What does Push mean in Betting? – and How to avoid this type of Bet.

February 19, 2018
What does Push mean in Betting?

A push can be one of the most frustrating results in sports betting. Professional bettors hate bets that end in a push. Of course, losing a bet is worse, but a push can sometimes feel like a loss. A push can benefit a bettor. However, it can also prevent a gambler from making cash on a bet.

What is a Push?

A push is one of those words used in betting that newer bettors will hear often. Spend a few hours around a bet shop or reading tips online, and you are sure to hear or read the term push. A push occurs when the result of a match finished on the listed point spread or finishes in a draw. A push can be commonly found in sports like basketball or American football. If you bet on certain point spreads, your bet can end in a push and you could end up with ‘no bet' result.

Let's look at an example of a Push in Betting:

If the New England Patriots are favourites at –3 versus the Cincinnati Bengals at +3, then a push occurs if the Pats win by just three points. You will get your money back, but there are some bookies who may still take a vig on the original bet. This doesn't happen with all sportsbooks, but it does with some. Therefore, you haven't lost the bet, but you have still paid the bookie to take the action. In essences, it is a loss.

What happens if a bet ends in a Push?

Although a push can be frustrating, it isn't terrible – especially if the sportsbook doesn't take a vig. A bettor whose bet ends in a push can get his or her stake back. Therefore, a push isn't all bad, but you will waste an hour or two watching a match. What you get back in money, you lose in time.

If you want to avoid a push bet, then there is a way.

Many online bookies and bet shops offer customers the chance to bet on point spreads with a hook. This means the points spreads are set with an extra half point.

For example, sportsbooks will set odds at -3.5 rather than -3.0.

So, how does a bet look using half points?.

Let's use our example from above:

The New England Patriots are –3.5 against the Cincinnati Bengals at +3.5.

This point spread now avoids any chance of a push occurring.

In the end, a push bet may not be a bad thing, but it is something you will want to avoid when wagering on sports.

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