Finding the Best Betting Exchange Trading Strategy

June 17, 2015
Finding a Betting Exchange Trading Strategy

Betting Exchange Trading strategy
Here we will discuss the best betting exchange trading strategy and provide tips on how it works. Trading in betting is the purchase and sale of sports bets at the betting exchange. To start with, it’s important to distinguish the methods of trading. Trading in play and trading pre play are the most common methods and they are most commonly used by the punters.


Sport trade betting has a lot to do with the trading at the stock exchanges. In both cases you are dealing with trade. The difference is that in sports trading you do not invest your money in raw materials, stocks or currencies, you invest it in the betting odds. Unlike the stock market you do not have to pay high commissions on all investments. The transactions and the odds fluctuations, the odds are liquid and keep on changing all the time, especially in real time trading.

This solution gives you an opportunity to earn money several times during the day.

Clearly it’s much easier to predict bookmaker’s trading than stock trading, because stock trading requires a greater understanding and more logical thinking. Stock trading is also subject to numerous types of factors that have influence on the situation at the stock exchange.

The idea of a sports trading is “buy cheap, sell dear”. Therefore, a good betting exchange trading strategy is mainly based on trends prediction. Weighing the probability and the search for overrated odds to a lesser extent, which is the vital point of sports betting.

The fundamental goal of trading is to take a fiscal position in a certain market and gain a profit by selling your position when something valuable to you has occurred.

A good example of this is:-

  • You place a wager on Manchester United to beat Arsenal at 1.7, after 15-minutes of the match Manchester United score to make it 1-0.
  • As a result of this Manchester United is a much shorter price to win the match. Their price to win the rest of the match is now 1.22.
  • As you backed them at a much higher price you are now able to trade your position to lock in a return and remove your financial liability.

There are several ways to trade your positions and many people are making huge amounts of money by doing so. Most traders will keep their personal techniques a secret but if you have a good knowledge of your selections there is no reason why you cannot develop your own technique and make some good profits. Your success in sports trading will depend on your betting exchange trading strategy.

Betting Exchange Trading Strategy for Football

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There are several ways to trade football and laying the draw and then backing the same team at higher odds to equalise a profit.

This is one of the most popular ways to trade. This strategy is statistic based and you therefore need to do a lot of research.

Odds on football games respond to events on the ground and can react greatly. A red card or a goal will cause great changes, so it’s important to make sure you are on the right side of this.

One such strategy to ensure you are on the right side of such changes is to lay the draw result.

In a match between two even teams the draw odds will rise greatly once a goal goes in.

For example:

  • In a recent match between Chelsea and Manchester City, the lay odds for a draw were 3.0.
  • Chelsea took the lead in the 41st minute and these odds were now available to be backed at 5.1! A massive change that would have made a lot of people some money.
  • Of course, you need to make sure you do get a goal so only use this technique on games where goals look probable.

A common technique to use where goals aren't likely is to trade the under/over 2.5 option.

If you back under 2.5 pre match you can very often trade out the first 10-minutes of the match as the odds will drop very quickly, just in the first 10 minutes.

Currency Trading Strategy

Forex traders usually employ one of two strategies while trading currency.

Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis.

Technical Analysis:

This relies greatly on past performance of currency pairs to predict future trends and events. This type of analysis uses mathematical and statistical tools, indicators and charts to aid predict with mathematical confidence, how a currency might behave, given its past performance.

Fundamental Analysis:

This is somewhat the opposite of technical analysis, in that it stresses on political and economic events and affairs, natural or man-made calamities, and major financial policy changes to predict currency movements.

Unlike technical analysis that relies heavily on mathematical information to predict currency prices, fundamental analysis relies heavily on global economic affairs and market psychology to determine currency prices changes.

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