What happens if a match is Postponed on your Accumulator Bet?

Tony Hammonds
March 3, 2018
What happens if a match is Postponed on your Accumulator Bet

It doesn't happen often, but there are times when a match in your accumulator bet can be postponed.

There are a few reasons a match could be postponed. Poor weather or playing conditions are the biggest reasons, but a match could be abandoned due to rowdy fans half way through a fixture.

A postponed match on your accumulator bet can be incredibly frustrating. So, what happens to your accumulator bet if a match is abandoned or postponed?

Postponed matches and your Accumulator bet

If a match on your accumulator bet is postponed at the last minute, then the bet can be changed by the bet shop or betting website.

For example, a four-team accumulator bet would be changed to a treble and the other matches on your bet slip would still be valid.

Bettors are unable to cancel a bet or modify their bet if one of the matches selected is postponed. For example, a bettor cannot go onto into their betting slip and replace the postponed game for a new valid match.

Some online sportsbooks will keep the postponed match bet valid on your accumulator bet, if the fixture has been re-schedule prior to the original kickoff time.

What if all matches in an accumulator are postponed?

If all matches on your accumulator are postponed, the betting website or bet shop can void the entire bet. This could happen if multiple matches are cancelled due to poor weather. Bettors will be able to get their stake returned to them and they can use that initial stake to wager on another set of matches.

Match Cancelled/Abandoned during play

A match that is stopped without it reaching full-time will be voided by the sportsbook. However, if the bet and a win/loss has already been confirmed, then the bet will stand. For example, if a bettor has wagered on Team A to win the first half, and the match is abandoned in the second half, the bet result will stand.

Read the fine print

It is important for bettors to read the fine print for all betting websites and bet shops. While all have similarities with the way they treat postponed and abandoned games, there can be some differences.

For example, the way in which Bet365 handles cancellations is different than Betfred. By reading the fine print on your favourite sportsbook's website can save you plenty of headaches and frustration later on.

Author Tony Hammonds


  • Honours

    17 Mar, 2020

    According to my understanding is not good for Hollywoodbets or other bet to return only my stake, what if I bet to win 10 million Rand and the possibility for me to win that amount was very high then thereafter the Teams postponed, it means i must get only my R10? why don’t they give me 5 percent of what I was suppose to win?

  • Jimmy cowie

    20 Mar, 2020

    I had a twenty pounds accumulater on tonight 2 teams won other team only played 80 mins
    Skogsa if vs bergnaset.
    Skogsa if we’re winning 2 nill at the time how does my bet go.
    Is it a double

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