Basic Horse Racing Bets Explained for Punters

April 4, 2016

Horse Racing Bets Explained

Every horse race punter will agree that to maximize and enjoy one’s horse racing experience and the moment, they need to have someone go through the horse racing bets explained simply and thoroughly. This is the purpose of this article.  We will try to explain the common types of bets and how they work in horse racing.

Single Bet

As the name of the bet implies, a single bet is one selection or bet in a horse race event. Your hope is that the horse that you have bet on wins for you to get returns from your bet.

Doubles, Trebles, Four-fold Accumulator Bets

A double is an accumulated bet for two horses, a treble for three. Compound bets after three (trebles) are termed by adding the word “fold accumulator” after the number. Examples are four-fold accumulator, five-fold accumulator, six-fold accumulator, seven-fold accumulator and so on.

Each Way Bets

One way to have horse racing bets explained, like the Canadian bet, is to explain the terminologies. Each Way bets will require you to learn some words that are common to horse racing. In placing an Each Way Bet, you will need to know a little about Win and Placed bets. A “Win” bet is a bet placed on a horse that you think will win while a “Place” bet is placed on a horse that you think will finish 2nd, 3rd or 4th after the winning horse. In a race of 2 to 4 horses – each way betting is not applicable, for a race of 5 to 7 horses each way bets are won in the initial two place winnings, and for 8 or more horses, the winning horses will only be the first three. The amount of winnings for “placed” bets is only a fraction of the total winning bet and is dependent on the amount displayed on the toteboard before the race.


Trixies are 4 bets on 3 horses. The bet is a combination of a treble and 3 doubles. A good thing about this bet is that you will only need 2 winning bets to get a return.

Yankee and the Goliath

We will have these horse racing bets explained by enumerating sets of horses.

A Yankee bet can be placed in different events. Let assume that we have 4 horses namely A, B, C and D. A Yankee is composed of 6 doubles, an accumulator and 4 trebles. To place our bets, let us pick random 6 doubles from the four horses (AB, AC, AD, BC, CD and BD) then let us select four trebles (ABC, BCD, DAB, ACD) lastly, let us choose a four-fold accumulator for our bet (ABCD). 2 bets should come through to receive winnings.

Another horse racing bet that needs multiple combinations is the Goliath. This horse racing bet is placed by choosing 247 combinations. Goliath will need a seven fold accumulator, 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-fold accumulators, 21 five-fold accumulators and 7 six-fold accumulators. Out of these numerous combinations, you will only 2 successful bets to get a return.

Straight Forecast

The straight forecast. It involves betting on two horses that finish first and second place in a single race respectively.

In this article we had some of the many horse racing bets explained, the choice on what to use still depends on you, in what you think is the luckiest and the bet that you think is most likely to get returns.

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