Roulette Betting Systems that Work

Finding Roulette Betting Systems that Work

Roulette Betting Systems that Work
Are there any good roulette betting systems when playing roulette? We can’t say for sure which system is the best, but there are several out there that you can try to use to your advantage. Now gambling in general is just that, gambling. The whole point of it is to try your luck and hope that your “guess”, whether calculated or not, is the winning one; However, there are some strategies that seem to hit the winning number more often than others. These strategies number in the hundreds, so we are going to focus on some popular techniques that fall into one of the three roulette betting systems; Progressive, Betting Zone, and Predictive.

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Types of Roulette Betting Systems


Progressive betting systems determine your current bet by looking at what happened during your previous bet. For example, if you just bet twenty dollars and won one hundred dollars on the last roll, then you may up your bet to thirty dollars. Adversely, if you bet twenty and lost it, then you may only bet ten dollars during the next game.

Betting Zone

When using a betting zone system you are always hoping to win, to some extent. The idea is that you place your bets over contiguous sections on the wheel, so no matter which area the ball lands, you will win. The same concept can be done using certain numbers instead of sections.

In roulette betting systems there are two different tactics that fall under the category of being the “predictive” system. Essentially, this system takes advantage of either the equipment’s flaws or the dealer’s flaws. When considering the potential flaws of the equipment, the idea is that the wheel cannot be perfect and therefore cannot land on each number equally. When considering the flaw of a dealer, you are banking on the fact that the dealer may get into a rhythm of sorts and therefore they toss the ball nearly the same way each time, subconsciously. This latter idea is so popular, that many websites have been built for particular casinos with a page devoted to each dealer that works the roulette table!


Starting with arguably the most popular of roulette betting systems, let us discuss the Martingale. This scheme is like double your bet roulette and that is exactly what you are doing. Say you start off betting ten dollars on black and win, and then you would put twenty dollars down on the next one. The draw to this style of betting is that at some point, you have to hit and win. What you have to be careful doing, is reaching about your 8th bet, where you will be betting five hundred dollars or more, is that there is usually a limit on say, the outside numbers, on which your whole betting system is based.


The idea of playing a reverse roulette system, sometimes known as the Paroli, is taking advantage of being on a hot streak, or winning multiple times in a row. It can be categorized under the progressive betting system, because you put down more money if you win a roll. As an example, say you started off betting five dollars. You lose that first roll, so you would decrease your next bet by a dollar and viola, you win! Now double your initial bet and add a dollar, so next roll you will be putting down six dollars. The downside to this system is that you may end up with an equal ratio of wins to loses, but if you are on a winning hot streak, you should end up pretty victorious in the end!

Dealers Signature

Now let’s dig a little further into roulette betting systems with the generic predictive system, starting with the dealer’s signature. It takes a bit of time to find a veteran dealer who spins the wheel and releases the ball at the same speed and about the same time. The idea is to correctly guess how many spins the wheel will revolve before the ball is released and based on that observation, figure out which zone the ball will be landing in. When you think you have found a biased wheel, you simply bet on which numbers the wheel seems to hit most frequently, due to a mechanical error. Again, this strategy takes a bit of time and observation in order to be successful.

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