cricket Council which is the governing body of cricket will provide you all the rankings that you need across all formats of the game, including batsmen, bowlers and teams. In terms of statistics and former players and past history of players and teams and series refer to espncricinfo.

They will provide you with all updated information from the past series that have just been played. And if you're looking for some of the world's leading cricket tipsters look no further than

4. Coin Toss

Before placing your first bet another fact to consider is the coin toss. Many of test match has been won or lost on the toss of a coin.

Coint Toss in Cricket bets Strategy

The team that makes the right call on the toss of the coin has the option whether to bat or bowl, and this could put them in a very favorable and controlling situation of the match in the early stages.

Having the choice to bat or bowl first depending on weather conditions and the state of the pitch can put a team in a winning position early on in the test match. Captains will weigh up a number of factors before the coin toss decide whether the conditions will favor the bowlers or the batsmen.

If they feel the conditions will favor the bowlers, they will ask the opposition to bat first. Considering they will be performing the stronger discipline at that time based on the conditions, this puts them in a favorable position. Hence the reason why the coin toss is so important for the outcome of the match.

5. Know the Player Lineups

When betting on any sport knowing the team lineups before any match is crucial information and cricket is no different.

Knowing the team selection and understanding of the ability of their players in those conditions will certainly help with your betting strategy going forward.

6. Key Players Missing?

If key players are missing through injury you should know this before placing your first bet.

Key players missing does upset the balance of a team and ultimately has an impact on the outcome of the game.

There are several media outlets that can provide you with this crucial information. Bettingexpert recommends, espncricinfo, they have journalists attending all domestic and international matches going on around the world providing you with all the very latest crucial information on weather conditions team selection and former players.

7. Weather Conditions

Another important factor to consider before placing your first bet are the weather conditions and the state of the pitch. When assessing odds and before placing your first bet knowing the weather conditions and the state of the pitch is really important information for you to know.

Weather Conditions in Cricket betting Strategy

It is well known that wet conditions will generally favour the bowling side. In wet conditions bowlers will have more of an impact as they can extract movement or both the pitch and in the air which is referred to as swing bowling.

This makes batting conditions extremely difficult, so certain markets to look at would be leading wicket-takers in this case.

History shows that bowlers that are able to take advantage of wet conditions generally put their team into a winning position.

We believe if you take these seven crucial factors into consideration it will go a long way to help you devise a winning strategy.

Cricket Bets and Opportunities

Cricket is one of the best sports to get involved in from a betting perspective.

With Test cricket lasting up to five days betting opportunities are plenty, with many exciting markets to get involved in.

The shorter ODI and T20 version also offers exciting markets, often matched by the thrilling performances witnessed on the pitch itself betting on the outcome of individual test matches and overall winner of this series are the obvious markets to bet on.

100's of Different Types of Cricket Bets

But don't stop there most bookmakers offer hundreds of different markets on each test match including the leading run-scorer, the first person to score 100, the leading wicket-taker, who will be voted man of the match or man of the series, and many more.

This is where it's crucial that you do your research on the form of individual players and the team before you place your first bet.

Here is a good example for you;

Any format of cricket played on the subcontinent will generally deliver plenty of runs, both individually and from a team perspective so really good markets to look out for in this case would be;

leading run-scorer, highest scorer, first innings leader and many other markets involving top batsmen.

Recent history shows that in the shorter version of the game in both ODI and T20 cricket more runs have been scored than ever before, so good markets again to look at would be focusing on batsmen, the amount of boundaries that could potentially be scored in an innings the leading run-scorer and of course the team with the highest score.

Stats betting is another exciting opportunity to consider in the shorter version of the game, when batsmen are looking to score as many runs as they possibly can.

This does provide opportunities for the bowling team and a more speculative but lucrative market to consider, would be how the next batsman will be dismissed markets and odds across most bookmakers are all very similar.

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Bet365 offers the best live streaming and in play betting opportunities on most sports, but in this case cricket.

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