What Does Money Line Mean In Betting?

One of the simplest bets that you can place on a sport is the money line. In fact, this is the type of bet that even non-gamblers will be familiar with. So, what does money line mean in betting? Is this a type of bet that you want to be placing? Well, we are going to explain everything that you need to know on this page. 

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What Does Money Line Mean In Sports Betting?

What Does Money Line Mean In Sports Betting
What Does Money Line Mean In Sports Betting explained

As we said, a money line bet is one of the simplest bets that you can place. It is likely a bet that you are familiar with, even if you do not know it by name.

A money line bet simply allows you to choose the winner of a game/match. Simple as that. If you pick the winner with no other conditions on your selection, then you will have placed a money line bet.

We will cover a few of the pros and cons of the money line a bit later on. However, at this point, we do want to point out that the simplicity of the bet is fantastic for those that are looking to break into sports betting for the first time. However, the payout rates from money line bets are not all that great. They are not a way to make buckets of money through sports betting. Still, it is nice to have a more relaxed bet every so often. 

How Does Money Line Betting Work?

As we said, it is a simple bet. You choose the winner, and you hope and pray that you win. 

As with all betting odds, the odds for a money line bet will be based on two things:

Sportsbooks try to balance both sides of a money line bet, even when one team is a clear underdog, to ensure that no matter what happens in an event, they are always going to make a bit of cash. This is why you will often find different odds for money line bets, depending on which site you look at. In our opinion, it is always worth looking around to ensure that you get the best odds. This is why we are registered at multiple websites.

It is worth noting that your money line bet can be combined with another type of bet in a parlay. For example, you may want to add a props bet in there too. For example, if you combined these two bets, then it would be a money line parlay with a prop bet:

Although, there are some who would argue that this isn't really a money line bet. Still, it involves a moneyline, but the overall payout is going to be a lot better.

Remember, one of the main advantages of a moneyline bet is that they are simple. In many cases, it should be pretty easy to tell which team is going to win a match. A lot of people will use this type of bet as a way to quickly build up their bankroll. You can probably do the same whenever you sign up for a site. You may even want to take advantage of moneylines as a way to unlock any bonuses that you will get for registering for a specific sportsbook. Just make sure that you are gambling at the odds outlined in the terms and conditions. 

What Does Money Line Mean When Betting – Pros ; Cons

Let's help you to decide whether a moneyline bet is going to be the right bet for you, yes? Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to go through the pros and cons. We will start with a list of bullet points in each section (just for those that want to really dive into betting), and then we will give a much more in-depth explanation.

The Pros of Moneyline Betting

For most people, the moneyline bet is probably the first bet they have when they journey into sports betting. In fact, even non-regular sports gamblers will probably have a flutter every now and then on a moneyline bet. This is because it is a simple bet to understand. All you need to do is predict who you believe may win an event. A lot of the time, this is going to be obvious.

Because, more often than not, it should be fairly obvious who is going to win an event, it means that the bet is fairly risk-free. There is no such thing as a 100% risk-free bet, but a moneyline bet is going to be a lot safer than most of the other bets that you can place on a betting market.

One of the main reasons we like to use moneyline bets is to help to build up our bankroll. We have all gone through times where we have encountered loss after loss, and a moneyline bet or two will allow your sports betting account balance to slowly creep up.

Regular gamblers will also use moneyline bets to burn off any free bet allowance that they may have. This means that they will have more of an opportunity to withdraw their free bet credit, most of which will have a wagering requirement in place. 

The Cons of Moneyline Betting 

There is just one disadvantage to moneyline betting, but it is probably going to be the biggest disadvantage for most sports gamblers out there.

The fact of the matter is that moneyline betting doesn't make you a lot of cash. This is because it is an easy bet, and it is easy to predict.

If you are looking to make the big bucks in sports betting, then moneylines are never going to work for you. You may make a few dollars here and there, but nothing that you will be screaming from the rooftops about.

If you do want to make money with a moneyline bet, then you will probably want to combine it into a parlay. Yes, this is going to add a little bit more risk to things. However, as all sports gamblers know, it is the risk that will deliver the big bucks in this game.

In terms of using it free bet credit, you may often find that a moneyline bet may not meet the terms and conditions of the wagering requirements, although you may need to read through those terms ; conditions to be sure.

Summary – What Does Money Line Mean In Sports Betting?

If you want your journey into sports betting to be easy, then aim for the moneyline. This will allow you to choose the winner of a game. It is not exactly the highest paying bet out there (in fact, it is one of the lowest paying types of bet), but it will allow you to get your feet wet in gambling while also having a slightly lower amount of risk. It can be a great way to test out a new sportsbook.