Types of Bets Found in Sports Betting

Horse Racing Betting SystemsThe use of betting systems to gamble comprises of any strategy you use often when you are placing money down on an event.

It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about betting on the Cowboys’ game or on Blackjack. Even if it works or doesn’t, a system is any set of rules you use regularly when placing bets.

In sports betting, systems usually follow rules which are dictated by statistics. An example of a betting system in sports is a punter who always bets on the home team to win. Coming to a decision on who to bet on, through a system, is known as handicapping. Lets now have a look at Horse Racing, Greyhound, Football and Tennis betting systems.

Horse Betting Systems

There are many horse racing betting systems. Most of these betting systems are based on a number of factors, including form, analysis of the horses, and financial systems such as hedging. Some systems are based on items, such as jockey form, horse name, lane draws and trainer form. Loss recovery systems such as Martingale can also be applied to horse racing.

The systems that will guarantee you profit in the long run are based on the odds and the numbers, rather than relying on accurate predictions.

There are a few things that you need to consider when betting on horse racing:

Distance – In any horse racing system, the distance of the race is a very important factor. Before you pick a horse to bet on you need to consider the distance. According to experts the safe distance of the race should be in the range of five furlongs and not more than three miles.

Number of runners – A horse’s chance of winning depends upon the number of contenders taking part in the race. When there are many runners it becomes difficult to predict which horse will finish first.

Horses’ form – Letter C and D is usually used to indicate a pony’s form. The letter C says that the pony has been a titleholder (winner) over a certain period in the earlier races. The letter D indicates that the pony has been a champ over the distance being run in the race. Ponies with letter C and D would be a good wager as they have a proven track record.

Top favourites – According to experts there is always a higher chance that top favourites will finish first in the race. Therefore, reviewing some favourites and their track records in the racing field before placing a bet can increase your chances of winning a wager.

Football Betting Systems

Football betting is unsurprisingly the leading gambling activity in the United Kingdom for online bookmakers. As a result several football betting systems have appeared on the market. As with all sports betting, there is an element of risk. However using a football betting strategy can have huge returns.

The small number of games played in each season calls for a greater general interest in each game. This means there is usually a variety of information available that previews upcoming match-ups, analyses the games, and usually provides the favourites for you.

The fact that there is a huge public opinion for any given game gives you the opportunity to make a very informed prediction. This is especially true if the betting system you are using has some exceptional criteria.

Tennis Betting System

There are a few basics that you need to know before laying a cent on the money line using a tennis betting system. There are three standards wagers in tennis. You have the future bet where you are gambling on one player to win the current tournament. You can also gamble on individual match-ups. This is where each player is given a money line, much like you would see in football or baseball. The difference being that in tennis the money line for a favourite player is unreasonable. It is thus rarely worth the risk. There is also set betting where you are predicting not only who will win the current match but also in how many sets.

Greyhound Betting System

Greyhound Betting SystemGreyhound racing is a common sporting event for many individuals to watch and to bet on the races. We will discuss why greyhound betting has numerous advantages over other types of betting.

It’s important to do some research on each of the dogs running in the race. The information available about each of the dogs will include their times, their placing in the past races, their weight, and the names of the dogs that defeated them in the past races. You can also find out if the dog won on the previous race or if they lost. When you feel that you have some good information about the dog’s history you can predict how the odds of the dog will be.

If a dog has a higher chance of winning and you bet on that dog, you won’t win much. On the other hand, if a dog is not a favourite choice because it hasn't won much in the past races its odds will be high.

To understand what a betting system can do for you is the first step and in this article we have covered that. We have looked briefly at the betting systems that can be applied to Horse Racing, Football, Tennis and Greyhounds. For more in-depth knowledge on those areas of betting systems please read our associated posts on each.

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