Types of Horse Racing Bets

This Category provides articles on the different types of horse racing bets. You will find answers to your questions on horse racing betting like what is a Trixie bet and How many selections are there in a Lucky 15 bet. Find tips on placing horse racing wagers and best practices in betting on the horses. We also write about how to find the best online bookmakers for sign up bonuses when it comes to betting on the horses.

What is a Heinzbet
Types of Horse Racing Bets 12-01-2021

What is a Heinz bet?

What is a Heinz bet? Explained. The world of sports betting can be an enjoyable and challenging environment. But if you want to venture into this environment, you need to learn a thing or two about the various types of bets that exist. This will grow your chances of success and allow you to make […]

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Types of Horse Racing Bets 15-06-2019

Frankie Dettori taking no chances in bid for Royal Ascot glory

Frankie Dettori is taking no chances to ensure nothing gets in the way of him riding at Royal Ascot next week. Four winners at last year’s fixture took the 48-year-old Italian to 60 Royal Ascot meeting successes – only Pat Eddery (73) and Lester Piggott (116) have ridden more – but two years ago injury […]

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How to Pick a Horse at the Racetrack
Types of Horse Racing Bets 14-06-2019

How to Pick a Horse at the Racetrack and What to Look for Good and Bad Signs.

How to pick a horse at the racetrack?. Sure you can just go with your gut but if you want better eyes make your decision based on these factors. You will need information about the horse, about his trainer, about his jockey. Also your own observations by using a newspaper with a racing column and […]

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Types of Horse Racing Bets 07-06-2019

How To Bet Each Way (EW) on Horse Racing

Betting each way is a useful tool in horse racing. It’s a great way of finding value and each-way bet is actually two bets, one to win and one to place. It pays out a percentage of the winning price if your horse comes first to fourth, depending on the race. The payouts change with […]

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How to Pick a Horse at the Racetrack
Types of Horse Racing Bets 07-06-2019

2019 Belmont Stakes Predictions and Odds (Saturday, June 8)

Kelly Stewart: Welcome to WagerTalk TV. I am Kelly Stewart, @KellyinVegas on Twitter, joined by SIG, @SIGlasvegas, and Marco D’Angelo, @MarcoInVegas. Kelly Stewart: All right guys, 150st Belmont Stakes, let’s hit the ground running. This is the third leg of the Triple Crown, but there’s not going to be a Triple Crown winner. Lot’s that […]

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A Canadian bet
Types of Horse Racing Bets 05-10-2017

What is a Canadian Bet? – We Explain

A Canadian bet is a popular wager for horse racing fans. However, horse racing bettors are not the only ones who love a Canadian bet. Fans of other sports can take advantage of the bet type, but for the most part, horse racing is the main sport for this type of bet. The Canadian bet, also […]

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Tips for Horse Racing Dummies
Types of Horse Racing Bets 07-05-2016

Tips on Horse Racing Bets for Dummies

Only a few sports are as exciting as horse racing. This premier event attracts millions of fascinated audiences and bettors due to the joy and satisfaction that they can naturally get from seeing the horses take off. If you are new to sports betting and want to check out your options on horse racing bets […]

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Horse Racing Bets for Today
Types of Horse Racing Bets 26-04-2016

Factors that Affect the Odds on Horse Racing Bets for Today

People who bet in horse racing are aware that they cannot gamble their money indiscriminately. Betting in these instances does not entirely depend on luck. You have to consider other factors and reasons and avoid relying your income on pure luck. Those who bet on horse racing always consults the odds on horse racing bets […]

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Horse Racing bets online
Types of Horse Racing Bets 18-04-2016

The Appeal of Horse Racing Bets Online

Horse racing bets online are becoming popular because they are much more convenient. This is especially true for people who are busy but still want to enjoy their favourite past time. There are a lot of advantages for making horse racing bets online and here are a few of them: [wpsm_list type=”check”] Convenience – The […]

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Types of Horse Racing Bets 16-04-2016

What is a Trixie Bet?

If you are asking yourself, What is a Trixie bet?, then we will explain in this article what type of bet this is. There are many ways to bet on horse races. A few examples are Each Way, accumulators, and patent bets. The most interesting one though is the Trixie horse racing bet. What is […]

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Each Way Treble bet explained
Types of Horse Racing Bets 05-04-2016

Each Way Treble Bets Explained

Most horse racing punters will agree that each way treble bets are one of the best ways to rake in money in horse racing. For the most part, this type of stake ensures that your bets from the first stake will yield winnings. Then be carried over to the second bet and from the second to the […]

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Types of Horse Racing Bets 04-04-2016

Basic Horse Racing Bets Explained for Punters

Every horse race punter will agree that to maximize and enjoy one’s horse racing experience and the moment, they need to have someone go through the horse racing bets explained simply and thoroughly. This is the purpose of this article.  We will try to explain the common types of bets and how they work in horse […]

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Types of Horse Racing Bets 30-03-2016

Horse Racing Betting Terminology Explained

Horse Racing is a popular sporting event held throughout the world that originated from ancient times. A sport with a simple premise – the first horse to reach the finish line over a distance wins the race. It is the source of enjoyment for millions. As fun as it is, if you are new to […]

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Types of Horse Racing Bets 29-03-2016

Horse Racing Slang Terms

Horse Racing is a well-known sport around the world. As popular as it is if one is still a beginner to the sport, the wide array of terms used may cause confusion. Here are some of the commonly used horse racing slang terms. Action Probably not a slang, but still commonly used in horse racing […]

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Horse Racing Bets for Today
Types of Horse Racing Bets 29-03-2016

On Horse Racing and Betting the 5 Horse Bet – Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Unlike in the days of old when owning a horse was a necessity for man as means of transport, horses are now just raised for sports and leisure. When there is a race track, put in the horses and jockeys, assemble a crowd and a race, and surely, horse betting or the 5 horse bet […]

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Types of Horse Racing Bets 07-01-2016

Progressive Staking on Horse Racing

Horse Racing Progressive Staking Knowing when to Stop Today I want to about progressive staking and examine a typical error that frequently gets punters into major problems – chasing your losses or the progressive staking approach. We’ve all been there, the temptation to increase our stake just that little bit bigger on the next selection […]

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Betfair sportsbook horse racing odds
Types of Horse Racing Bets 04-01-2016

Aspects that Influence Horse Racing Betting Odds

Bet365 provide some of the most competitive Horse Racing Betting Odds. People who bet their money on horse racing betting odds, in competitions like boxing matches or on football matches know that they can not bet their money indiscriminately. You see, gambling in events like these doesn’t simply depend upon luck. When you have other […]

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Horse Racing Betting Online
Types of Horse Racing Bets 04-01-2016

Horse Racing Betting Online Pros and Cons

Horse Racing Betting online continues to evolve as the internet alters a lot of the ways we do things. Our whole perception of the world has actually been altered by the connectivity and convenience brought by the advent of the internet. Today, we can do practically everything through the internet. We have things like online […]

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Horse Racing bets
Types of Horse Racing Bets 03-01-2016

Betting on Horse Racing with Different Horse Bets

Placing Different Horse bets online There are many types of different horse bets you can place from straight wins on the nose to each way trebles and showcast bets. Selecting which type of horse racing bet suits your betting approach is made easier online. Betting on horse racing does not mean that you need to […]

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Types of Horse Racing Bets 05-11-2015

How to Bet on Horse Races

How to bet on Horse Races. To win on the Horses through placing a bet requires more than simply betting on the best horse at the correct time. Pure luck or beginners luck if you are starting out for the first time is not enough to rely on. You need the appropriate strategy and the suitable execution of […]

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