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Tony Hammonds
September 21, 2015
Andy Murray odds on Wimbledon are subject to Tennis Handicap betting

If you are new to the world of tennis handicap betting, there are several rules and tennis strategies which you should be aware of.

Below you will find tennis handicap betting explained in detail.

  • You will better understand how tennis live betting works.
  • When and how much to wager, and what your odds are when you place a bet on a particular match or player.

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Tennis handicap betting explained

A handicap market in tennis simply means that one of the two players is given an advantage at the beginning of a game.

So, you are not predicting the actual winner of a match. You are predicting how a particular player performs.

This not only makes winning easier on those who wager.

It also allows you to win funds, even if you aren't too familiar with the players, or how the game works.

Bookies level out particular matches with the tennis handicap betting odds they give to a particular player in a match.

There are two types of Tennis handicaps.

These are: plus or minus, which will be explained below.

Plus Tennis handicap betting

With plus handicap betting, it shows the number of games which should be added to the final number of games which are won by a particular player in the match.

So, it would be the real games (actual number of games won).

PLUS, handicap (number of games the bookies select for a player to have won).

If the handicap player selected has more games won (actual games plus the handicap selected), you would win on that particular set of games.

Minus Tennis handicap betting

When it comes to minus handicap betting, it is basically the opposite.

It would be the number of games which should be subtracted from the final outcome of our selection.

If the minus bet (player which has a higher number between both, after the number of games won is subtracted from the handicap selection) wins, then you would win for that particular handicap bet.

How are handicaps set?

Bookies select handicaps (both plus and minus) for any number of tennis matches.

But, how exactly do they go about selecting the handicap player?.

To begin with, whole numbers (1, 2, 3, etc) are rarely used by handicappers to select who the winner will be for a particular match.

Rather, fractional numbers (such as + or – 3.5) are used to select the handicap for a specific match.

The reason why fractions are used, rather than whole numbers, is because bookies try to divide all punters into two groups.

One part will be a plus, while the other part bets a minus handicap.

When bookies add .5 (or other fraction) to the odds, it basically guarantees they will earn something on the match.

Opposed to nothing (if they were to use whole numbers) when setting the odds for a particular match.

Whether a positive or a negative handicap is placed on a particular match, this guarantees that the bookie is going to earn something.

When to place a handicap bet

So, the handicap bet has become extremely popular in recent years.

For starters, it allows the casual fan to place a bet on a big match.

This is  even if they are not too familiar with the players involved in a game.

Another reason it has become popular is the fact that it allows you to wager on a match, without having to determine who the actual winner of the match is going to be.

You are simply betting that a particular player is going to win by a certain amount on the match.

So, when should you employ the handicap bet for a tennis match?

Betting on the handicap is a popular betting format when a particular player in the match is a heavy favorite to win that particular set.

The bookie will offer the handicap bet in order to counter the difference in the player's ability.

Also to level out the particular match which is being played.

The goal is for the bookie to level the match as much as possible.

They do this by making the possibility of either player winning the match, as close to 50/50 as possible.

The handicap for that particular match is then factored into the final score (the actual score of the match which you are betting on).

This means you are placing a bet for one player to beat the other (the handicap) for that particular match.

The reason why the handicap is a popular betting platform when a particular player is a heavy favorite, is that even by evening out the match, you have a high probability of winning the points, and in turn, winning on the amount of money you wager for a particular match.

Advantages of the handicap bet

  • This style of bet allows you to win even if the particular player (the heavy favorite) does not win the match.
  • So, the player does not actually have to win the match in order for you to receive a payout for that particular match.
  • With the higher odds, more individuals can place a bet on the match, even if they are not too familiar with both players in a match.

The handicap style of betting has become extremely popular in recent years for the casual sports betting fan.

And, in recent years, it has become even more popular in the sport of tennis, due to the fact that more international play and appeal for the sport has grown in recent years.

Whether you are a casual fan, or have been betting for years, this method of betting allows for greater odds of winning.

This is so even if a particular player does not win the match.

Wagering on the odds, rather than wagering on whether a player is going to win or lose the match, allows you to place higher wages on a particular match, in turn increasing your ability to earn big on a match.

For those who are new to sports betting, if you are getting started with tennis betting, the plus or minus handicap bet is one of the most popular formats available through online betting sites today.

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