Tennis Betting System: Tips on What to Look for

June 19, 2015
Using a Tennis Betting Sysytem

Using a Tennis Betting System
A tennis betting system is a must if you are to approach a successful strategy to making money on tennis. Tennis has become one of the major betting sports with the arrival of online sports betting, and particularly trading. There are tournaments every year, and on a variety of platforms. The Challenger tours and ATP both have tournaments that take place on hard-court, grass, clay and indoors. Each of these different surfaces play to the strengths of different players, and this makes tennis one of the most interesting sports to bet on.

There are a few basics you need to understand before you “lay” a cent on the money line using any tennis betting system.

Tennis Betting System Options

Future Betting: At the start of each event there are a lot of players who are the favourites to win the trophy. The odds are the most encouraging before the start of the event and they always decrease after each round. What’s more, there’s also an option to place a bet on a player to reach the semi-finals or finals.

Match Betting: You simply select a certain match and wager on the end result. An obvious start for a tennis betting system approach.

Set Betting: Set betting is more risky than match wagering, since even the favourite players can lose a set. Set betting offers a higher payoff than match betting. Try to look at past trends with head to heads with this tennis betting system method.

Games Totals: This is typically a bet on how many total matches will be played in a tennis tournament. There are basically two options: under and over. For example

Under 23.5

Over 23.5

If you feel that the total number of games played will be fewer than 24 games, you will bet on under, if you feel the total games played will be 24 or more, you will bet on over. The odds however don't necessarily make this a very profitable tennis betting system.

Games Line: This is typically spread betting. This bet takes into account the matches won, so gives a spread on how many more matches your favourite player will win than the outsider.

Prop Betting: This bet happens in the bigger tournaments, where there’s a possibility for the punter to bet which player will hit more aces, win the 1st set and so on. A more profitable tennis betting system reflected by the likely odds.

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Live Betting

A live betting tennis system can be very profitable as long as you can spot where the value is. During a tennis game, the odds change after every single point. So by watching the game live it can help you predict which player has the highest probability of winning the match or next point. If you are watchful and compare some of the odds at several bookmakers, you will discover that there is an edge to be had.

Keep in mind not all tennis events are equal. You should make sure before you place your bet that you know what type of event it is. There are the Grand Slams tournament, which require players to win the best of five sets; meaning they must win at least 3 sets to win the match. Then there are the traditional (known as the best of three sets) that happen all year-round. There is also the Davis Cup (also known as team International play). Lastly, you should know that women only play the best of three sets in their tournaments.

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Tennis Betting Tips

Always check out the reputation of the tennis event because not all the tournaments are the same. The most important events are, of course, the four Grand Slams (US Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and Australian Open). Next in line is the ATP Masters 1000. There are also smaller events that are not that luxurious and where players can earn less points and money. So, if such an event is followed by bigger and more luxurious events, it’s possible that the player can lose in the early stages. This could be because the player is preparing him or herself for an upcoming big event. They will naturally not exert themselves as much due to risk of injury.

Check Player Form

Besides the reputation and standard of the player you are betting on always check his or her current form. The world’s top players can also have “black holes” during their season when they are competing below their usual level and it would be vital to avoid betting on them until they get back on track.

Another tennis betting system strategy is to always check the head to head history of the two players. This is because supposedly even the greatest players can have issues with his or hers competitor’s style of play. On a psychological level it can inhibit them to play up to their usual level and develop into the game.

If you are betting on first round matches, if it’s possible, try to avoid betting on the players who won the previously played tournament, especially if he/she had to travel a long distance and had no time to recover.

These are general tennis betting tips to aid your tennis betting system. It can help you to avoid possible surprises in the early stages of any tournament.

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