What Is a Super Yankee Bet – How To Use Them and Best Uses

What is a Super Yankee Bet Explained

A super yankee bet, from the outside, may look to be one of the most confusing bets that you have ever placed. Actrually, to be honest with you, it can still look pretty confusing when you place it. This is why we are going to try and decipher how a super yankee bet works. This isn't a bet for everybody. However, if you want to enjoy some pretty big wins (albeit with a huge amount of risk), then a super yankee may be a good route to go down.

What Is a Super Yankee Bet?

A Super Yankee Bet is most commonly found in the horseracing arena. However, in theory, a Super Yankee bet can be placed on any sport where you can place parlays/accumulators (which is pretty much all of them).

A Super Yankee bet is actually 26 separate bets spread over five selections. 

This means that you place 26 different bets on your Super Yankee. Each of the five selections will have its own stake.

You do not need to win every selection to get some cash. However, you won't see any cash unless at least two of the selections come through, with a profit generally being generated around 3 selections (this will be dependent on the odds that you bet at).

You can make a Super Yankee bet or an each-way bet. If you do that, then you will be placing 52 separate stakes instead, which may be somewhat expensive for some people because, even at $1 a bet, that is still $52 that you are going to need to put up. Although, of course, each way betting means that you have a much greater chance of seeing a return. 

Super Yankee Bet Explained

So, the previous section didn't explain everything there is to know about the bet. So, let's explain how it works.

When you place a Super Yankee bet, you are going to make five selections. This bet works best when you are betting on horses because you can easily choose five runners in a race.

It becomes a little bit more complicated with other sports, so we won't be talking about that here. It is out of the scope of this guide. However, this information can be applied to anything that is in a race form with multiple races being run. 

The order of your selections is important because they will play a role in which each section of the bet is.

Remember, unless you are placing an each-way bet, you need to get the runners in order.

Here are how the numbers would pan out (for simplicity, we have called the runners the numbers 1 through 5).

Don't worry too much about this. We are detailing the information for completeness' sake, but the sportsbook will tell you exactly what you need to achieve on these bets.

Here, if you see the number 12, it means runners 1 and 2. 

This means that (for example) with the doubles, one of the selections is 1 ; 2, so you would need selections 1 and 2 to win their race for that part of the selection to win.

Of course, you could win multiple times. This means that you could get a 1 ; 2 win, as well as a 4 ; 5 win under the doubles. 

10 x Doubles

10x Trebles

5 x Four-Fold

1 x Five-Fold

As we said, the sportsbook will autogenerate these selections for you once you have selected your potentially winning runners. 

You will then be given the odds for each of the sections of the bet. These odds will be based on the horses that you have selected to run.

Now you just have to wait for the races to finish. The more selections you win, the more cash you will get.

As we said, it is unlikely you will generate a profit unless you win at least 3 selections, although, with 26 bets, this isn't too difficult (or it shouldn't be).

How the betting odds are calculated can be somewhat confusing, so we recommend that you follow what the sportsbook uses here (or you can track down a Super Yankee betting calculator online, which shouldn't be too difficult to find).

However, we can assure you that if you get a considerable number of your choices correct, then you can win pretty big with a Super Yankee bet.

The Lucky 31

At this point, we do want to point out the Lucky 31 bet. This is because it is often seen as an extension of the Super Yankee bet. It is very similar. However, it adds five extra bets to your selection.

With a Lucky 31, you also get the singles in there too. This means 5 more potential ways to win, but it also means that you have to stake 5 more times on the bet, increasing your risk. 

You may sometimes see the word ‘Canadian' used to refer to a Super Yankee bet. It is not a different type of bet. It is just a different name for the Super Yankee, so you shouldn't worry too much about that.

Sportsbooks can vary a little in how they describe bets, after all.

The Pros and Cons of a Super Yankee Bet

Now that you (hopefully) have more of an idea of what a Super Yankee bet is, we figured we would go through the pros and cons of the Super Yankee. This should help you to decide whether this is the right betting option for you.

The Pros of a Super Yankee Bet

We find that a Super Yankee is just plain fun to play. There is the potential for some big returns without a massive cash outlay. Granted, you are unlikely to win all 26 of the potential combos on the Super Yankee, but win just three of them, and you will probably be making a profit. This shouldn't be too hard if you do your research well.

We also love the fact that it feels like a parlay, but it isn't quite a parlay. You don't have a massive risk here, but the trade-off is those 26 individual bets and slightly lower betting odds.

They are pretty easy to get into too. Most sportsbooks make placing a Super Yankee bet simple.

The Cons of a Super Yankee Bet

You do have to place 26 stakes, which can be a bit expensive for some. The potential payout is unlikely to be the same as if you had carefully selected individual bets. After all, you have just selected 5 runners here.

Remember, a higher initial stake means that you have more to lose if your selections are poor. 


A Super Yankee bet is a common choice for those who enjoy betting on horseracing (or similar racing events). It can also be used in other sports, although this is a bit rarer.

A Super Yankee bet is really 26 bets rolled into one, and it is a slightly less risky version of a parlay. They may not be ideal for beginners, but once you have a bit more experience as a gambler, you can net yourself some bigger wins.