Finding the Best Greyhound Betting System

June 11, 2015
Best Greyhound Betting System

Anyone looking for a perfect greyhound betting system has probably come across a few “guaranteed” greyhound betting systems on the web. The thing about these betting systems is that they cannot guarantee results without honestly explaining the worth of adequate research.

For instance, several strategies for successful sport betting focus a lot on the odds assigned to the animals running the race. These odds, however, can be very flexible and may even be significantly altered in the hours or minutes before any race opens. This means that the odds alone are not a reliable statistic from which to base any of the greyhound betting systems.

In the United Kingdom greyhound racing starts mid-morning with the first race and goes on all day and into the evening. This gives you plenty of wagering opportunities every day and lots of races to test your gambling skills.

Key Areas for a Greyhound Betting System

Some of the key factors to consider when finding a greyhound betting system that makes money are as follows:

  1. Greyhound form – Free statistics are freely available on the internet and these allow you to review some exceptional information. For instance, average track times over the past five races. If you do this for all runners in a race you can get a simple but very accurate view of which is the fastest.
  2. Race grade – As with horse races, greyhound races have grades. If a dog is moving up or down grades this gives you some vital clues. For instance, if moving down grades means that they have struggled at their previous grade, this will give you a warning sign. The dog may appear to be the strongest having won a series of races. However if it’s now moved up in grades it will be against stronger competitors and face stiffer competition.
  3. The trap – This is definitely the best indicator. Betfair golden traps and greyhound lay pro (currently in Beta stage and not accepting customers) are the two systems that are commonly mentioned on the web. Both depend on the race trap as the key indicator. It’s true that there are patterns of losing and winning traps and you can identify them easily and turn them into your advantage.

Combining the factors of race grade, form and trap it’s possible to develop a very profitable greyhound betting system.

Greyhound Betting Explained

Greyhound racing offers several types of wagers to a punter to choose from. The number of specific wagers and their types vary from one country to another and even from one racing track to another.

However, all wagers can be grouped into two main categories: straight and exotic bets.

The simple ones are straight wagers recommended for a beginner to start his/her greyhound racing betting. More experienced gamblers and professional handicappers employ a wide range of wagers, which includes several types of exotic wagers.

The best way to approach greyhound racing betting is to first learn the top strategies for straight wagers and later progress to more complicated exotic wagers.

Straight Bets

Straight wagers are the easiest wagers to understand and make and that is why they are the most common wagers. They include bets “to win”, “to show”, and “to place”.

Betting to win – This type of bet will collect if a chosen selection comes first

Betting to place – It’s a winning wager if the selection finishes first or second. This wager is often made when punters are hesitant about making a win bet. They feel that they have more chances of winning if they choose the place bet.

Betting to show – A punter will be paid off when his selection comes first, second, or third. The punters who have a very low confidence in their betting skills usually go for this type of greyhound betting. The proceeds with the show wagers when they happen are usually very small. Because of that, if a selection is good for a show wager, it should be considered worth of a win or a place bet.

Across the board – This type of wager combines the previous three types of wagers into one. This will be a winning wager when your selection wins, places, or shows. If a selection comes first, across the board the bet will pay for all three win, place, and show bets. When a selection takes a second place, only a place and show wagers will collect. If a selection finishes third, then only a show wager will be paid off.

Exotic Bets

Exotic wagers are the wagers made on a few greyhounds at the same time.

Daily double bet – This is a wager on two greyhounds to come 1st in the first and second race of the day.

Quinella bets – A punter will win this wager if two chosen greyhounds will take 1st and 2nd place in the same race. It is irrespective of the order.

Betting on perfecta and exacta – This wager will collect if two selected greyhounds will come 1st and 2nd. Only in the same race exactly in the chosen order.

Betting on trifecta – This bet will pay off if three selected greyhounds will finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the same race exactly in the predetermined order. The trifecta is possibly the most popular wager among all exotic wagers. This type of betting is preferred by most handicappers due to the high pay offs it usually offers.

Superfecta bets – This will be a winning wager when four punter’s greyhounds come in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in exact order.

Pick 3 – This wager means wagering on three selected greyhounds to win three different but consecutive races.

Pick 6 – With this wager a bettor is wagering on six greyhounds to win six consecutive races.

Many greyhound racing bettors like to use all types of greyhound betting systems, trying to increase their chance of winning. The systems give greyhound racing punters a feeling of being rational and efficient with their approach to gambling. They are also fun to use.

8 Greyhound Betting System Tips

  • Do not bet on all greyhounds races- select your favourites
  • Do not place a bet which pays less than even money
  • Don't gamble on a greyhound with deteriorating form
  • Don't bet on the greyhounds races with too many competitors
  • Do not bet on maiden greyhounds dogs
  • Always bet on a greyhound with a higher class and improving form
  • Bet on the front runners with a good late speed and a good chance of breaking out first
  • Bet on competing greyhounds positioned closest to the inside rail

A good greyhound betting system does not restrict you from picking a specific bookmaker. Obtaining the best odds is the key to maximising profits and obtaining value. Even if you are a beginner, you are probably aware that really original systems, with time, gain new rules following trial and error methods, before the current system is adopted with success.

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