Basic Horse Racing Bets Explained for Punters

Horse Racing Bets Explained

Every horse race punter will agree that to maximize and enjoy one’s horse racing experience and the moment, they need to have someone go through the horse racing bets explained simply and thoroughly. This is the purpose of this article.  We will try to explain the common types of bets and how they work in horse racing.

Single Bet

As the name of the bet implies, a single bet is one selection or bet in a horse race event. Your hope is that the horse that you have bet on wins for you to get returns from your bet.

Doubles, Trebles, Four-fold Accumulator Bets

A double is an accumulated bet for two horses, a treble for three. Compound bets after three (trebles) are termed by adding the word “fold accumulator” after the number. Examples are four-fold accumulator, five-fold accumulator, six-fold accumulator, seven-fold accumulator and so on.

Each Way Bets

One way to have horse racing bets explained is to explain the terminologies. Each Way bets will require you to learn some words that are common to horse racing. In placing an Each Way Bet, you will need to know a little about Win and Placed bets. A “Win” bet is a bet placed on a horse that you think will win while a “Place” bet is placed on a horse that you think will finish 2nd, 3rd or 4th after the winning horse. In a race of 2 to 4 horses – each way betting is not applicable, for a race of 5 to 7 horses each way bets are won in the initial two place winnings, and for 8 or more horses, the winning horses will only be the first three. The amount of winnings for “placed” bets is only a fraction of the total winning bet and is dependent on the amount displayed on the toteboard before the race.


Trixies are 4 bets on 3 horses. The bet is a combination of a treble and 3 doubles. A good thing about this bet is that you will only need 2 winning bets to get a return.

Yankee and the Goliath

We will have these horse racing bets explained by enumerating sets of horses.

A Yankee bet can be placed in different events. Let assume that we have 4 horses namely A, B, C and D. A Yankee is composed of 6 doubles, an accumulator and 4 trebles. To place our bets, let us pick random 6 doubles from the four horses (AB, AC, AD, BC, CD and BD) then let us select four trebles (ABC, BCD, DAB, ACD) lastly, let us choose a four-fold accumulator for our bet (ABCD). 2 bets should come through to receive winnings.

Another horse racing bet that needs multiple combinations is the Goliath. This horse racing bet is placed by choosing 247 combinations. Goliath will need a seven fold accumulator, 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-fold accumulators, 21 five-fold accumulators and 7 six-fold accumulators. Out of these numerous combinations, you will only 2 successful bets to get a return.

Straight Forecast

The straight forecast. It involves betting on two horses that finish first and second place in a single race respectively.

In this article we had some of the many horse racing bets explained, the choice on what to use still depends on you, in what you think is the luckiest and the bet that you think is most likely to get returns.

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What You Need To Know About Ante Post Betting at William Hill

William Hill is one of the most famous betting sites known throughout the world. It operates in many countries including the UK, the US and Australia. One of William Hill's most successful features is their ante post betting offering. William Hill is a well-known bookmaker specializing in this age old tradition in betting that has been around since the early 1900's.

Ante post betting, William Hill’s popular bet offering, is one of its most successful ventures to date with millions of users all over the world using it to bet on their favourite sport.

Ante post betting is a type of bet wherein the bets are placed days, months and even years in advance. It was mostly used during horse races in its early stages but now, almost any kinds of sports can be used in the ante post betting William Hill markets.

There are many rules to ante post betting. The most important of which is that William Hill only takes bets from people who are 18 years and older. Or whatever the legal gambling age is in the country where the betting firm operates. Any bookmaker making bets with minors are fined, sanctioned and could eventually be shut down by the government, so this is a mandatory rule.

Another rule that you can be sure to see with every William Hill ante post betting is a deadline of when you can post a bet. In their website, William Hill puts up a list of games you can bet on and the last day you can place your ante post bet. For most sporting bets, this is done prior to the start of the season. For horse racing, this is done prior to the declaration. Ante post bets are not accepted by William Hill operators after the deadline has passed.

William Hill also requires you to open an account with them and advises you that you will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your own account. You will be responsible for updating the information on the account like contact numbers, bank account, and other personal information. The account that you open will also be used to record past bets, wins, losses and the like. This will also be your gateway to betting and collecting any winnings you might have. The account will be used also whenever you place any wagers or ante post bets. Make sure that your keep your account details secure to avoid any unintentional bets to be made under your name as any loss incurred will also be taken from your account. Report any breach with William Hill customer service as soon as possible.

Ante post betting with William Hill is easy, convenient and secured. You can do it online, over the phone and even via the William Hill app. Once you have placed your ante post bet, they will provide you with a confirmation once the bet has been placed. If you don’t get a confirmation within a specific prescribed time (usually 24 hours), you may call the customer support to confirm if your ante post bet has been placed.

Remember these things before you bet on anything to avoid any misunderstanding or undue losses. Read the rules and regulations provided in each bet before placing it and make sure that you know what you are getting into.

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Horse Racing Betting Terminology Explained

Horse Racing Betting Terminology and Exotic bet typesHorse Racing is a popular sporting event held throughout the world that originated from ancient times. A sport with a simple premise – the first horse to reach the finish line over a distance wins the race. It is the source of enjoyment for millions. As fun as it is, if you are new to this sport, you may find yourself confused and disoriented from the words used for betting. Listed below are some of the basics in horse racing betting terminology.

“Across the board”

a horse racing betting terminology pertaining to a person’s bet on all three ways: win, place, and show. If the horse wins, the person collects all three, if second, only the two (place and show), if third, only one (show).

“Daily double”

-a term used in horse racing and dog racing. A person will bet on the winners of the two races for a specific race day.

“Boxed bet”

– a type of bet that allows a person to place on all possible combinations in a multi-horse wager.

“Win bet”

-a bet on the horse that finished first in the race.

“Place bet”

-a bet on the horse that finished either first or second in the race.

“Pick three”

-a horse racing betting terminology pertaining to a wager in which all the winners of the included race are selected.


-a term that pertains to the using of one bet’s winnings to place another one on the next bet.

“On the nose”

-a type of bet placed on a horse only for the win.


-a type of bet to win only.

“Exotic bets”

– Exotic wagers allow a person to place his bet on multiple horses to increase the chances of potential collection. Such bets however, are harder to win, are quite expensive the longer the time run, and alas, have more potential losses if one is careless.

“Exacta or Perfecta”

a horse racing betting terminology pertaining to a wager on the first two finishers of the race in exact order but separate betting interests.

“Trifecta or Triple”

a horse racing betting terminology pertaining to a wager on the first three finishers of the race in exact order but separate betting interests.


a horse racing betting terminology pertaining to a wager on the first four finishers of the race in exact order but separate betting interests.


a horse racing betting terminology pertaining to a wager on the first two finishers of the race in any order.

Trifecta key”

-a type of bet placed on three horses but choosing one as the key horse. The key horse must come in first while the other two can come second in any order for collection.

“Superfecta key”

-a type of bet placed on four horses but choosing one as the key horse. The same mechanics as the trifecta key apply here.


-it refers to the favorite horse of a particular race.


-This bet is composed of three selections. All of the selections must win their respective races for the wager to collect the winnings.

So there you have a simple but broad selection of horse racing betting terminology explained. I hope you now feel somewhat enlightened and less confused when you come across horse racing jargon again.

Horse Racing Slang Terms

Horse Racing Slang

Horse Racing is a well-known sport around the world. As popular as it is if one is still a beginner to the sport, the wide array of terms used may cause confusion. Here are some of the commonly used horse racing slang terms.

Probably not a slang, but still commonly used in horse racing betting. It means the manner of a horse’s movement in a race.

Added Money
A horse racing slang; the addition of money to the race funds by the race association, organization, individual, etc.

It is the person who has the power to buy and sell horses for or from an owner or a breeder. It also refers to the person that makes transactions with the jockey or any person in command of the horses.

A horse racing slang pertaining to the person that rides the horses in the race.

All out
A horse racing slang used to describe a horse that raced beyond its limitations.

A term used to describe a whitish-grayish patch on the face of a horse.

Bridge Jumper
A horse racing slang used to pertain to a person who bets with an incredible amount of cash. It refers to the fact that if a person loses the bet, he may be jumping off a nearby bridge.

Dead Heat
A horse racing slang used to pertain to two or more horses at the finish line. More often than not, inseparable by photo finish.

Photo Finish
A horse racing slang used to pertain to an incredibly close finish by two or more horses that require a finish line camera to differentiate the distances between the horses and identify the winner.

A term used for either a racing official or the sign displayed when the results of the race are checked and confirmed.

A term used when a rider, patrol official or any other official claims to have been fouled.

It is the act of reviewing the race for infraction of rules.

It is a person who claims to have advanced information of an upcoming race for a price.

A term used to describe a horse that raced longer than required.

Field Horse
A term used to describe two or more horses starting out as a single wager. This happens when the number of entrants exceeds the number of positions that can be accommodated by the board.

What to do/how to talk to the teller in a horse race

In a horse racing counter queue, people move in hustle. It is best that you have your money in hand before reaching the teller so you don’t hold the entire line behind you.

As you approach the counter, tell the person in charge about the racetrack and the race number (in the case if you are in a different place than the one you are betting), the amount of your bet, the type of bet you are placing, and the horse’s program number.

An example would be:

Turf Paradise, race five, 3$ to win on #5

Understanding the Different Types of Horse Racing Bets


On Horse Racing and Betting the 5 Horse Bet – Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

5 horse bet and other betting types explained
Unlike in the days of old when owning a horse was a necessity for man as means of transport, horses are now just raised for sports and leisure. When there is a race track, put in the horses and jockeys, assemble a crowd and a race, and surely, horse betting or the 5 horse bet will have great appeal.

History of Horse Racing and Betting

Horse racing is a popular sport that can be traced as far back as in the civilizations and empires of Babylonia, Egypt, Ancient Greece. Despite the danger, chariot racing was quite popular back then and was even part of the Greek Olympics, and so was mounted racing.

In the United States of America, horse racing dates back to the 17th century around the time of the construction of the first race track in Long Island, the first in North America. The American Jockey Club was formed in the 19th century, .

In Asia, particularly in China, horse betting is ingrained in the Chinese culture. It was one of the favorite pastime of its aristocracy as early as 4th B.C..  The 5 horse bet accumulator and other types of betting most probably stemmed from this practice.

Different types of Horse Racing

There’s the most common called flat racing, wherein the horses gallop around the oval without hurdles as opposed to jump racing, classified as hurdling and steeplechasing based on the obstacles used. Then, there’s endurance racing, which is like flat racing except that this one, as the name suggests, goes for long lengths from 10 to 100 miles.

How to Place a Bet

There are many ways of horse betting, including the 5 horse bet depending on your taste for risk.

  • Straight Wager

One can only bet on one horse. Under this strategy, one either puts one’s money on one pony to win, which means one gets to collect money if one’s chosen race horse finishes first.

Choosing place means one’s 5 horse bet can win if it finishes in the number one or two slots.  Show is one’s best bet if one is not much of a risk taker and couldn’t decide if one thinks the horse and his jockey will be among the first three horses to finish the race.

When one chooses show, one gets more chances of winning but the pay-off is not that much compared to place and win. If winning is all you want, then pick this. But, if you want to take home big money, try your luck on putting a wager under win or place.

  • Exotic Wager

Here, one is allowed to have a multiple 5 horse bet. Or, simply put, one should choose more than 1 horse. Best for newbies to stick to straight wagers since exotic punts are more complicated and harder to win with. But, payoffs for the latter is more rewarding.

There are 4 selections under Exotic:

  • Exacta – one bets on two horses to win as first and second placers in precise order.
  • Quinella – wherein the two horses are just expected to finish ahead of the pack. It doesn’t matter which came in first or second.
  • Trifecta – one bets on 3 horses to finish as first, second and third in particular order.
  • Superfecta – one bets for 4 horses to finish first, second, third and fourth in an exact sequence.

5 Horse Bet selections in a Lucky 31 Bet

A 5 horse bet can also be known as a Lucky 31. This is a combination wager consisting of 5 horses in different races. The bet combines the following: 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four folds and a fivefold accumulator.

With this basic information, one should be ready and confident to make a bet on a horse race any day.

Where to place a 5 Horse Bet

Betfred Review

This Betfred review tells you what you need to know about the bookmaker and their free bet bonus for new customers. Betfred is among the largest independent bookmakers not only in the UK but also in the world. They  currently boast a network of over 1350 shops. Founded by Fred Done in 1967, it had just a single shop back then. It is currently being operated by Petfre Limited.

Recently, the company acquired Tote for a whopping £265 million. It has also been given an exclusive 7-year license for operating pools betting on UK racecourses. But is it the betting company for you? Before you answer that question, take a moment to read our exhaustive Betfred review.

Betfred Review of the Sign up Bonus

While Betfred’s signup offer is not necessarily a brilliant one, it surely is a reasonable welcome offer. Its free bet of £30 when you place a bet of £10 may not be anything especially generous, if you compare it with the one offered by other bookies, but it still does the job. In order to be eligible for the free stakes, it is important that your opening bet has odds of evens or even greater.

Recently, they have introduced a new welcome bonus called Double the Odds. It encourages newbies to bet with their first real money on any of their special live odds offers bet. In case the bet wins, the player will be paid double for their winnings.

Betfred Payment Options

In our Betfred review we will look at what payment methods are accepted. Betfred accommodates all currencies. In case of a transaction requiring a currency exchange, the exchange rate applicable will be mid-rate as quoted by FT (Financial Times).

Depositing or withdrawing can be done by any of the methods below:

  • All debit and credit cards (this includes Visa Delta, Laser, Solo, Switch, Visa, Maestro and MasterCard).
  • PayPal
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)
  • Bank wire
  • Cheque
  • Neteller
  • Bankers Draft

For cards, the minimum deposit amounts £5.00 and £5.00 for e-wallets. While Betfred don’t charge for depositing funds with your credit or debit card, some credit card issuers do charge a fee when the card is used for gambling. Betfred allows one free deposit made using Moneybookers and Neteller per day. All extra transactions less than £170/$300/€300 could be subjected to a charge of 2.9%.

Customer Support

Betfred has one of the best customer support systems with 24/7/365 live chat in English. They also have an email support as well as phone to respond to customer queries. In most cases, your query will be replied to almost instantly. Betfred also has a FAQ section that provides answers to the most frequently asked questions. The channels of support are grouped into four and these are: free bets, general, technical and accounts support.

Current Promotions

Now we will look at the range of bonuses and promotions in our Betfred review. This is something that helps Betfed stand out from the crowd. Although they provide bingo and casino on their website as extra entertainment, the main reason Betfred is what it is today has largely to do with their creative ideas which have made them insanely popular. For instance, their fixed odds coupons offer is just amazing considering the huge rewards that they give on football markets. The following are some of their offers:

• Goals Galore
This involves Betfred compiling a list of football games in the football calendar but rather than accumulate odds as their competitors do, they give very magnanimous fixed odds based on the amount of selections.

• Anytime You Like
This works similarly to Goals Galore coupon but it involves punters picking from a lesser list of players that could score anytime in the specific day’s matches. Their odds aren't very magnanimous, but there is no question that Betfred are the most creative of the lot of football bookies.

• Double Delight/Hat trick Heaven
This is where if you the player you have picked nets his first and then second goal, your starting odds get to be doubled and then trebled in case your pick scores a third goal. If you want the best goal scorer market, nothing comes close to Betfred. Furthermore, their great promotions choice is sure to keep you hooked.


• Safe and Secure
The Betfred employees are very serious about their work and aren't necessarily the fly-by-night bookies. Given that they have more than 1300 shops and are investing in innovating standards such as mobile betting, these guys are here for the long haul.

• Bonus Kings
They get this nickname from the fact that they provide a nice range of punter incentives and free offers especially notable in the last 12 months. Also, their football betting offers have become incredibly popular.

• Wide betting coverage
Their betting coverage is fairly wide as they cover UK and European football. They also cover darts,  Horses, Greyhounds and Snooker very well. Lately, they have shown indications to break into the US markets while providing fantastic prices on key US fixtures.

• Highly credible odds
They are known for their strong record on value. They are a safe and secure UK bookmakers that cover most sports events followed by punters. In short, Betfred offers secure and safe access to some strong competitive odds. They also have fun promotions and useful bonuses.


• While Fred has just recently introduced the Asian Handicap odds, finding them on the site can prove a little tricky.
• The other thing is that they tend to be too UK-centric. While their covering of the UK games is extensive, they only cover the major leagues of Europe.

Countries Accepted

Betfred accepts players from the UK and Europe.

However, the following countries are not accepted:

• Belgium• USA• Germany• Finland• Greece• Bulgaria• Norway, • South Africa• Poland• Sweden• Turkey• Portugal• The Netherlands

Live Betting

Better also offers in-play or live betting on their website. Thanks to their Betstream interface, players are able to instantly place bets. However, it lacks match stats completely for all sports. Also, they do not show live scores. While the odds are regularly updated as the matches are played, you have to open a different platform if you want to know how the games are panning out.

Our Final Take

In our Betfred review we have concluded that the overall standing of this bookmaker is one of a decent standing for punters worldwide. Not only are they licensed but they also have a good standing reputation amongst online punters and this has to do with their enterprising promotions. They are also among the only bookies with long-standing rugby promotions, take note rugby fans. This is one of the reasons why they have a good score from us. Their offerings also include poker, bingo, live casino, lotto, games and casino.

Any minor issues we have mentioned in our Betfred review are negated because of the great range of bonuses. We duly recommend the site for punters to play at.


DEPOSIT OPTIONS Bankers Draft, Betfred Shops, Cheque, International Money Order, Maestro, Moneybookers, Neteller, Paypal, Ukash, Visa, Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Visa Electron
WITHDRAWAL OPTIONS Bank Transfer, Bankers Draft, Betfred Shops, Cheque, Maestro, Mastercard, Moneybookers, Neteller, PayPal, Regional Bank Transfer – (BTS), Visa, Visa Credit, Visa Electron
SUPPORT OPTIONS email, Live, Phone

A Beginner’s Guide to Ladbrokes Ante Post Odds

Ladbrokes ante post odds on horse racing
Basic knowledge of Ladbrokes ante post odds gives any novice bettor an advantage in the world of gambling. Understanding the odds makes it easier to predict the likely outcome of an event. Hence, making the right prediction offers a reasonable assurance of money in the bag.

Various circumstances at the time of an event can influence its outcome. Betting odds put forward the likely outcome of that particular event. Bettors place their bets in accordance with how they perceive the likelihood that it may happen.

In most cases, betting bookmakers publish Ladbrokes ante post odds early on before an event. This provides a number of benefits for bookmakers or for those who wish to start their own sports book as an amateur bookmaker.

To begin with, it becomes difficult for a punter or an odds compiler to determine if an event will take place since odds were priced too early. Next, it increases the time value associated with the odds. Given the length of time between when the odds were released and the actual time of the event, many things can happen. Any movement in the odds would favour an amateur bookmaker and would likely lead to a profit.

Bookmakers are also known to raise the odds as a method to entice bettors to get in on the action.

Ladbrokes Ante Post Odds Calculating the Winnings

Take for example a dice game wherein the outcome has only six likely possibilities. In terms of percentage, this indicates approximately a 17% chance for each possible outcome.

In most cases, Ladbrokes ante post odds are represented in fractional form. To determine the percentage of odds for a given event to take place a simple calculation can be made.

For example, given the fractional odds of 9/1, use the formula Probability (%) = B / (A+B) wherein A is 9 and B is 1. In this case, 1 / (9+1) = 0.10 that indicates a 10% possibility the event happens.

Fractional odds can be used to determine winnings for a bet. Using the sample of 9/1 as earlier provided, calculate 9 divided by 1 that equals 9. This means for every dollar bet made, a bettor can expect to win 9 dollars.

Aside from fractional odds, other exchanges also use decimals, which to date have become more common as these are easier to decipher. In this case, use the formula Winnings = (odds x stake) – stake. For example, with odds pegged at 9.0 and a wager of 10, the calculation would be (9.0 x 10) – 10 = 80. Hence, a bettor’s winnings amount to 80 for a wager of 10 at odds of 9.0.

Bear in mind that odds for favoured selections change significantly over time. Prior to placing a bet, it is best to do a bit of research to get up-to-date information on a selection’s condition. For instance, in the field of horse racing make it a point to check out the trainer’s websites for news that could affect its odds of winning.

Taking the time to learn about Ladbrokes ante post odds increases the chances of profiting from a bet.


[wpsm_button color=”orange” size=”big” link=”” icon=”none” class=””]Visit Ladbrokes for the Latest Ante Post Odds[/wpsm_button]

Is the Thrill of Ante Post Betting worth the Risk?

Grand National Ante Post Betting could Bring Big Rewards

Grand National Ante Post Betting and what to look out for

Grand National Ante Post betting can be as tricky as getting over the fences.

Would You Risk An Ante Post Bet For A Bigger Pay-off?

Grand National ante post betting involves taking greater risks for the chance of a bigger pay-off. More often than not, bets of this nature are made if there exists a fixed odds better market prior to an actual sporting event. Punters place their bets weeks or even months before the finals.

Also known as futures betting, this type of bet is often made for big events like the Super Bowl and World Cup. However, it also quite common for punters to take part in Grand National ante post betting for horse or dog races.

Looking into the history of ante post betting reveals that it originated from the horse racing world. This is also the reason for the use of the literal translation of “before the post” in the label. This means that bets are made prior to having the horses at their post for the start of the race.

Overall, the practice of Grand National ante post betting remains popular in the sport of horse racing. Many punters pay close attention to the racing calendar and take note of the odds for major races.

Typically, punters place their bets as early as 12 months prior to the following year’s race. Their predictions are often based on who among the two year old runners from the recent race are likely to become major contenders.

With most ante post bets, bookmakers may typically offer the options of “non-runner no bet” or “non-runner free bet.” If so, a bettor can expect a refund in the event that the horse they wagered on does not participate in the race.

General Rules of Ante Post Betting

  • Bets made for a competitor or team that withdraws after the start of an event are considered lost.
  • Bets made in favour of a competitor or team that does not take part in the event are refunded. However, if the team or a competitor was eliminated or participated in the competition then a refund is not given.
  • Settlement of payments for ante post bets are based on the applicable terms for price and place when the bet was placed.

Ante post prices are provided to punters ahead of time before a major race. Expectedly, the price of betting ante post is higher. This accounts for the likelihood that a competitor or team actually competes and wins the race. But do take note that ante post bets are not accepted for collective odds that a competitor wins two or more times.

However, there are times when an ante post bet is declared void due to the following reasons.

  • Race is cancelled and not postponed or rescheduled to take place at a later date.
  • Race is transferred to a different track.
  • The selection is polled out of the race.
  • The selection made was not qualified for the race when the bet was placed. For instance, a bet was placed on a competitor that was not included in the list of entries.
  • The selection has no chance of winning the competition when the bet was placed. For example, betting on a dead horse.
  • A non-participating competitor was specified.

Non Runners in Grand National Ante Post Betting

So as long as you place your bets in the ante post betting markets at bookmakers that offer NRNB or non runner no bet you will be covered for any loss that may incur through horses being pulled from the race. Avoid the pitfalls as mentioned above and you will have your bets covered when it comes to ante post betting.

Where to Bet on the Grand National

100% up to £30T & C Apply
100% up to £28T & C Apply

A Quick Guide for the Cheltenham Ante Post Markets

Yorkhill is third favourite in the Cheltenham Ante Post betting market

The Cheltenham Festival 2016 is a four-day event which starts on March 15-18. It is annually held at the Prestbury Park where the very best British and Irish jockeys and trainers fight for supremacy. As it approaches, the market for Cheltenham ante post betting keeps changing rapidly every day.

Cheltenham Ante Post Races

Here is a short rundown of punters’ early favourites according to various online odds comparing services for Cheltenham ante post races.

For March 15, in Supreme Novices’ Hurdle Min, Altior and Yorkhill are the top three contenders. Douvan leads in the Arkle Trophy category. Lami Serge and Vaniteux follow behind Douvan. In the third category, the Ultima Business Solutions Handicap Chase, Minella Foru is on the top spot. King Palace places second to Minella Foru while Ucello Conti is behind King Palace. The Machine Faugheen tops the list for the Champion Hurdle followed by Nichols Canyon and Arctic Fire. Annie Power claims the number one spot for the Mares Hurdle. The National Hunt Chase is dominated by Pont Alexandre. For the final category, CHAPS Novices Handicap Chase, it is a battle between Aloomomo and Imagine The Chat.

On Wednesday, Bellshill leads the Neptune Novices Hurdle while Barters Hill poses as a possible contender. For the RSA Chase, three runners are the top choices:No More Heroes, Pont Alexandre and More Of That. Jollys Cracked It leads the Coral Cup. Un De Sceux leads the Queen Mother Champion Chase, the highlight of the day’s event. Followed by Sprinter Sacre and Vautour, who won the JLT Novices Chase last year. For the Cross Country Chase, Josies Orders lands on the top spot. Trailing behind Josies Orders are Quantitativeeasing and Balthazar King. Leoncavallo is the best contender for Fred Winter Juvenile Handicap Hurdle. The punters are torn between Augusta Kate and Admiral Chief in the Champion Bumper category.

Day three, March 17, Shaneshill, Killultagh Vic and Douvan are the frontrunners of the JLT Novices Chase. As for the Pertemps Final, the top three prospects are Missed Approach, If In Doubt and Leave At Dawn. Most of the Cheltenham ante post betting sites unanimously predict that Vautour will dominate Ryanair Chase this year. Although there are two more names that show behind Vautour in the same category, they are Smad Place and Al Ferof. Thistlecrack still rules in the World Hurdle. Other promising names in the same category are Cole Harden, Camping Ground and Vroum Vroum Mag. In the Brown Advisory Plate Village Vic is the best pick. Champagne James is the top choice for the Kim Muir Challenge Cup. Limini is the best bet for the Mares Novice Hurdle.

For the final day, Friday, Triumph Hurdle’s top one is Ivanovich Gorbatov. Max Dynamite is the primary choice for the Country Hurdle. Albert Bartlett Novices Hurdle is currently Barters Hill’s top spot. Unanimously, Djakadam is the top preference for the Cheltenham Gold Cup. On The Fringe is the leading bet for Foxhunters Chase. Diamond King is first choice in the Martin Pipe Conditional Jockeys Handicap Hurdle. Lastly, Minella Present is the favourite for the Grand Annual.

Ante Post Betting Rules in Horse Racing

Ante Post Betting Rules on Horse RacesAnte Post Betting Rules differ between sports in this article we will focus on horse racing betting. Ante post betting is the term used to describe a bet made in the future. The word “ante” means before and the word post is referred to horses at the post before a race. In fact, ante post betting was created as a betting option for those punters who are into horse racing. Bettors would speculate on the outcome of a race and bet accordingly before final declarations are made. Ante post betting is also referred to as future betting because bets are made weeks or even months before the event. Though ante post betting is most popular in horse racing, bookmakers offer future betting on many other sports.

Horse Racing Ante Post Betting Rules

Ante post betting rules in horse racing involves placing a bet before the overnight declaration stage.  The declaration refers to the horses that are officially entered in the race and is usually done the night before the race. Bettors sometimes put in their wagers a year before the actual event. They speculate on horses that will become potential contenders and winners. This is the case with big horsing events such as the Epsom Derby.


It is important to note that there are many risks involved with ante post betting. The timescale of betting in the future presents uncertainties. The biggest uncertainty is a horse unable to race despite bets made on it. The rule “all in” refers to bets still considered valid even when a horse is officially declared out of the race. Why would bettors agree to such a bet? The answer is that there are great odds and rewards for taking on the risk. The risk and reward scale is balanced.

Not all bets are all in, though. There are special exceptions to this rule depending on the racing event. Big racing events such as the Cheltenham Festival have an option of “non-runner no bet” which means that stakes are refunded if a horse does not participate in the race. The odds are lower and therefore less favourable to the bettor than if it was “all in” because the risk of a horse not racing is removed. The adjustment of odds in the event that a horse is unable to race is called “rule 4.” Adjustments are necessary because conditions have changed. An example is a horse, which is favoured to win, suddenly gets injured. The second best horse is now the most favoured to win, but the odds continue to reflect as if it is still the second most favoured horse. The odds would therefore be extremely generous for the bettors, and this is why odds are adjusted for such changes.

Ante post betting rules can also be applied in other sports. The key is that the bet is made on a future event. An example is in basketball. Bookmakers offer futures bets on the next NBA champion before the season officially starts. Future bets are also available on individual performances such as speculating on who will be the rookie of the year. These are just examples of the options available to bettors.

Is the Thrill of Ante Post Betting worth the Risk?