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Horse Racing is a well-known sport around the world. As popular as it is if one is still a beginner to the sport, the wide array of terms used may cause confusion. Here are some of the commonly used horse racing slang terms.

Probably not a slang, but still commonly used in horse racing betting. It means the manner of a horse’s movement in a race.

Added Money
A horse racing slang; the addition of money to the race funds by the race association, organization, individual, etc.

It is the person who has the power to buy and sell horses for or from an owner or a breeder. It also refers to the person that makes transactions with the jockey or any person in command of the horses.

A horse racing slang pertaining to the person that rides the horses in the race.

All out
A horse racing slang used to describe a horse that raced beyond its limitations.

A term used to describe a whitish-grayish patch on the face of a horse.

Bridge Jumper
A horse racing slang used to pertain to a person who bets with an incredible amount of cash. It refers to the fact that if a person loses the bet, he may be jumping off a nearby bridge.

Dead Heat
A horse racing slang used to pertain to two or more horses at the finish line. More often than not, inseparable by photo finish.

Photo Finish
A horse racing slang used to pertain to an incredibly close finish by two or more horses that require a finish line camera to differentiate the distances between the horses and identify the winner.

A term used for either a racing official or the sign displayed when the results of the race are checked and confirmed.

A term used when a rider, patrol official or any other official claims to have been fouled.

It is the act of reviewing the race for infraction of rules.

It is a person who claims to have advanced information of an upcoming race for a price.

A term used to describe a horse that raced longer than required.

Field Horse
A term used to describe two or more horses starting out as a single wager. This happens when the number of entrants exceeds the number of positions that can be accommodated by the board.

What to do/how to talk to the teller in a horse race

In a horse racing counter queue, people move in hustle. It is best that you have your money in hand before reaching the teller so you don’t hold the entire line behind you.

As you approach the counter, tell the person in charge about the racetrack and the race number (in the case if you are in a different place than the one you are betting), the amount of your bet, the type of bet you are placing, and the horse’s program number.

An example would be:

Turf Paradise, race five, 3$ to win on #5

Where to place your Horse Racing Bets

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