Both Teams to Score Both Halves Bet – Explained

February 23, 2018
Both teams to score both halves

Both teams to score both halves
A both teams to score both halves bet is something you may see while scrolling through a sportsbook's betting markets. A punter who makes this wager assumes both teams in a given match will score at least two goals each. Therefore, you may want to wager on teams that aren't shy about scoring goals or giving them up. The Both teams to score both halves market can give bettors more value for betting on football than just a straight single. Plus it can be a fun bet to watch. Let's look in-depth at the both teams to score both halves bet.

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Both teams to score both halves – explained

For a bettor to win a both teams to score both halves wager, the two teams competing must both score a goal in the opening 45 minutes. To win the bet, the two sides most both score at least one goal in the second 45 minutes as well.

Of course, a goal in stoppage-time is permitted. However, any bettor wagering on a cup match that goes into extra-time will not be rewarded with a win if a goal is scored in the overtime rather than in regulation.

The minimum score for a winning bet after 90 minutes must be 2-2. However, not all 2-2 scorelines are winners when wagering on both teams to score both halves.

For example, Liverpool and Manchester United play in the Premier League with the score finishing 2-2.

Liverpool open the scoring in the 15th minute through Mohamed Salah. However, Manchester United level the match on 30 minutes. At halftime, the match is 1-1.

In the second half, Salah scores his second on 62 minutes. Liverpool are headed for victory when Romelu Lukaku fires home in the 85th minute.

A bettor who wagered on a both teams to score both halves result would win; and hopefully, they would win big.

In another example, Manchester City play Chelsea with the scoreline finishing 2-2.

Manchester City open the scoring with Sergio Aguero in the 12th minute. Eden Hazard levels on 20 minutes, and Olivier Giroud adds another in the 45th minute.

Manchester City tie the match in the 75th minute thanks to Aguero's second goal.

The match finishes 2-2, but remember, Giroud scored just before halftime, so the score was 2-1 at the interval. Therefore, you lose the bet.

Reasons to make a both teams to score in both halves bet

One of the best reasons to make a both teams to score in both halves bet is for the incredible value. Bettors can often get 10/1 odds for this wager.

Why are the odds so good? Well, simply put, this is a difficult wager to win.

You not only need both teams to score, but you need it to occur in each half. It can be done, but you may want to research your teams wisely before you make a both teams to score both halves bet.

Keep in mind, the winner of this bet does not matter, all you need is the teams to score goals to claim victory.
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