Multiple Bets in Horse Racing

June 15, 2015
Multiple Bets in Horse Racing

Placing multiple bets is a vital part of any betting strategy. It allows bettors to potentially generate huge profits using low stakes.

Multiple betting allows you to put one wager on the outcome of two or more events. The bookmaker places the wager on the first event; if this bet wins, the winnings are put on to the following event in the accumulator.

The multiple bet continues until all the selections have either won or lost. Any loss in the series will mean that the wager has lost and all multiple bets winnings and stake are lost.

When you are placing multiple bets, you are betting on the outcome of several consecutive races. In order to win multiple bets, all your selections in every race you bet on must win. The idea is to use the winnings from the first race as stakes for the second and subsequent races. Thus ensuring that a winning multiple bet will get you substantial returns.

You can place multiple Each Way bets, multiple Place bets, and multiple Win bets. It’s also possible to place multiple Superfecta and Trifecta wagers; however the odds of having them pay off are very much against you. These types of wagers should be left to the experienced punters.

The Best Approach to Multiple Bets

The key to picking a multiple bet is in the selection of the ponies. Try not to go to a bookmakers wanting to do a Lucky-15 and then scratching around for 4-ponies to put in it. You’re likely to find yourself forcing in a fourth pony that you are not so confident with and it could certainly let you down.

It’s therefore important to do thorough research before choosing your horses. Choose the horses that you are comfortable with. If you only find three ponies that you have confident with then be it, do a Patent, or a Trixie, or increase your stakes and do a decent Treble instead of a multiple. If you find six ponies that you like in the first six races at a meeting then consider an each way bet as well as the Lucky 63 and the Heinz.

Multiple Bet placed on Horse Racing

Therefore, it’s important to choose the horses first then choose a wager that is ideal to the number of selections that you have. Play with the multiple bet calculator to get a real understanding of when the different odds in the different accumulators make sense to go each way, or to choose a combination wager instead of a multiple.

Weigh-up the cost of the risks against the possible winnings. Decide whether to go for broke with a bet rather than a more costly but insurance packed multiple.

Consider that a straight two pounds bet on five ponies winning at 3/1 would cost you just the two pounds and would return 2,048 pounds if they all won!.

A 25 pence Canadian/Super Yankee on those same five ponies at 3/1 would cost 6.50 pounds to stake and would return only 776 pounds. The bet is three times cheaper to place, and you get about three times the winnings. You will receive nothing at all if one of your ponies fails to win.

How you stake and what wager you choose is down to your own attitude to risk and to how much money you are willing to lose.

Betting Accumulator

An accumulator is a wager that combines four or more selections into a single bet. It gains a return only when all parts win. The main advantage of an accumulator is that the higher you risk the higher the returns. If one selection fails, you lose the entire bet.

In the case of a non-runner, earnings are calculated as though the accumulator hadn’t contained the selection. For example, a six-fold would become a five-fold.

Round Robin Bets Explained

The round robin bet is a three selection bet consisting of ten bets. These are: three doubles, one treble, and three up-and-down single stakes about pairs.

A round robin is basically an easy way to bet multiple parlays at the same time. You pick the outcomes that you want to involve in the bet and then you decide if you want your parlay wagers to include anywhere from 2-6 teams.

If you pick 2 then every combination that includes 2 teams will be parlayed, and if you choose four teams, then every combination of four different teams will be included.

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