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Manchester Utd v Southampton Free In-Play ₤50 Bet Offer at Betfair Sportsbook

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Terms of the ₤ 30 and Man Utd v Southampton Free In-Play ₤50 Bet

York Ebor Free Bets – Betbright Bet £10 Get £5 Bet on Every Race

Betbright York Free bets offer for every race

Get your York Ebor Free bets for every single day of the exciting horse racing meeting thanks to Betbright. This offer is limited and exclusive so act fast to qualify for your free bets in every race on every day.

York Ebor Free bets from Betbright

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Terms and Conditions of the York Ebor Free bets promotion

Offer only available to new customers who register through relevant promotional material for the Bet £10 on first race at York and Get a £5 Free bet for each of the next five races after 05:00 17/08/2016 and before the offer is taken off the site. Min stake is £10. £5 each-way bets do not qualify. Stakes under £10 will be excluded from the offer. This offer is limited and applies to new customers only. Offer must be the first bet placed and is limited to one per customer, IP address and household or other common identifier. Bets on this offer by existing customers will be voided. Customers who register for this offer will be not eligible for any other sign-up offer.
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An Englishman’s August Highlight: Ebor Festival York

Ebor Festival York
August is always the merriest time for most Englishmen! For horse racing lovers, it is when the Ebor Festival visits societies again. As per tradition, the Ebor Festival happens on the 19th to the 22nd of every August. Its establishment dates back to 1843 with only one race, the Ebor Handicap. Being one of the most celebrated race meetings of the flat season, the festival has always incited participation from race goers in both inside and outside of the United Kingdom. In this festival, the Ebor happens.

Ebor Festival Ante Post Betting

Ante post betting on the Ebor festival is one of the major horse-racing events worldwide.  In every day of this four-day long event, the organizers have prepared various races. Wednesdays are referred to as the Juddmonte International day. It consists of the Acomb Stakes, Juddmonte International, and the Great Voltiguer Stakes. Thursdays, on the other hand, are called Ladies' Day.  On this schedule, the Yorkshire Oaks and Lowther Stakes happen.  Friday has always been announced as Nunthorpe Day. Friday's highlights are the Gimcrack Stakes, Strensall Stakes, and the Nunthorpe Stakes.  Lastly, Saturdays are the grand Ebor Day. Its highlights are the Lonsdale Cup and the Ebor Handicap.  In all matches, ante post bets are available.

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Ante post betting on the Ebor covers all bets waged before the overnight declaration day. Traditionally, most of the celebrated horse racing events allow ante post betting. Upon the entry of the 20th century, most of these bets can be made online.

Aside from being a horse racers' favourite strategy in the Ebor Festival, ante post bets are actually advantageous. Most, if not all, celebrated races offer ante post betting before the competition day because a lot of punters prefer to select a horse in the earlier part of the season. This is because punters believe that a bigger price means a bigger chance to have a favourable race in the later part of the competition. Another benefit of ante post betting is that it allows punters to bet better prices for a horse as compared to horse prices during the competition's actual declaration day.

The main disadvantage, however, in this type of betting is that there is a likelihood that a punter might get a horse that does not run. Ante post bets accept all horses, whether they can run or not. In this case, once the horse you bet on is not able to run, you are immediately declared a loser. However, this disadvantage can sometimes be avoided. In some competitions, punters are allowed to get their stakes back from the management after getting a non-runner horse.

Taking place at York Racecourse in York, England, the Ebor festival has always been a remarkable event. Down in history, it is one of the tournaments with the highest ante post betters. Although very risky, ante post betting punters have always been thrilled by the uncertainty of the match. In fact, most punters bet in money for the excitement and thrill.  Due to its heavy entertainment weight, the Ebor Festival has undoubtedly become a part of an Englishman's lifestyle.  In addition, if you find yourself a tourist in England in August, it is suggested that you drop by York and place your bets. After all, an experience betting on the Ebor festival is worthwhile and irreplaceable in it’s excitement.

Tips on Horse Racing Bets for Dummies

Tips on Horse Racing Bets for Dummies
Only a few sports are as exciting as horse racing. This premier event attracts millions of fascinated audiences and bettors due to the joy and satisfaction that they can naturally get from seeing the horses take off. If you are new to sports betting and want to check out your options on horse racing bets for dummies, you have to be thorough when deciding who to believe. Not everyone who use a technique can cash out, and not everyone who try to depend on luck can win either. You can look into a balancing act, which will surely pay off bonuses in the future.

Horse Racing Bets for Dummies Tips to Follow

You can use the following tips as your guide in winning more money in horse racing:

  • Never bet on impulse

Some people have guesses, instinct, or what they call as gut feeling, and this tells them if a certain horse will win the race. This is not such a good idea when it comes to horse racing bets for dummies. Do not follow this kind of belief because instead of winning, there is a great likelihood that you will lose more often. Unfortunately, many people can’t win just by relying on their guesses and instincts.

  • Playing Favorites

Placing a bet only on your favorite horse is another bad investment when it comes to horse racing bets for dummies. While there are odds, avoid depending too much on your favorite horses to the point that you are no longer willing to place a bet on any other horse except the one with the highest odds to win. While you can win by betting on a favorite horse several times, depending on this technique for too long may cause you unsatisfying results in the long run. With this in mind, you must look for gaps in the winning cycles and check out which horse is strong at particular races and times.

  • Research

Research is one of the best tips in horse racing bets for dummies, but several people don’t do it. If you want to win, then it is advisable to read up about horses and jockeys, and make exploring about racing a part of your routine. If you always do this, you can easily figure out the horse that will win based on your own knowledge. The average bettor at the horse track does not know any inside information and probably does not care. This is the reason they do not win most of the time. Conduct extensive research about horse betting and about certain horses, if you want to emerge as the victor in the game. Try the racingpost website for free detailed stats on UK and Irish horses it's a great resource for everything about horse racing.

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Like other kinds of gambling, it is important to bet on horse racing responsibly. Do not bet all your money just on one option and make sure to focus on facts, figures, and odds all the time. You may get a piece of information that will be the reason for your next big win. The key in horse racing bets for dummies is to keep your eye open for information and avoid betting on impulse.

Understanding the Different Types of Horse Racing Bets

Factors that Affect the Odds on Horse Racing Bets for Today

People who bet in horse racing are aware that they cannot gamble their money indiscriminately. Betting in these instances does not entirely depend on luck. You have to consider other factors and reasons and avoid relying your income on pure luck. Those who bet on horse racing always consults the odds on horse racing bets for today. This information helps them choose where they will place their money. They place their bets depending on the chances shown by these odds.

Horse Racing Bets for Today Factors

Take a look at the factors that affect the betting odds on horse racing.


Basically, the reputation of the horses and their jockeys is one of the main factors that most bettors look into. This is what sets the odds on their horse racing bets for today. The reputation of the horse and its jockey will let them know whether they should bet or not. The horse and its jockey can build their reputation through the many races that they won.

Their reputation has an impact on betting because most people look at the results of the previous races, thus, if a certain horse is practically unknown, then it will be difficult to set the odds.


A lot of old-timers examine the complaints of the competitors prior to the race. This will help them decide on the actual betting odds on the day of the race. Before placing your horse racing bets for today, you might as well look at the “condition” first. This refers to the several qualities of the horse and the jockey before the actual race, including the health of the horse. This will tell you about its possible performance. This will also indicate its “fighting spirit” or emotional condition.

These days, the challenges of the horse are really important that many veterans in gambling use various tools to study them properly. Some people consider this as a wasteful expenditure, but those who know the ins and outs of the business understand that a lot of money on your horse racing bets for today will depend on the condition of the horses.


It is often true when they say that the track is actually betting on the horses. Because of this, the horse racing betting odds may change. Many people make bets based on the assessment created by the track. This sometimes happens when a bettor wishes to win a certain amount of money. For instance, they can win big if they bet on the “underdog.”

Of course, many people simply go along with the track because the track is in a position to examine the challengers better. They will have a bigger chance of success, though their earnings will be smaller.

Keep in mind that for your horse racing bets for today, the odds are actually based on facts. If the bettor is unsure, these figures will help them entrust their money to something. Without these odds, people will not have any means of determining the horse where they should bet on.

Horse Racing Betting Bookmakers

Horse Racing Ante Post Betting For Beginners

Derby Horse Racing Ante Post Betting
For anyone interested in betting in horse races, it is not at all difficult to get started. It would be good to understand the concept of horse racing ante post betting first.  To simplify things, the term ante post means bets that are placed at least one day before an event which, in this case, is a horse race.  Bets are placed earlier than the declaration stage or months before the actual race. The declaration stage happens at 10 am before the scheduled race begins. All ante post betting are closed when the final declaration stage is finished.

Horse Racing Ante Post Betting

Bets placed after the declaration stage will be subjected to the “No runner, No bet” policy. This policy states that your money will be refunded if your selected horse does not run in the scheduled race. On the contrary, if the bet was placed during the ante post and the chosen horse does not participate in the race, you automatically lose and no refunds will be given. Because the bet is void, stakes are also lost. This is the major disadvantage of ante post betting. Bets are accepted all in, whether the horse runs or not.

Bigger Odds Apply

Despite the drawback, one advantage of horse racing ante post betting is that it gives the punter greater rewards than waiting for the final declaration.  This is because horses are priced differently and usually higher. A group of experts or bookmakers does this by setting up a starting price based on the prevailing betting odds on ante post market.  This is determined according to the consensus of all bookmakers based on the fluctuating prices at the race track. The main function of having a starting price is to know the return bets won during the horse race. Thus, using this kind of betting can give the punter better odds than placing his bet on the day of the race.  Aside from that, winnings are exempted from the Tattersall’s Rule 4 deductions.

Make Sure it's a Runner

Now, here are some things to keep in mind before placing an ante post bet in a horse race. Horse racing ante post betting is like a long term investment because the money will be pretty tied up for days, weeks or even months. It is very risky so punters should make sure that their selected horse will actually participate in the race. To make the most out of the bet, do a background check on all the runners or the horses in the ante post market that will participate in an upcoming big horse races like Cheltenham Festival, Kentucky Derby, 1000 and 2000 Guineas, Aintree Grand National, Breeders Cup, Dubai World Cup to name a few.


It is also noteworthy to remember that when there is an error in settling the bet at the right place term and price during the time of acceptance, only the markets’ administrators are allowed to correct the place terms and prices that were available during the time when the bet is placed.  While ante post betting in horse races could be profitable, it also requires diligence in background checking and prudence in actually choosing which horse to bet on and how much money to put in.

Is the Thrill of Ante Post Betting worth the Risk?

Handy Tips for First Time Ante Post Betting in Football

Ante Post Betting in Football comes into it's own when a World Cup is due.
Ante post betting is a kind of bet placed at least a day before the actual date of the event. It is usually done in horse races, but over the years it has crossed over to other types of sports as well. Among others, ante post betting football is steadily increasing in terms of followers year after year. If you fancy trying ante post betting football, here are some tips to get you started.

Tips You Need to Know about Ante Post Betting Football

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  • Know the teams – the standing, statistics, and information about each team and each player can be easily found on the internet. Read about them before you do any ante post betting football. The statistics will tell you about how the players and the teams are doing and the odds of them winning the game. If you’re a football fan, this won’t be a problem as you probably already know all there is to know about the team standings. But if you’re not a football fan, it might be a good idea to find out more about any team you want to bet on.
  • Find a reliable bookmaker – make sure that the place that takes your bet is not some fly by night betting agency. There are several reliable places where you can put your ante post bet. Don’t go to shady places that promise bigger winnings. If you are still unsure, try to join different betting forums and ask other bettors where they place their bets. You can also ask them about their experience with specific betting agents so that you have an idea of what to expect.

  • Follow the odds – there are several analysts who post their findings online about the odds of a particular team. Have a look at what they have to say and then make your own conclusion as to which team to pick.
  • Read the News – any changes in the team that you are betting on will affect the outcome of the game. Follow your favourite team’s social media accounts so that you can be alerted to any changes in their lineup, strategy and plays. You should also watch out for injured players, up and coming players, players up for contract renewal and the like. These kinds of news mean that there could be changes in how the team will perform in their next game.
  • Make sure that you know what you’re getting into – there are rules in ante post betting that are different from the rules of regular betting. Know the guidelines set by the betting agent before you place your bet. In the rules of ante post betting in horse racing, for example, if your horse does not race, your bet is considered a loss. Some football ante post bets follow this rule. Some just return your bet back to you if your team does not play.
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Ante post betting in football can be exciting and rewarding as well. Make sure that you know the rules, teams and odds before placing your bet. Otherwise you could be throwing away money and losing even before the game starts.

Is the Thrill of Ante Post Betting worth the Risk?


The Appeal of Horse Racing Bets Online

Horse Racing Bets Online
Horse racing bets online are becoming popular because they are much more convenient. This is especially true for people who are busy but still want to enjoy their favourite past time.

There are a lot of advantages for making horse racing bets online and here are a few of them:

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  • Convenience – The number one thing that stands out about online horse racing betting is that it is very convenient. It is easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. You don’t need to leave your house or rush out of your workplace just to place your bets. You are also in charge of your time because you can bet anytime you want. And with the emergence of smartphones, this becomes more of a no-brainer.
  • Security – People worry about security when placing horse racing bets online. It is a common worry about online transactions in general. This is understandable but as long as you choose reputable betting sites you shouldn't worry.
  • User-Friendly – Most betting sites utilize a design that is focused on function instead of aesthetic appeal. This results in user-friendly navigation and process. Usually, placing your wages can be done as soon as you finish your registration.
[/wpsm_list] Most online betting sites also offer sign up bonuses. These bonuses commonly come in form of free bets. Free bets are monetary incentives given to new members as a bonus. Even long time members get rewards for their loyalty. You wouldn't get these if you place your wagers with traditional methods. These bonuses give patrons a chance to get bigger returns.

In addition to that, if ever you get a streak of bad wages and need a bit of a pick-me-up on your funds, most online betting sites offer rebate options. These is a great feature for placing horse racing bets online that gives users a bit of a leverage during tough times.


How to Watch Live Streaming of  horse races on your Mobile.

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If you place your wagers using the traditional methods like using bookmaking shops or telephone betting lines, you will find that the races available are limited. Some types of races are not available in particular outlets. But if you make your horse racing bets online then you will have a wider range of choice when it comes to races. This makes it easier for all users because they wouldn't have to jump around shops and telephone lines.

The only disadvantage of placing horse racing bets online is, unfortunately, connected to its biggest advantage which is its accessibility.  This is a disadvantage because people who have the tendency to develop gambling addiction can spiral out of control quickly. Like every good thing, it should be enjoyed in moderation.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons of placing horse racing bets online. It wouldn't beat the experience of watching races live and be in the middle of the action but it is still the best alternative for people on the go. All the additional features and convenience will save you valuable time that you can use on more important things. The most important thing to remember is to do it in moderation because, if left unchecked, it can lead to bad things.

Understanding the Different Types of Horse Racing Bets

What is a Trixie Bet?

What is a Trixie Bet? this is a horse racing bet that pays out on two winners
If you are asking yourself, What is a Trixie bet?, then we will explain in this article what type of bet this is. There are many ways to bet on horse races. A few examples are Each Way, accumulators, and patent bets. The most interesting one though is the Trixie horse racing bet.

What is a Trixie Bet?

This type of bet is when you place four bets on three possible outcomes in three different races. The four bets can be broken down as follows:

  • 3 Doubles
  • 1 Treble

It is a bit similar to a patent bet which covers multiple bets too. The main difference between the two is that a Trixie horse racing bet doesn’t cover any singles. This means that you need to predict that two out of the three possible selections must be successful to have returns. To put it into perspective, here is an example.

If you selected A, B and C then your bets will be:

3 doubles

  • AB
  • AC
  • BC

1 treble

  • ABC

Here, two of the selections need to win. If selections A and B wins, then you win a double bet but lose on the rest of the bets. There will still be returns. However, if all of the selections fails, you will have zero returns and some loss.

How the Trixie Horse Racing Bet Pays Out

The Trixie horse racing bet is popular because it gives a chance for big profits at a low stake. However, these stakes accumulate since you are covering the stakes of all four bets. Betters are usually asked to put equal stakes by bookmakers. So if you want a £ 4.00 Trixie bet, then it would cost you a total of £ 16.00 because you would need to cover for the 3 doubles and 1 treble.

The winnings is computed this way. Let’s say that all selections are at 2.00 odds. If all your selections win, then the computation will look like this:

For the doubles:

£ 4.00 X 2.00 = £ 8.00 which will the carry on to…

£ 8.00 x 2.00 = £ 16.00

This will give you total winnings of £ 16.00. You then deduct the £ 4.00 stake that will result to a £ 12.00 profit.

This will be multiplied for each double which will give you:

£ 12.00 X 3 = £ 36.00

For the trebles:

£ 4.00 X 2.00 = £ 8.00 which will carry on to…

£ 8.00 x 2.00 = £ 16.00 that carries on to…

£ 16.00 x 2.00 = £ 32.00

The total winnings is £ 32.00.  After deducting the £ 4.00 stake, the result will be a £ 28.00 profit.

You would then add all the profit from the doubles and the treble. So the total profit will be:

£ 36.00 + £ 28.00 = £ 40.00

That is a big profit for a £ 16.00 cost. That’s the reason why it is very attractive to participate in a Trixie horse racing bet.

It is important to note that it is still a gamble but with smaller stakes. You can try and give Trixie horse racing bet a shot. It’s a low risk, high reward gamble so it is worth the try.

Which Bookmakers are the best for your Trixie Bets

More Horse Racing Types of Bets

A Canadian bet

What is a Canadian Bet?

Contents1 Canadian bet explained: What is the Canadian bet?1.1 Why make a Canadian bet?1.2 Example...


What is a Trixie Bet?

Contents1 What is a Trixie Bet?1.1 How the Trixie Horse Racing Bet Pays Out1.2 For the doubles:1.3...

Each Way Treble Bets Explained

Most horse racing punters will agree that each way treble bets are one of the best ways to rake in money in horse racing. For the most part, this type of stake ensures that your bets from the first stake will yield winnings. Then be carried over to the second bet and from the second to the third. This type of bet is a good way to ensure a bumper payout on your Newmarket flat racing bets.

An each way treble bet works by placing stakes on three different entries in a horse race. Hence the reason behind why it is called a treble.

The Each Way Treble bet is composed of two parts: the win and place parts.

  • The win part is placed on the horse that you think will win the race.
  • The place part is placed on the horse that you think will finish in one of the “places” (2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th place) this depends on the numbers of runners.
  • The two parts should have an equal amount of stakes.

For example, if you placed £3 on the win part, the place part should also have a “£3” bet. Because you are staking the bets on three different horses, there is a probability for you to lose a bet on the win part, but still win with the other place entries that come through.

The best part is that of an each way treble can yield to more winnings, given that both the win and place parts win the race.

The Each Way Treble bet can have several results.

  1. First, all three horses win. You will get winnings from both your win and place bets.
  2. Secondly, one of your horses place, making you win a “win” or “place” part of the bet.
  3. Thirdly you can have your win and place bets lost if none of the horses place.

A good thing about an each way treble bet is that you can select three horses and place a single bet combining the three. Another important thing to note is that “place” bets winnings are paid out only by a fraction of the amount of the bet displayed before the beginning of the race.

Let us take a look at how an each way treble bet works:

For example, you placed a £3 bet on three horses. First horse has a 7/3 odds of winning, second horse has 13/5 and third horse has 7/2.

Let us compute the winning amount of these horses given that any of the horses win.

  1. Computing, horse number one you will yield £3 x 3.337 giving you total winnings of £10.
  2. For horse number 2, you will have £3 x 3.6 giving you total winnings of £10.8.
  3. Lastly, if you placed another £3 bet on a third horse and if you multiply it by its winning odds, you will get £13.5 (£3 x 4.5 = £13.5).

Adding up the winnings, you will have an accumulated amount of £34.3, which you can carry over to the next stake.

Let us now take a look on how to compute for the amount of a winning place part of a bet with odds of ¼ from the total winning amount:

  1. For the first place bet, ¼ of £10 is £2.5.
  2. The second horse you will get winnings of £2.7.
  3. The third horse, your winnings will be £3.375.

Adding up all these “place” bet winnings, you will have £8.575. Not bad for non-winning “place” bets. These returns are carried over into the next stake.

More Types Of Horse Racing Bets News

A Canadian bet

What is a Canadian Bet?

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What is a Trixie Bet?

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