3 way moneyline meaning
3 Way Moneyline Meaning

3 Way Moneyline Meaning

Most people know what the moneyline is when it comes to betting. It a very popular bet type, after all. What does confuse most people, however, is the idea of the 3-way moneyline. So, what is the 3-way moneyline meaning? Let's take a look.

What Does 3-Way Money Line Mean?

A standard moneyline allows you to bet on the winner of a game. Simple, right? There is a reason why this is one of the most common bets. It requires no brainpower to understand, and it is incredibly popular among more casual gamblers.

A 3-way moneyline is similar insofar as the fact that you are betting on who you believe will win the game. However, a 3-way bet will also allow for a draw. So, there are two conditions that you can reach to win a 3-way moneyline bet:

We must admit, it isn't the most exciting bet in the world. However, it is often seen as a great choice by those who are struggling to work out which team may come out on top in an evenly-matched game. 

It is perhaps worth noting that not every online sportsbook is going to offer a 3-way moneyline bet. It isn't really a popular bet, and as you will see in the next section, it is not really something that we actively encourage people to take advantage of as it isn't really a good way to bet. However, if you want to gamble with as little risk as possible, then the 3-way moneyline offers just that.

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Now You Know The Money Line 3-Way Meaning, What Are The Pros and Cons?

Alright, so now we have gone over the 3-way moneyline meaning, it is time to take a deeper dive into this way of gambling. We want to give you a few of the pros and cons of this bet.

As we said, this isn't a bet we really encourage people to place. However, many people have still found some use for it, so that it may be right for you.

The Pros

A money line bet is still simple to understand. A bit more complicated than a standard moneyline, but you still should be able to wrap your head around it. It may be a good introduction to online gambling.

These bets tend to be better when you have some evenly matched teams because the fact that you can also win on a draw will sort of hedge that bet for you.

These bets also have a lower amount of risk than your typical moneylines. This is because there are two ways that you can win rather than one. 

The Cons

The major con is that 3-way moneyline bets don't pay out a lot of cash. As we said, these bets don't carry a lot of risk. When something doesn't carry much risk, it doesn't pay well.

Most use the 3-way moneyline to build up their bankroll and nothing more than that. The odds for most 3-way moneyline bets probably wouldn't even be good enough to burn through any free bet credit you may have.

Conclusion – What Does Money Line 3-Way Mean?

The 3-way moneyline meaning is simple: you are betting on who you believe will win the game, and if they don't win the game, you think that a draw will occur.

This is a popular soccer bet, but it can extend to most sports where draws are possible.

Remember, this isn't a type of bet you will want to use regularly. It doesn't pay well enough for that.