A Double Result Bet Explained

Tony Hammonds
February 12, 2018
Types of Football Bets Explained
Double Result Bet

A Double Result Bet can be if you think one team will dominate both halves.

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Thanks to the advances in technology, betting on sports such as rugby has become much easier. It’s possible to bet on matches right up until kick-off at online bookmakers and bet in-play while the matches are taking place. In this article we explain how to use the Double Result Bet.

It’s very exciting and adds a new element to watching international rugby tournaments such as the Six Nations.

One of the many exciting betting markets available for matches in the 2018 Six Nations is the Double Result Bet. This market is not exclusive to rugby. It can be used to bet on other sports but it certainly works very well for oval ball game.

The Double Result Bet is nothing new in rugby but is often overlooked by the casual punter. It gives gamblers another option rather than going for the basic win/lose/draw market.

Double Result Bet Example 1: Ireland vs Italy

Take the 2018 Six Nations match between Ireland and Italy for example. The Irish are huge favourites to win this match. You would need to bet a lot of money on them to make anything substantial.

However, while Italy may ultimately lose the match, they could make things difficult for their hosts. Especially in the first half when their players are fresh. This opens the possibility of Italy taking a slender lead in with them at half-time but not having enough to hold on for the win.

Its situations like this which the Double Result Bet was made for and you can bet on Italy to be leading at half-time and for Ireland to come back and win the match. The odds for this at Bet365 were 14/1. Odds correct as of 09/02/2018

Not only is the Double Result Bet good for rugby teams who start games well bet tire towards the latter stages, it is also a good way to bet on a favourite to win the match.

Double Result Bet Example 2: England vs Wales

Take the England vs Wales match at Twickenham in the 2018 Six Nations as an example. England are heavy favourites to win the match at just 1/5 with some bookmakers. However, if you look at the Double Result Bet market, you will find the odds for England to lead at half-time and win the match at 10/21.

Place a £10 bet at 1/5 and you will receive £12 back. However place a £10 bet at 10/21 and you will get returns of £14.76.

It’s not a huge difference. However the odds will vary from match to match and you can find good value in the Double Result Bet.

So, if you believe one team could start well but go on to lose the match, a Double Result Bet is a good option.

In addition, if one team is set to dominate the match from start to finish, the Double Result Bet offers better value than a standard win/lose/draw bet.

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