Football Handicap Betting Explained

August 24, 2015
Handical betting on Arsenal explained

Handical betting on Arsenal explained


When a huge favorite plays against an underdog team in a football match, the odds offered are very small. At such a point, it is much better to consider the handicap betting market. In this article, we explain what handicap betting implies, and tell you the different kinds of handicap bets.

Handicap betting explained in football

Simply put, handicap football betting involves one of two sides being given a head start with regard to the number of goals. The odds are then provided on the basis of head start. It is also referred to as Asian Handicap betting, so named because of the place that it originated from.

Betting handicap in football levels the playing field through an imaginary goal bias. In effect, it gives bettors a chance to get more value when they bet in favor of a huge favorite compared to the conventional 1 X 2 bet. This kind of betting gets rid of the possibility of losing in case a match ends in a draw after the normal 90 minutes of play. Teams are literally handicapped to offset supposed differences in abilities by means of a handicap based upon goal superiority that does away with the draw.

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Types of handicap bets

There are 3 kinds of handicap bets that you need to know of before you place your bet:

1. Level Handicap

This is where there is no assumed difference in abilities between the two teams. This means that there is no handicap bias that will be assigned with both teams starting off at 0. In order to win the bet, you will have to choose the team that will score more goals than the opponent. In case the teams tie, the bet is refunded.

2. Single Handicap

This occurs where there’s an apparent difference in capabilities between two teams. The perceived superior team is accorded a suitable goal handicap to level playing field for the purposes of betting. Examples include -0.5 goal, -2.0 goals, -2.5 goals etc.

If, for instance, you bet on Arsenal with a handicap of -2 goals, they must win by a margin of more than two goals to cover the handicap so that you win a bet.

3. Split Handicap

This will occur where there is a small difference in the abilities of the teams. This subsequently lets you split your stakes over 2 handicap bets. For instance, Tottenham Hotspurs may be offered at (0&0.5). In case you bet on Tottenham and they lose the match, you end up losing both bets, because the team didn't cover either handicap.

Should the tie end in a draw, half of the stakes that you bet (0) will be reimbursed. However, you will lose the other half (at -0.5). But should Tottenham win, both handicaps are covered, meaning that both bets win. That is how handicap draw betting works.

If you find yourself stuck in the traditional 3-way fixed odds betting, it is possible that you are not getting a good ROI. Your betting could really benefit from handicap betting. It offers more attractive odds when there is a massively favorite team to win the tie than the small odd you get from the traditional 3-way betting.

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