What is a Trixie Bet?


What is a Trixie Bet? this is a horse racing bet that pays out on two winners
If you are asking yourself, What is a Trixie bet?, then we will explain in this article what type of bet this is. There are many ways to bet on horse races. A few examples are Each Way, accumulators, and patent bets. The most interesting one though is the Trixie horse racing bet.

What is a Trixie Bet?

This type of bet is when you place four bets on three possible outcomes in three different races. The four bets can be broken down as follows:

  • 3 Doubles
  • 1 Treble

It is a bit similar to a patent bet which covers multiple bets too. The main difference between the two is that a Trixie horse racing bet doesn’t cover any singles. This means that you need to predict that two out of the three possible selections must be successful to have returns. To put it into perspective, here is an example.

If you selected A, B and C then your bets will be:

3 doubles

  • AB
  • AC
  • BC

1 treble

  • ABC

Here, two of the selections need to win. If selections A and B wins, then you win a double bet but lose on the rest of the bets. There will still be returns. However, if all of the selections fails, you will have zero returns and some loss.

How the Trixie Horse Racing Bet Pays Out

The Trixie horse racing bet is popular because it gives a chance for big profits at a low stake. However, these stakes accumulate since you are covering the stakes of all four bets. Betters are usually asked to put equal stakes by bookmakers. So if you want a £ 4.00 Trixie bet, then it would cost you a total of £ 16.00 because you would need to cover for the 3 doubles and 1 treble.

The winnings is computed this way. Let’s say that all selections are at 2.00 odds. If all your selections win, then the computation will look like this:

For the doubles:

£ 4.00 X 2.00 = £ 8.00 which will the carry on to…

£ 8.00 x 2.00 = £ 16.00

This will give you total winnings of £ 16.00. You then deduct the £ 4.00 stake that will result to a £ 12.00 profit.

This will be multiplied for each double which will give you:

£ 12.00 X 3 = £ 36.00

For the trebles:

£ 4.00 X 2.00 = £ 8.00 which will carry on to…

£ 8.00 x 2.00 = £ 16.00 that carries on to…

£ 16.00 x 2.00 = £ 32.00

The total winnings is £ 32.00.  After deducting the £ 4.00 stake, the result will be a £ 28.00 profit.

You would then add all the profit from the doubles and the treble. So the total profit will be:

£ 36.00 + £ 28.00 = £ 40.00

That is a big profit for a £ 16.00 cost. That’s the reason why it is very attractive to participate in a Trixie horse racing bet.

It is important to note that it is still a gamble but with smaller stakes. You can try and give Trixie horse racing bet a shot. It’s a low risk, high reward gamble so it is worth the try.

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