Types of Betting

This category features articles on the different types of betting found online using a bookmaker site. Discover and learn what the many types of betting mean and with it become a better gambler online.

What Does Push Mean in betting
Types of Betting 29-12-2021

What Does Push Mean in betting? – Explained

On bookmaker sites, a push is a tie in between you and the betting website. When you wager on a game that has a point spread, this occurs most regularly. The bet is tied if your team wins by the exact spread of points that is noted. That is simply the standard response to what […]

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Best Way To Bet On Greyhounds
Types of Betting 06-03-2021

What Is The Best Way To Bet On Greyhounds?

Do you fancy a bet on greyhounds? In this article we will explain the best ways to place a bet on the dogs by following our four essential tips. There’s a list of recommended greyhound betting sites at the end of the article and a betting aid you don’t want to miss! Best Way To […]

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4-Fold Bet Explained
Types of Betting 20-01-2021

4-Fold Bet Explained

This article will explain how a 4-Fold bet works and the pros and cons of using this type of bet. Published on: Are you new to multiple betting? Keep reading below to learn how 4-fold betting and multiple betting in general work.  Sports betting is a really thrilling hobby. It’s definitely not for the […]

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How to Understand Betting odds like 2/4, 7/5, 11/2, 6/4
Types of Betting 14-11-2019

How to Understand Betting odds like 2/4, 7/5, 11/2, 6/4

If you’re a newbie to the worldwide of sports wagering, you might be surprised to see the chances or odds displayed in a non-traditional format. However once you read our guide on how to understand betting odds you should see things in a much clearer light. Apart from the European odds which are most common, […]

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Types of Betting 15-06-2019

Tyson Fury ranked best heavyweight in world after Anthony Joshua shock defeat… with Gypsy King set

TYSON FURY is the best heavyweight boxer in the world, according to the prestigious Ring Magazine rankings. It’s all change in the top five following a weekend of boxing that shocked the world Anthony Joshua surrendered his WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO world titles when he suffered a sensational seventh-round stoppage loss against Andy Ruiz Jr . […]

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Cricket Bets and Strategy
Types of Betting 12-06-2019

Cricket Bets & 7 Key Factors to use for your Cricket betting Strategy

In this article we’re going to give you a clear overview of cricket betting including several key factors worth considering before you place your winning cricket bets. There are three formats to the game of cricket both on the domestic and international stage and it’s crucial that the cricket better distinguishes between these if he’s […]

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Types of Betting 09-06-2019

Betting strategy: How to find value bets

In this article we’re going to talk about value bets and how to find them in order to take your betting to the next level. So first of all what is a value bet? Well essentially it’s a bet where the outcome is more likely to happen than what the odds of the bookmaker are […]

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Handicap betting in rugby explained
Types of Betting 07-02-2018

Handicap Betting in Rugby Explained using England v Wales as an Example

Handicap betting in rugby is nothing new and it will be available for every match in the 2021 Six Nations. However, not everyone knows how handicap betting in rugby works and what different options are available. Fortunately, rugby handicap betting is very straight forward and using the Six Nations as an example, you will be […]

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Ebor Festival York
Types of Betting 16-05-2016

An Englishman’s August Highlight: Ebor Festival York

August is always the merriest time for most Englishmen! For horse racing lovers, it is when the Ebor Festival visits societies again. As per tradition, the Ebor Festival happens on the 19th to the 22nd of every August. Its establishment dates back to 1843 with only one race, the Ebor Handicap. Being one of the […]

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Derby Horse Racing Ante Post Betting
Types of Betting 26-04-2016

Horse Racing Ante Post Betting For Beginners

For anyone interested in betting in horse races, it is not at all difficult to get started. It would be good to understand the concept of horse racing ante post betting first.  To simplify things, the term ante post means bets that are placed at least one day before an event which, in this case, […]

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Types of Betting 20-04-2016

Handy Tips for First Time Ante Post Betting in Football

Ante post betting is a kind of bet placed at least a day before the actual date of the event. It is usually done in horse races, but over the years it has crossed over to other types of sports as well. Among others, ante post betting football is steadily increasing in terms of followers […]

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Lucky 15 bets on Horse Racing
Types of Betting 31-03-2016

What You Need To Know About Ante Post Betting at William Hill

In this article we will explain all you need to know about ante post betting at William Hill. The William Hill bookmaker is one of the most famous betting sites known throughout the world. It operates in many countries including the UK, the US and Australia. One of William Hill’s most successful features is their […]

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Ladbrokes ante post odds on horse racing
Types of Betting 09-03-2016

A Beginner’s Guide to Ladbrokes Ante Post Odds

Basic knowledge of Ladbrokes ante post odds gives any novice bettor an advantage in the world of gambling. Understanding the odds makes it easier to predict the likely outcome of an event. Hence, making the right prediction offers a reasonable assurance of money in the bag. Various circumstances at the time of an event can […]

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Grand National Ante Post Betting and what to look out for
Types of Betting 09-03-2016

Grand National Ante Post Betting could Bring Big Rewards

Would You Risk An Ante Post Bet For A Bigger Pay-off? Grand National ante post betting involves taking greater risks for the chance of a bigger pay-off. More often than not, bets of this nature are made if there exists a fixed odds better market prior to an actual sporting event. Punters place their bets weeks or […]

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Types of Betting 26-02-2016

A Quick Guide for the Cheltenham Ante Post Markets

  The Cheltenham Festival 2016 is a four-day event which starts on March 15-18. It is annually held at the Prestbury Park where the very best British and Irish jockeys and trainers fight for supremacy. As it approaches, the market for Cheltenham ante post betting keeps changing rapidly every day. Cheltenham Ante Post Races Here […]

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Ante Post Betting Rules on Horse Races
Types of Betting 19-02-2016

Ante Post Betting Rules in Horse Racing

Ante Post Betting Rules differ between sports in this article we will focus on horse racing betting. Ante post betting is the term used to describe a bet made in the future. The word “ante” means before and the word post is referred to horses at the post before a race. In fact, ante post betting […]

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A Legacy from The Past: Arc de Triomphe Ante Post Betting
Types of Betting 12-01-2016

A Legacy from The Past: The Arc de Triomphe Horse Race

Napoleon I aspired to turn his empire into one that comprises the most beautiful city in the world. In February 1806, rumours about the erection of a column in tribute to the glories brought by the Grand Army were clarified once and for all. On February 17, 1806, plans of constructing the Place Vendome column were finalized. […]

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Andy Murray odds on Wimbledon are subject to Tennis Handicap betting
Types of Betting 21-09-2015

Tennis Handicap Betting – Get Results

If you are new to the world of tennis handicap betting, there are several rules and tennis strategies which you should be aware of. Below you will find tennis handicap betting explained in detail. You will better understand how tennis live betting works. When and how much to wager, and what your odds are when […]

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WArriors the bet on the Handicap
Types of Betting 06-09-2015

Handicap Basketball Betting Levels the Playing Field for the Punter

Handicap basketball betting betting typically adds points to one team before the start of the game. This is done to try and level the playing field between a favourite team and an underdog team. Handicap Basketball Betting Explained Handicap betting is a valuable tool for punters when one team is highly favored over the other […]

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Rugby Handicap betting in the World Cup 2015
Types of Betting 29-08-2015

Rugby Handicap Betting Explained with Examples

This article will explain how Rugby handicap betting works in the context of World Cup, 6 Nations and Rugby League. There’s also a Rugby Extra Time betting offer at the end of the article which I think you’ll find useful from Bet365. About the Rugby World Cup The Rugby World Cup is now considered to […]

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