NCAA Football Play-Offs might be the answer?

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NCAA Football Play-OffsThere are lots of distinctions between the game of NCAA football and NFL football. For one, the rules are different in various aspects of college football compared to the NFL.

In the NFL, when a player captures a ball, he has to have both feet on the ground whereas in college football, it's only required for them to have one foot on the ground. That is definitely a huge distinction, particularly when players from the NCAA need to change how they play after being drafted into the NFL. Another significant difference in the two kinds of football is when there is a pass interference. In the NCAA, it would be considered as a fifteen-yard penalty, however in the NFL, the players are punished from the area of the foul.

No NCAA Football Play-Offs

Among the most significant distinctions between the NCAA and the NFL is that there are no play-off games in college football. Due to this fact, at the end of the year in the NCAA, there is constantly a huge issue. This is due to the fact that they can not choose which team should be top or second. Let's take this year. There were four teams that might have been thought about as being on top, however Michigan lost to Ohio State, University of South Carolina lost two games that removed them from the hunt for the champion. This leads many individuals to feel that there must be a play-off in order to figure out which team needs to be ranked primary for the champion. In lots of peoples view, Michigan needs to be playing in the big game, however they didn't win the conference, and they lost to the number one team. Also they were in the same conference, so the committee picked Florida to play in the championship game, due to the fact that they won the conference out-right.

Rather than allowing a committee to choose which NCAA team plays in the championship, why not have NCAA Football play-offs to decide the outcome? It would take a great deal of tension off the committee, and would also make things fairer for the teams included. It would also make fans a lot happier. They would have to earn their way into the the championship and everyone would be happier I'm sure at that outcome.

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