An Englishman’s August Highlight: Ebor Festival York

Tony Hammonds
May 16, 2016
Ebor Festival York

Ebor Festival York
August is always the merriest time for most Englishmen! For horse racing lovers, it is when the Ebor Festival visits societies again. As per tradition, the Ebor Festival happens on the 19th to the 22nd of every August. Its establishment dates back to 1843 with only one race, the Ebor Handicap. Being one of the most celebrated race meetings of the flat season, the festival has always incited participation from race goers in both inside and outside of the United Kingdom. In this festival, the Ebor happens.

Ebor Festival Ante Post Betting

Ante post betting on the Ebor festival is one of the major horse-racing events worldwide.  In every day of this four-day long event, the organizers have prepared various races. Wednesdays are referred to as the Juddmonte International day. It consists of the Acomb Stakes, Juddmonte International, and the Great Voltiguer Stakes. Thursdays, on the other hand, are called Ladies' Day.  On this schedule, the Yorkshire Oaks and Lowther Stakes happen.  Friday has always been announced as Nunthorpe Day. Friday's highlights are the Gimcrack Stakes, Strensall Stakes, and the Nunthorpe Stakes.  Lastly, Saturdays are the grand Ebor Day. Its highlights are the Lonsdale Cup and the Ebor Handicap.  In all matches, ante post bets are available.

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Ante post betting on the Ebor covers all bets waged before the overnight declaration day. Traditionally, most of the celebrated horse racing events allow ante post betting. Upon the entry of the 20th century, most of these bets can be made online.

Aside from being a horse racers' favourite strategy in the Ebor Festival, ante post bets are actually advantageous. Most, if not all, celebrated races offer ante post betting before the competition day because a lot of punters prefer to select a horse in the earlier part of the season. This is because punters believe that a bigger price means a bigger chance to have a favourable race in the later part of the competition. Another benefit of ante post betting is that it allows punters to bet better prices for a horse as compared to horse prices during the competition's actual declaration day.

The main disadvantage, however, in this type of betting is that there is a likelihood that a punter might get a horse that does not run. Ante post bets accept all horses, whether they can run or not. In this case, once the horse you bet on is not able to run, you are immediately declared a loser. However, this disadvantage can sometimes be avoided. In some competitions, punters are allowed to get their stakes back from the management after getting a non-runner horse.

Taking place at York Racecourse in York, England, the Ebor festival has always been a remarkable event. Down in history, it is one of the tournaments with the highest ante post betters. Although very risky, ante post betting punters have always been thrilled by the uncertainty of the match. In fact, most punters bet in money for the excitement and thrill.  Due to its heavy entertainment weight, the Ebor Festival has undoubtedly become a part of an Englishman's lifestyle.  In addition, if you find yourself a tourist in England in August, it is suggested that you drop by York and place your bets. After all, an experience betting on the Ebor festival is worthwhile and irreplaceable in it’s excitement.

Author Tony Hammonds

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