Types of Horse Racing Bets

This Category provides articles on the different types of horse racing bets. You will find answers to your questions on horse racing betting like what is a Trixie bet and How many selections are there in a Lucky 15 bet. Find tips on placing horse racing wagers and best practices in betting on the horses. We also write about how to find the best online bookmakers for sign up bonuses when it comes to betting on the horses.

Betting on Horse Racing with Different Horse Bets

Horse Racing bets

How to Bet on Horse Races


The Difference between Each Way and Place Bets in Horse Racing

Each Way bets are essential in Horse Races like the Grand National

Know Your Horse Racing Betting Terms

Popular Horse Racing Betting Terms

Work out a Lucky 31 Bet in Horse Racing

Placing a Lucky 31 Bet

Multiple Bets in Horse Racing

Multiple Bets in Horse Racing

Each Way Rules in UK Horse Racing

Each Way Rules on Horse Racing Bets

Lucky 15 Bets on Horse Racing Explained

Multiple Bet placed on Horse Racing

Horse Race Betting Odds Explained in Percentages