How To Bet on Goal Totals Over / Under

Over/Under bets are becoming increasingly popular and here are our tips to get the most out of them.

1. Go further back, don't just judge teams on the last three or four matches. Go back ten or twenty to get a much better idea of how many or how few points or goals they can score.

2. Don't look at averages, look at occurrences. One team can have a couple of big wins and suddenly they're scoring average has shot up. Look instead for how many times they've gone over or under the threshold.

3. Don't get greedy. Bookmakers will often offer big odds for lots of goals which often earn them big money. The best value is usually around the even-money mark. Don't be tempted by the big wins, just chase wins.

4. Go deeper. Scores may be a good way of seeing form but look at stats like shots on targets or injuries to key players to find value.

And: 5. Situational analysis. Make sure to look at similar situations that teams have been involved in. Does one team often defend well against superior opposition at home, there's another tend to struggle to find breakthroughs against poor signs away, these are all good things to be aware of. Check the link to find more great over/under tips. .

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