Understanding Lay Betting for Profit

Lay betting has grown immensely in recent years with horse race fans interested in making money from supporting losing horses with betting exchanges. They differ from a normal bookmaker who will not take bets on horses to lose.

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What Is Lay Betting?

Lay Betting at the Betfair exchangeThis is a bet where you don’t bet on a specific outcome of a race or a game but you bet against it. In simple terms, in this bet you will hold the position of a bookmaker. If you are not happy with the odds offered, you can offer a bet to other punters and you decide at what odds you want to do so.

In football lay betting is a new and increasingly profitable option for bettors to take advantage of. Many analysts now provide football betting tips advising to back against a team from winning. In some situations backing against the draws as they believe either side will win instead of the match ending all square.

Lay Betting Explained

Lay betting is common on betting exchanges and works when two bettors have opposing views. When odds are settled this then becomes a matched bet. The odds therefore that the bettors are willing to gamble on are usually much higher that traditional bookmakers. Betting exchanges notoriously have better odds.

Lay betting on the betting exchanges

One of the advantages of lay betting is the potential to guarantee a profit through back lay sports arbitrage. This involves gambling on both outcomes (backing and laying) so that your total liability is less than your total return. This can occur as folks have different opinions and thus odds on an outcome. Difference in odds may also be brought about by a number of factors such as suspensions, injuries, team news, and the starting eleven.

Lay betting football can also be used as part of a long-term betting technique.

For example:

Lay your bets at the Betfair ExchangeArsenal traditionally finish the Premier League season strongly. They usually achieve the top four position. Back Arsenal to achieve a top four position finish while their odds are higher, when they are in the top ten of the Premier League table. This normally happens early in the season. Then lay Arsenal when they have climbed up the table and are more certain of a top four finish. This should also guarantee bettors a profit.

Lay betting can similarly work well in play betting markets.

For example:

Having backed Manchester City prior to kick off in the match against Burnley in the 2014/2015 Premier League season. Manchester City found themselves 2-0 up at home in Etihad stadium. Laying the Manchester City win might and could have assured several bettors a guaranteed profit, with the right stake levels. Anything other than a Manchester City win seemed very unlikely. Burney famously come back and drew the match 2-2.

Several sportsbooks now offer ‘Double Chance’ and ‘Draw No Bet’ markets as an alternative to lay betting.

Another reason why lay betting has become so popular is because it offers greater flexibility than traditional horse race betting or football betting. Sometimes picking a horse to win can be more difficult than picking a horse that won’t win. And of course, it can be very profitable; you get much better odds laying your favourite horse than backing it to win. And bookmakers, as we all know, make their proceeds from losers especially a losing favourite.

Lay Betting Strategies

While there is always a risk factor involved in betting, there are a number of techniques that you can use to reduce the risk that you are exposed to. You can even guarantee yourself some profits.

One such technique is back-to-lay betting. This is usually an in play betting technique (although it can be used pre-event if the opportunity presents itself). It involves backing a horse or team at a relatively high price, then, at a later time, laying the same horse or team (i.e. wagering that it will not happen). This will assure yourself a return if the market moves in the right direction. Even if it doesn't, you can still lay your horse or team to reduce your total loss on the market.

Evidently, this is a strategy designed for wagering on the exchanges. Bookmakers hardly offer bettors the opportunity of laying a horse or team because this is the role that the bookmakers themselves play. However, the exchanges depend on individuals betting against each other by backing a horse or team and laying a horse or team at varying odds.

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Draw No Bet Explained

Draw no bet is one of the many types of betting schemes offered by online betting sites. It is one of the most popular betting styles. It has become ever popular in recent years, as it allows for more ways to win when wagering. If you want to know what the draw no bet is, this is the handicap draw explained, and the draw no bet explained. You can then decide if this is the right way for you wager when placing a bet online.

Draw No Bet a Safer Wager?

Draw No Bet ExplainedIn the simplest of turns, this is a bet where the draw is going to return your stake or the amount which you wagered on a particular game. If the match you are betting on ends in a draw between the teams, all the money which you wagered is returned to you. Therefore, there is no winning outcome. However at the same time there is no major risk of loss. This is especially true if it is a big wager that you put down on a game.

If you believe a particular team is going to win in a match, you can wager for that team (example – Real Madrid draw no bet) when placing your wager. If they win the game, you win the draw no bet hand, and will make a profit on your wager depending on how big the pool is and how much you bet. However, if the game ends in a draw, you are simply going to receive the money you wagered in return, with no profit or loss. If the opposing team you wagered against wins, you will lose the money which you have wagered in this hand. This is what makes the draw no bet a safer wager to utilise.

Alternatives to the Draw No Bet Explained

If the site you bet with does not offer draw no bet for a game, you can use alternative wagering strategies which work similarly. Covering the draw is one option. This is where you wager the amount you want on an ace or double. You then place an additional bet on the draw. There are other handicap betting styles as well, such as the Asian handicap zero, where you simply bet on the team you believe has the best chances of winning a particular game you want to wager on.

Is it a good way to earn?

The draw no bet is a safe way to earn. It is a good wagering style for punters to protect themselves, and if you are the safe better, who has patience for a big payout to come in, then this might be a good way for you to bet on different games that you would like to wager on. Since a number of matches end in draws, especially in football (soccer), this is one of the safest bets you can place. And, if a particular team has an advantage, you can bet them to be the winner. Either way, you have a higher chance of winning, or at least breaking even without losing much with this style of betting, especially if you are planning on making bigger wagers on big name teams and players.

More Football Betting Types

Which Bookmakers to Choose for Live Football Betting?

Live football betting
Live football betting offers you unique opportunities and a more exciting gaming experience. Today, punters are earning more and bookies are generating more revenue from this type of betting. There is an ever increasing growth in the number of in-play betting sites. As such it is vital to to choose the best bookmakers. One's that can offer you excellent service and a more profitable betting experience. Since some bookmakers cover certain local football events better than others, you need to use more than one bookmaker. That is why we have put together these tips to help you select your best in-play betting sites. Here are some of the most important qualities you should look for before you sign up for live football betting.

Coverage of Major and Minor Football Events

Choose bookmakers that cover all the major leagues, competitions and events that you will be betting on. For instance, if your favourite professional football clubs are playing in their local community club competition, and your bookmaker does not cover it, you will be losing out on an opportunity to enjoy a thrilling live betting experience. This means that you need to sign up with the older and more experienced bookies. These sites have the capacity to link up with hundreds of live matches and provide live odds for you to make your bet.

High Quality Mobile Live Football Betting Website

A good bookmaker will have a website that is professionally designed and easy to navigate. This is very important because during a live football betting encounter, you must be able to place your bet fast without wasting time. The loading and response time of the site must be very fast. The betting site must display nicely on your mobile device. If possible, try out the website's mobile interface on the platforms and devices you will be using before you sign up.

Live Streaming Service

Another feature that your bookmakers should offer is live streaming of football matches. Rapid advances in technology have made it possible for you to watch live streaming of matches from various media streaming services. But it is more exciting when you can see the live action, bet in play odds, and see the outcome almost immediately. It adds so much fun and excitement to the game. It also saves you the hassles of having to switch from one website to another so often while you are watching the live football match. Highly rated bookmakers now offer live streaming for football matches.

High Sign up Bonus

Pick a bookie which we reckon has a very attractive sign up bonus like Bet365. Enjoy one of the incentives of participating in online sports betting. Look out for the sign up bonus while you are reviewing any bookmakers offer. Make sure that the betting site has an uncomplicated qualification process. Sign up bonuses have been increased significantly in recent times. So you can now enjoy a newcomers reward that ranges from 10 pounds to as much as 200 pounds. However, most of the higher offers are only released after you have used your initial deposit to make a bet.

Reputation for Safe and Secure Financial Transactions

Don't take the safety and security of your deposits and withdrawals lightly. Especially so when you are dealing with a relatively new bookmaker. Ensure that the bookmaker's site has all the required licenses to operate a betting site. That the site is properly secured from hacking and denial of service attacks. The operators of the site should also have a well-written privacy policy. This assures you of the protection of your personal and financial data. In addition, you should be able to use a wide variety of payment and withdrawal options including credit cards, and other payment methods that offer e-Wallets for fast withdrawal like PayPal, and Moneybookers.

Attractive Promotions and Loyalty Awards

Most bookmakers offer a lot of promotional bonuses, accumulator bonuses, and rewards for patronising them. This is usually done to encourage you to keep betting on their platform since you won't always win every bet your make. For example, bookies offer special club membership and loyalty awards geared towards encouraging users to keep on funding and or betting a certain amount from their accounts every week. Those who do this faithfully are rewarded with free bets and other exclusive opportunities.

Live Football betting Conclusion

Those are some of the important qualities to look for when you are selecting bookmakers for live football betting. To enjoy the full benefits of your registration with any bookmaker, make sure you read as many reviews as you can before signing up and comply with their terms and conditions of service.

Where to Place your NCAA Football Bets

Placing NCAA Football Bets to watch them LiveFor college football fans, placing NCAA football bets on your favourite teams, is one way to further enhance the enjoyment of the game. Whether placing NCAA football bets against the spread, betting on the top teams in the conference, or simply betting against the odds for the underdog team to pull off the upset, there are many ways to bet, and many places to place your bets online. Depending on where you live, how much you want to bet, and the type of NCAA football betting you wish to engage in, different sites offer different betting styles for online betting enthusiasts.

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50% up to $2,500T & C Apply

NCAA Football Live betting online –

For NCAA football live betting, you will be able to be on the action live, as it is taking place. BetOnline.ag is a top site where you can bet live, and place your bets during the course of the game. Who will score the first touchdown or field goal? Which team will have the leading rusher? These, and other bets can be placed while the game is taking place. Thus allowing you to win more, allowing you to place more bets, and allowing you to bet on more games. All this while the action plays out in front of you on the big screen.

NCAA Football Bets 100% match –

50% up to $250T & C Apply
50% up to $2,500T & C Apply

On top sites (such as BetOnline.ag or Bovada.lv) you can receive `100% matches on your bets. Depending on the games you are betting on, when you register, and which promos are currently going on, you will be able to place your NCAA football bets on more games, and more live action, without having to spend more. Many live college football games will offer you more opportunity to wager on your favourite players, as well as the teams you root for each weekend live.

Make one bet, get your second bet for free, is another popular promo which is often offered by the site. With college football season only a couple of months down the road, registering early, and keeping an eye out for the top promos, will not only allow you to win more, but also place more bets, without having to deposit your own money into your account.

 Choosing a site –When it comes to placing your NCAA football bets on live college football games, knowing where to bet, and which top sites to register with, is just as important as knowing who the top prospects are, as well as who the top teams are to win the spread. Not only will knowing which team or players to wager on ensure higher earnings. When you know which sites to register on. You are also going to be able to win more, and spend less.

When choosing which sites to register with for your live NCAA football betting, some things to consider are:

  • Where you can bet (is it a US based, Bovada is an excellent choice for this, UK based, or is the site international allowing all fans to wager?, BetOnline.ag fits the bill for this scenario).
  • Do you get free bonuses. Many sites offer free sign up bonuses. They will match your deposit up to 100%, depending on how much you initially deposit.
  • Do you have to keep a minimum balance or can you let your funds dwindle down on the site?.
  • How many games can you wager on, is there a limit on betting on the spreads?.

These, and other important questions should be asked, when you are considering which online sports betting sites to register with. Also  which sites you are likely to win the most money on.

Not only do you want to register with the sites which offer you the most opportunity to earn money, but also those which give you the freedom to place as many NCAA football bets as you choose, and allow you to bet on anything you wish to wager on, when college football season rolls around.

There are so many online sites you can register with, to wager on NCAA football. So knowing what each site offers, which promos they have, and which sites are most highly rated. These are some things to consider prior to registering as a fan.

Keep these factors in mind when you wish to bet on the spread., and bet on your favorite team. This will ensure you do win big when the college football season gets under way in just a few months.

More Types of football bets

Work out a Lucky 31 Bet in Horse Racing

Placing a Lucky 31 Bet
A Lucky 31 bet is one of the most popular multiple bets in the UK today. Bettors pick a number of different horses and then they make a series of different bets within one.

Lucky 31 bets seem to cause a bit of confusion among new punters, so what is a Lucky 31 bet?

  • A Lucky 31 bet has 31-bets which are made from five selections in different events.
  • These wagers include 5 singles, 10 trebles, 10 doubles, 5 four-folds, and an accumulator.
  • When just one selection wins, the earnings get paid to quadruple the odds.
  • If all of the selections win, a bonus is paid of 20% added to the total earnings. For this bonus to be paid, each selection must be a winner, meaning none void.
  • If a Lucky 31 contains a non-runner no bonuses will be paid.
  • The consolation will only collect on the win part of the best for each way bets.
  • Lucky 31 bets are only accepted on horse and greyhound racing.
  • Betfred bookmaker is always the best choice when it comes to having only one winner in Lucky 15, 31 or 63 bets and is clearly your No. 1 option for this.

Who Pays the Best Odds on Only One Winner in a Lucky 31 Bet?

Winnings can be worked out by hand but using the lucky 31 bet calculator takes much less time.

Using a Lucky 31 Bet Calculator

Working out how much you have won from a Lucky 31 bet has never been easier thanks to Lucky 31 bet calculator, it’s free to use and you can calculate your win or each way Lucky 31 bet returns. Have a go below and see how much you have or could win.

Work out a Lucky 31 Bet

When working out a lucky 31 bet any punter who hasn’t been shown the correct method will always work it out by computing all 31-bets separately and then tallying them together. This will seem outrageous once the correct method is known.

The correct formula becomes much easier to understand once you see an illustration of a basic equation with its brackets multiplied out.

(A + 1)(B + 1)(C + 1)(D + 1)(E + 1)

When you multiply the brackets out you get the following

ABCDE + ABCD + ABCE + ABDE + ACDE + BCDE + ABC + ABD + ABE + ACD + ACE + ADE + BCD + BCE + BDE + CDE + AB + AC + AD + AE + BC + BD + BE + CD + CE + DE + A + B + C + D + E + 1

This is a good example of the equation needed for a lucky 31 bet. As you can see there are five singles, 10-doubles, ten trebles, 5 four-fold accumulators, and one five-fold accumulator. The only problem is an addition +1 at the end that isn’t required. Therefore, in order to calculate a lucky 31 correctly all you need is the top equation and then minus one.

((A + 1)(B + 1)(C + 1)(D + 1)(E + 1)) – 1 = Winnings


Lucky 31 bet consists of five winning selections. You have bet 20 pounds on it, and the odds are 2, 2.5, 1.5, 3.2 and 4. Now assign one of these odds to one of the letters in the formula.

((2 + 1) (2.5 + 1) (1.5 + 1) (3.2 + 1) (4 + 1)-1) * 20 = winnings

Now this looks complex and it may look difficult to calculate. But if you add the entire plus one’s to the prices in the brackets, which you must agree is very simple, you get

((3 * 3.6 * 2.6 * 4.2 * 5)-1) * 10 = winnings

This now looks very easy, and once you multiple these figures together you get £5886.8. You must now agree that this is much easier than working out each multiple separately. This equation is not just useful for working out Lucky 31 bets, with minor alterations it’s also a useful formula for all full cover wagers with singles.

More Horse Racing Types Of Bets Explained

A Canadian bet

What is a Canadian Bet?

Contents1 Canadian bet explained: What is the Canadian bet?1.1 Why make a Canadian bet?1.2 Example...


What is a Trixie Bet?

Contents1 What is a Trixie Bet?1.1 How the Trixie Horse Racing Bet Pays Out1.2 For the doubles:1.3...

Multiple Bets in Horse Racing

Multiple Bets in Horse Racing
Placing multiple bets is a vital part of any betting strategy. It allows bettors to potentially generate huge profits using low stakes. Multiple betting allows you to put one wager on the outcome of two or more events. The bookmaker places the wager on the first event; if this bet wins, the winnings are put on to the following event in the accumulator. The bet continues until all the selections have either won or lost. Any loss in the series will mean that the wager has lost and all multiple bets winnings and stake are lost.

When you are placing multiple bets, you are betting on the outcome of several consecutive races. In order to win multiple bets, all your selections in every race you bet on must win. The idea is to use the winnings from the first race as stakes for the second and subsequent races. Thus ensuring that a winning multiple bet will get you substantial returns.

You can place multiple Each Way bets, multiple Place bets, and multiple Win bets. It’s also possible to place multiple Superfecta and Trifecta wagers; however the odds of having them pay off are very much against you. These types of wagers should be left to the experienced punters.

The Best Approach to Multiple Bets

The key to picking a multiple bet is in the selection of the ponies. Try not to go to a bookmakers wanting to do a Lucky-15 and then scratching around for 4-ponies to put in it. You’re likely to find yourself forcing in a fourth pony that you are not so confident with and it could certainly let you down.

It’s therefore important to do thorough research before choosing your horses. Choose the horses that you are comfortable with. If you only find three ponies that you have confident with then be it, do a Patent, or a Trixie, or increase your stakes and do a decent Treble instead of a multiple. If you find six ponies that you like in the first six races at a meeting then consider an each way bet as well as the Lucky 63 and the Heinz.

Multiple Bet placed on Horse Racing

Therefore, it’s important to choose the horses first then choose a wager that is ideal to the number of selections that you have. Play with the multiple bet calculator to get a real understanding of when the different odds in the different accumulators make sense to go each way, or to choose a combination wager instead of a multiple.

Weigh-up the cost of the risks against the possible winnings. Decide whether to go for broke with a bet rather than a more costly but insurance packed multiple.

Consider that a straight two pounds bet on five ponies winning at 3/1 would cost you just the two pounds and would return 2,048 pounds if they all won!.

A 25 pence Canadian/Super Yankee on those same five ponies at 3/1 would cost 6.50 pounds to stake and would return only 776 pounds. The bet is three times cheaper to place, and you get about three times the winnings. You will receive nothing at all if one of your ponies fails to win.

How you stake and what wager you choose is down to your own attitude to risk and to how much money you are willing to lose.

Top Horse Racing Bookmaker sites

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£30 Bonus Token after you wager 10 qualifying betsT & C Apply
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50% Deposit Bonus up to $2,500T & C Apply
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200% of your first deposit matched instantly up to €100T & C Apply

Betting Accumulator

An accumulator is a wager that combines four or more selections into a single bet. It gains a return only when all parts win. The main advantage of an accumulator is that the higher you risk the higher the returns. If one selection fails, you lose the entire bet.

In the case of a non-runner, earnings are calculated as though the accumulator hadn’t contained the selection. For example, a six-fold would become a five-fold.

Round Robin Bets Explained

The round robin bet is a three selection bet consisting of ten bets. These are: three doubles, one treble, and three up-and-down single stakes about pairs.

A round robin is basically an easy way to bet multiple parlays at the same time. You pick the outcomes that you want to involve in the bet and then you decide if you want your parlay wagers to include anywhere from 2-6 teams.

If you pick 2 then every combination that includes 2 teams will be parlayed, and if you choose four teams, then every combination of four different teams will be included.

More Types Of Horse Racing Bets

A Canadian bet

What is a Canadian Bet?

Contents1 Canadian bet explained: What is the Canadian bet?1.1 Why make a Canadian bet?1.2 Example...


What is a Trixie Bet?

Contents1 What is a Trixie Bet?1.1 How the Trixie Horse Racing Bet Pays Out1.2 For the doubles:1.3...

Finding Winning Baseball Betting Systems

baseball betting systems explained
Like all other online sports betting, with baseball betting systems, you have to know which strategies work, what won't work. You need to employ the right ones, at the right time, to ensure you earn big when betting. With various baseball betting systems and strategies which you can employ, the right baseball handicapping systems will allow the average punter to quickly pick up a few winners. Regardless of the type of betting system or site they use. These handicapping systems, not only give you potentially a chance to win more with each wager, but also avoid a loss with certain games and betting styles.

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Types of Baseball Betting Systems

Runline system –

This system looks at the underdogs for the day on the money line. With four or five of these games daily, you would pick the underdog in each game being played. You would pick the team less likely to win on the run line, allowing you to average higher payouts if more than one run is scored. With games when good pitchers are playing, this strategy might not be the best to use, as it is likely one run games may occur more often than not in such situations.

Series betting –

Series betting is another handicapping system which many people like to use, when they are betting on baseball games. With a number of series going on at any given time, you can pick two or three of these series, and select the team which you believe won't be swept by the opponent for all of the games in the series. For example, if the Braves vs Marlins are one of the many series currently taking place, you might want to be that one of the teams won't be swept in a four game straight series. You can do this for any number of series taking place at any given point in the season.

With this baseball betting systems method, you would start by betting one unit on the first game. If the team loses, you would proceed to bet two units on game two. If they lose the second game, you would bet four units on the final game, in hopes that the team you selected, is not going to be swept and will pull off the victory in the final game of the current series they are playing in. Over the course of the long baseball season, this is a handicapping system which can work very well, especially for the handicapper that has done their research, knows the teams, the records, and the probability of at least one win, in the many series that do take place during the nearly 200 game season of baseball.


Basic system –

With this system, the premise of your bets would be to wager on any team that has a winning percentage of .470 or greater if it is a home favorite. In these situations, teams have a greater chance of winning their following game, which is likely to result in payout to you if you made the right bet. Some people like to use “double up” systems for betting. This basically would be like treating each win or loss as an individual game, and continuing to bet on teams that meet the system criteria (.470 or greater), until they turn a profit with the wagers they are making on a particular game.

With so many online betting sites, with a variety of handicapping systems, and with various styles of gaming online, you will find no shortage of ways to bet, when you are wagering on one of the many baseball games that take place during the course of the regular season. As it is the lengthiest sports season, it is one which will give you many opportunities to place your bets, and to win if you know how to properly place your bets on different teams during the course of the season.

Because different people wager in different ways, online betting sites offer different promos for certain styles of bets, or bets which typically result in fewer wins by top gamblers on their site. These are a few of the most used handicap baseball betting systems, and are simple ways to bet, for those who want to bet with a single style during the baseball season.

Where to bet on Baseball

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Each Way Rules in UK Horse Racing

Each Way Rules on Horse Racing BetsEach way rules consist of an each way wager which is a wager of twice the selected unit stake. It contains one wager of unit stake on the selection to WIN and one wager of unit stake on the selection to be PLACED according to the terms advertised for the event. In generally, for UK horse racing, the PLACE part of Each Way wagers will be settled as per the following PLACE terms:

  • Handicaps 16 or more runners one quarter of the odds first four Places
  • Handicaps 12, 15 runners one quarter of the odds first three Places
  • All other races of 8 or more runners one fifth of the odds first three Places
  • Races of 5, 6, or 7 runners one quarter of the odds first two Places
  • Less than 5 runners the Place money is invested to Win

As you can see, in races with less than 5 runners, there’s no “Place” wagering and so no horse betting each way allowed.

Handicaps bets are unique and are treated differently as, theoretically, every pony has an equal chance of winning the race and therefore betting that a pony will finish in the top positions is considered a difficult task (the punter may slip up on one or two ponies but possibly not the entire fields) and so the betting providers allow one additional place in handicaps of 16, or more runners and they usually offer 1/4 of the odds as opposed to 1/5 of the odds.

New £10 Free Bet


Bet £10 to receive a free £10 bet. T&C's apply. Please Gamble responsibly. 18 + only.

An Each Way Bet Explained

The person betting on the horse race is placing a wager for the pony to come in any of the top positions of the race. The number of top places for any pony race is decided by the betting provider and is usually the first three places. However, for horse races where only a small number of ponies are arcing Each Way Bets may be limited to the first 2 places, or if five or less ponies are racing Each Way bets are not usually offered on the race at all.

Where the pony wins the race the first part of the wagering stake is multiplied by the odds and paid with that original part of the wagering stake, and the other half of the wagering stake is multiplied by a 1/4 of the odds and paid with the original part of the wagering stake. For example, where a one pound Each Way wager ( two pounds betting stake) is placed on a pony at odds of 8/1 the original one pound wagering stake for the pony to win is multiplied by 8 and returned with the original one pound wagering stake paying out nine pounds. The other one pound of the wagering stake is then multiplied by a ¼ of the odds with the original one pound wagering stake paying out three pounds.

If you are thinking about placing an Each Way bet, you need to understand that you’re placing 2-equal sized bets. You’re placing a wager on the pony winning the race and you’re placing a wager on the pony finishing in the “PLACES” for the race.

When you hear people say that they had placed a £10 each way bet, what they are trying to say is that they had ten pounds on the pony to win the race and ten pounds on the pony to finish in the Places, this wager would therefore cost £20.

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Understanding the Different Types of Horse Racing Bets


Betdaq Exchange Review

Betdaq Exchange Free Bet The Betdaq Exchange competes in a online UK betting market that is estimated to be worth £750 million with nearly 2.1 million customers. Although there are plenty of betting exchanges that are trying to capture this market, Betdaq exchange stands-out among them. As one the fastest growing and the second largest sports betting exchange in the UK. This Betdaq review will thoroughly analyse the business operations of the betting exchange, and will help you in determining their credibility in the online betting market.

Betdaq Exchange About

The core product of Betdaq is its betting exchange. This enables its clients to bet against each other at pre determined prices.

Established in 2000 by Irish businessman Dermot Desmond, it was acquired in 2013 by Ladbrokes International Plc. While Betdaq is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, its customers are spread across the world. Collectively Betdaq's customers place bets in excess of £75 million every week. The live betting section of this betting exchange allows punters to bet in real-time during the course of a sports event.

Betdaq Exchange Usability

Betdaq is the largest betting exchange technology provider in the world. Therefore, it offers you the best pricing, risk management and usability options in the online sports betting market. As on any other exchange, clients set the odds they want to back or lay and Betdaq sets the markets and events.

Betdaq Trading Software

To further improve your exchange trading and betting capability, Betdaq offers trading software called Betdaq Angel. With the help of this software you can place bets directly from a spreadsheet. Also, this software offers one click betting, user definable charting tools, net market position indicator, triggered betting, multi-market trading and betting, and trade calculators. Additionally, Betdaq offers a mobile application for Android and iPhone mobiles, which you can use to access almost all the features of this betting exchange.

Betdaq Exchange Now Only 2% Commission on ALL Sports betting

Latest news at the Betdaq Exchange is that punters only pay a flat 2% Commission on All Sports betting. This applies to Every Back, Every Lay, Every Day. T& C's apply. 18 + only. Be Gambleaware.org.

The old commission charges are now past news as the Betdaq Exchange used to tier charge punters on their winnings. Betdaq followed a layered commission structure, which meant if your betting rate increased, your commission rate decreased. Although the standard commission rate at Betdaq was 5 percent of your net winnings, you were eligible for as low as 2 percent commission depending upon your volume of betting activity.

Betdaq Exchange Bonuses in 2018

Apart from the discounts in commission, you also get attractive bonus offers from Betdaq.

Up to £1000 Commission Cash Back

  • Sign up with the Betdaq promo code: DAQBACK to receive a refund in commission charges of up to £1000.
  • The standard 2% rate applies and you can get it all refunded up to £1000.

Free £10 Multiple Bet weekly

  • Mid-Week Multiples Free Bets
  • Punters have to enter the Betdaq promo code: MWM17 in their my account area of the website.
  • Wager £100/€100/$100 on Betdaq multiples between Monday and Thursday.
  • Receive a multiples free bet of £10/€10/$10.
  • Your free bet will be paid in two £5/€5/$5 payments on the Friday and subsequent Monday.

Banking Methods

Getting money in and out of this betting exchange is quick and easy. They accept almost all credit and debit cards. Additionally, they accept payments through bank transfer, cheque, Neteller, paysafecard and Skrill. However, Betdaq charges 1.5 percent administration fee on every deposit made through a credit card. The maximum deposit limit of your account depends upon whether or not you have passed their security checks and for how long you have been their customer.

Betdaq Exchange Customer support

You have the option to reach Betdaq’s customer support staff either through email or by phone. Additionally, they have a comprehensive help section, where most common questions asked by users are already answered. You also get access to demo videos, which is a great way to learn about the various features provided by this betting exchange.

Pros of betting through the Betdaq Exchange

1. You get access to the most advanced betting exchange technology, which means best odds and fast executions.

2. The Betdaq trading software allows you to place your bets in a highly efficient manner.

3. You can avail plenty of discounts and bonus offers, as Betdaq keeps providing them on a regular basis to please their existing clients and to attract new ones.

4. The security systems of this trading exchange are of top-notch quality and they have never suffered a single glitch, which is a guarantee of 100 percent uptime.

5. They have a highly responsive and polite customer support staff.

Cons of betting through Betdaq Exchange

1. In some events you can experience low betting volume but it is compensated by the excellent odds which you can only get in this betting exchange.

2. There is no live chat provided for the customers. However, the response you get through emails is pretty quick, and you have the option of making a phone call if you want to talk to them.

Betdaq Exchange Conclusion

Betdaq exchange has gained immense popularity among punters in a short time. If you ask their existing customers about rating Betdaq, most would give them 10 out of 10. The ability of Betdaq to provide lower odds and ease in placing large bets makes it the preferred trading exchange of most smart bettors. Also, it offers commissions that are as low as 2 percent, which guarantees further value for punters.

Lucky 15 Bets on Horse Racing Explained

Lucky 15 bets on Horse Racing

The Lucky 15 bets selection comprises a 4-selection bet consisting of 15 wagers.

  1. 4 singles
  2. 6 doubles
  3. 4 trebles
  4. A four-fold accumulator.

The “15” part of its name comes from its 15 essential wagers. The “lucky” part comes from the fact it’s usually the target of bookmaker bonuses. The most common of which are an all winner bonus, a one winner consolation bonus, and a one loser bonus.

Lucky 15 Bonuses often take the form of a percentage increase in returns. Or increased odds in the case of the one winner consolation. The bonus factor of this bet makes it a popular choice for bettors considering multiple selections. Winnings for the lucky 15 bets can be worked out by hand. However many punters will prefer to use a device like the lucky 15 bet calculator.

The Lucky 15 bet is a type of full coverage bet. This is because it covers all probable combinations of multiple bets from 4-selections. There are different types of multiple bets. They all come with different names, but the Lucky 15 option is a very popular one.

Who Pays the Best Bonus on Only One Winner on Lucky 15 Bets?

Lucky 15’s are the most popular bet for individuals betting on greyhounds or horse races. To place a wager you pick 4-selections and enter them in the columns, if you are online, just pick 4 and choose the lucky 15 bet option. The cost will be your stake multiplied by 15. As an example, a one pound lucky 15 will cost you 15 pounds.

To win you need to make sure your 4-selections are your best wagers of the day. The odds don’t matter too much as the winnings soon mount up.

Using the Lucky 15 Calculator

The Lucky 15 calculator offers a free bet calculator to work out your lucky 15 bet. A lucky 15 bet is made up of 4-selections and 15-bets, 4 x singles, 6 x doubles, 4 x trebles and 1 x accumulator (four fold).

How to use the Lucky 15 calculator

  • Simply type the odds of each of your 4-selections in the boxes provided
  • Choose win/lose or non-runner from the drop down menu
  • Enter your stake, for example, one pound would be a 15 pound total bet
  • Hit calculate

So with a Lucky 15 bet you are spreading your betting options far and wide for just 4-selections, and naturally the payoff amounts to a big reward if all 4 of your selections win. But the appeal of the Lucky-15 bet is that you can still make some good proceeds if not all of your selections win, and this is down to the coverage of the multiple options. If you are thinking about placing a Lucky 15 bet, the first thing that you need to remember is that because you are essentially making 15 different bets, then you are going to be placing a stake of 15 times your unit stake.