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4-Fold Bet Explained

4-Fold Bet Explained

This article will explain how a 4-Fold bet works and the pros and cons of using this type of bet.

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Are you new to multiple betting? Keep reading below to learn how 4-fold betting and multiple betting in general work. 

Sports betting is a really thrilling hobby. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart because it’s an activity in which you can win or lose money. So, there’s some risk on the table.

Yet, the best way to minimize risks in sports betting is to speak the language of bets. The more you know about the types of bets and their characteristics, the more informed and better decisions you’ll make.

Among the most popular bets made by sport bettors are the multiple bets, which include the 4-fold bet as well. So, first things first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page with what multiple bets are.

Multiple Bet Explained

As the name suggests, multiple bets are simply bets that consist of more than one selection. Often the bets, in horse betting, for example, require that all horses win. However, you can also back an each-way multiple or a place multiple.

There are many different types of multiple bets, each being alternatives of the same general idea based on the number of selections: the bettors make four or more selections at the same time, and each and every selection made must win so that the bettor secures a return.

Now, these multiple bets are also known as fold betting, as the term “fold” represents the number of selections made by bettors within an accumulator bet.

4-Fold Bet Explained

Next, let’s dig deeper into what 4-fold bets are.

Now that you know what the term “fold” represents, it’s pretty self-explanatory what a 4-fold bet is. More precisely, a 4-fold bet is a single bet that includes four different selections. The 4-fold term represents the number of selections included in a bet, creating a multiple bet, which we’ve discussed above. Any fewer selections than four make a single, double, or treble bet.

These bets with four or more selections are known as Acca bets. The 4-fold bet can turn into a 5-fold, 6-fold, and so on, based on how many selections you make in the same bet.

To win a four-fold bet, bettors need to make four selections that will be included in the same bet, and all selections better be good because only one wrong choice will make the bettor lose the entire 4-fold bet.

Pros and Cons of 4-fold bets

What are the pros and cons of 4-fold bets? Should bettors choose this type of betting? Let’s see:

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this type of bet is that one wrong selection will make bettors lose the entire bet. So, if you are not an experienced bettor, or you don’t have expert knowledge of a sport, be it football, horse racing, tennis, cricket, or ice hockey, it’s better to choose single bets. When you are an experienced bettor, and you know the sport really well, you can more accurately predict the results of the games.

Now, 4-fold bets also have advantages. First of all, since the risks of losing are bigger since your winning depends on four different selections, so are the amounts of the wins. More precisely, four-fold bets can bring bettors more significant returns than, say, single or double bets.

What’s more, multiple bets like the 4-fold bet type allow bettors to take advantage of smaller odds, which is why it is recommended to bet on favorites when placing a 4-fold bet.

Here’s an example.

Say there’s a single bet on Barcelona to win at home against Girona. Single bets like this don’t have an incredibly tempting price on them. Yet, several bets on favorites included in the same bets can bring you a significant reward if your predictions are right.

So, you can combine a bet that includes that Barcelona bet with another one on Chelsea, one bet on Bayern Munich, and one bet on Celtic.

All these football teams are typically strong favorites when playing in their domestic competitions.

So, a 4-fold bet that includes these favorites will make the odds from each bet you make to be multiplied together. In other words, you can win a good profit from several bets that don’t look particularly tempting when taken as single bets.

How to make 4-fold bets work for you?

To increase your chances of winning with 4-fold bets, a few good practices would be:

  • Planning all four selections carefully
  • Betting on favorites
  • Not being greedy


Here are two frequently asked questions when it comes to four-fold bets and their answers.

How does a four-fold each way bet work?

Each way bets are used in horse racing betting. In general, this type of bet includes two parts: a winning bet and a place bet. More precisely, the first bet is on the horse you think is going to win the race, while the second bet is on the horse you think will finish in the top three (position may vary).

Now, in the case of four-fold each way bets, it’s essential to distinguish the fact that with each-way accumulator, the bet is still only two bets, 1 for all selections to win and 1 for all selections to place. So, if one of your selections doesn’t win or place, the whole bet you’ve made is lost.

How many trebles are in a 4 fold?

A bet on four selections consists of fifteen bets in different sports events: 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and a 4-fold accumulator. To have a return with such a 4-fold bet, at least one selection must be successful.

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