Types of Bets Found in Sports Betting

Types of Horse Racing Bets

This Category provides articles on the different types of horse racing bets. You will find answers to your questions on horse racing betting like what is a Trixie bet and How many selections are there in a Lucky 15 bet. Find tips on placing horse racing wagers and best practices in betting on the horses. We also write about how to find the best online bookmakers for sign up bonuses when it comes to betting on the horses.

Horse Racing bets
Types of Horse Racing Bets 03-01-2016

Betting on Horse Racing with Different Horse Bets

Placing Different Horse bets online There are many types of different horse bets you can place from straight wins on the nose to each way trebles and showcast bets. Selecting which type of horse racing bet suits your betting approach is made easier online. Betting on horse racing does not mean that you need to […]

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Types of Horse Racing Bets 05-11-2015

How to Bet on Horse Races

How to bet on Horse Races. To win on the Horses through placing a bet requires more than simply betting on the best horse at the correct time. Pure luck or beginners luck if you are starting out for the first time is not enough to rely on. You need the appropriate strategy and the suitable execution of […]

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Each Way bets are essential in Horse Races like the Grand National
Types of Horse Racing Bets 17-09-2015

The Difference between Each Way and Place Bets in Horse Racing

[banner-group name=”template-header”] For those who are interested in placing their bets on horse races, knowing what each style of bet means, and how to place your bets, is the only way to ensure the payoff you want to see, when wagering. So, knowing the difference between each way and place bets, is one thing you […]

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Popular Horse Racing Betting Terms
Types of Horse Racing Bets 15-07-2015

Know Your Horse Racing Betting Terms

If you are new to placing bets on the horses it is wise to know a bit about horse racing betting terms. A well informed punter is always going to stand more of a chance against the bookmaker. Online betting has made horse race betting so much easier. The days of wondering what to write […]

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Placing a Lucky 31 Bet
Types of Horse Racing Bets 16-06-2015

Work out a Lucky 31 Bet in Horse Racing

A Lucky 31 bet is one of the most popular multiple bets in the UK today. Bettors pick a number of different horses and then they make a series of different bets within one. Lucky 31 bets seem to cause a bit of confusion among new punters, so what is a Lucky 31 bet? A […]

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Multiple Bets in Horse Racing
Types of Horse Racing Bets 15-06-2015

Multiple Bets in Horse Racing

Placing multiple bets is a vital part of any betting strategy. It allows bettors to potentially generate huge profits using low stakes. Multiple betting allows you to put one wager on the outcome of two or more events. The bookmaker places the wager on the first event; if this bet wins, the winnings are put […]

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Each Way Rules on Horse Racing Bets
Types of Horse Racing Bets 14-06-2015

Each Way Rules in UK Horse Racing

Each way rules consist of an each way wager which is a wager of twice the selected unit stake. It contains one wager of unit stake on the selection to WIN and one wager of unit stake on the selection to be PLACED according to the terms advertised for the event. In generally, for UK […]

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Multiple Bet placed on Horse Racing
Types of Horse Racing Bets 13-06-2015

Lucky 15 Bets on Horse Racing Explained

[fcrp_feat_sc sc_id=”1967″] The Lucky 15 bets selection comprises a 4-selection bet consisting of 15 wagers. 4 singles 6 doubles 4 trebles A four-fold accumulator. The “15” part of its name comes from its 15 essential wagers. The “lucky” part comes from the fact it’s usually the target of bookmaker bonuses. The most common of which […]

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Types of Horse Racing Bets 07-04-2015

Horse Race Betting Odds Explained in Percentages

Good knowledge about statistical odds is a vital element in maximizing one’s horse racing experience. It is surprising how a lot of people place bets without even having any understanding on what is displayed on the tote board. One needs to have horse race betting odds explained to gain full access on what horse racing really […]

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