What does Push mean in Betting? – and How to avoid this type of Bet.

What does Push mean in Betting?
A push can be one of the most frustrating results in sports betting. Professional bettors hate bets that end in a push. Of course, losing a bet is worse, but a push can sometimes feel like a loss. A push can benefit a bettor. However, it can also prevent a gambler from making cash on a bet.

What is a Push?

A push is one of those words used in betting that newer bettors will hear often. Spend a few hours around a bet shop or reading tips online, and you are sure to hear or read the term push. A push occurs when the result of a match finished on the listed point spread or finishes in a draw. A push can be commonly found in sports like basketball or American football. If you bet on certain point spreads, your bet can end in a push and you could end up with ‘no bet' result.

Let's look at an example of a Push in Betting:

If the New England Patriots are favourites at –3 versus the Cincinnati Bengals at +3, then a push occurs if the Pats win by just three points. You will get your money back, but there are some bookies who may still take a vig on the original bet. This doesn't happen with all sportsbooks, but it does with some. Therefore, you haven't lost the bet, but you have still paid the bookie to take the action. In essences, it is a loss.

What happens if a bet ends in a Push?

Although a push can be frustrating, it isn't terrible – especially if the sportsbook doesn't take a vig. A bettor whose bet ends in a push can get his or her stake back. Therefore, a push isn't all bad, but you will waste an hour or two watching a match. What you get back in money, you lose in time.

If you want to avoid a push bet, then there is a way.

Many online bookies and bet shops offer customers the chance to bet on point spreads with a hook. This means the points spreads are set with an extra half point.

For example, sportsbooks will set odds at -3.5 rather than -3.0.

So, how does a bet look using half points?.

Let's use our example from above:

The New England Patriots are –3.5 against the Cincinnati Bengals at +3.5.

This point spread now avoids any chance of a push occurring.

In the end, a push bet may not be a bad thing, but it is something you will want to avoid when wagering on sports.

A Double Result Bet Explained

Double Result Bet

A Double Result Bet can be if you think one team will dominate both halves.


Thanks to the advances in technology, betting on sports such as rugby has become much easier. It’s possible to bet on matches right up until kick-off at online bookmakers and bet in-play while the matches are taking place. In this article we explain how to use the Double Result Bet.

It’s very exciting and adds a new element to watching international rugby tournaments such as the Six Nations.

One of the many exciting betting markets available for matches in the 2018 Six Nations is the Double Result Bet. This market is not exclusive to rugby. It can be used to bet on other sports but it certainly works very well for oval ball game.

The Double Result Bet is nothing new in rugby but is often overlooked by the casual punter. It gives gamblers another option rather than going for the basic win/lose/draw market.

Double Result Bet Example 1: Ireland vs Italy

Take the 2018 Six Nations match between Ireland and Italy for example. The Irish are huge favourites to win this match. You would need to bet a lot of money on them to make anything substantial.

However, while Italy may ultimately lose the match, they could make things difficult for their hosts. Especially in the first half when their players are fresh. This opens the possibility of Italy taking a slender lead in with them at half-time but not having enough to hold on for the win.

Its situations like this which the Double Result Bet was made for and you can bet on Italy to be leading at half-time and for Ireland to come back and win the match. The odds for this at Bet365 were 14/1. Odds correct as of 09/02/2018

Not only is the Double Result Bet good for rugby teams who start games well bet tire towards the latter stages, it is also a good way to bet on a favourite to win the match.

Double Result Bet Example 2: England vs Wales

Take the England vs Wales match at Twickenham in the 2018 Six Nations as an example. England are heavy favourites to win the match at just 1/5 with some bookmakers. However, if you look at the Double Result Bet market, you will find the odds for England to lead at half-time and win the match at 10/21.

Place a £10 bet at 1/5 and you will receive £12 back. However place a £10 bet at 10/21 and you will get returns of £14.76.

It’s not a huge difference. However the odds will vary from match to match and you can find good value in the Double Result Bet.

So, if you believe one team could start well but go on to lose the match, a Double Result Bet is a good option.

In addition, if one team is set to dominate the match from start to finish, the Double Result Bet offers better value than a standard win/lose/draw bet.

Handicap Betting in Rugby Explained using England v Wales as an Example

Handicap betting in rugby explained
Handicap betting in rugby is nothing new and it will be available for every match in the 2018 Six Nations. However, not everyone knows how handicap betting in rugby works and what different options are available.

Fortunately, rugby handicap betting is very straight forward and using the Six Nations as an example, you will be up and running in no time at all.

Handicap Betting in Rugby Examples

The basic essence of handicap betting in rugby is to make the match a fair contest. So, in the second round of fixtures in the 2018 Six Nations, England are hosting Wales at Twickenham. England have won the previous two Six Nations titles and are heavy favourites to win the match with the bookmakers, priced at 1/6 with William Hill.

There is little value in placing a bet on this market because even a £100 bet would only return £17 and you will need to bet a lot of money to make anything significant, which is a big risk in itself.

As this has the makings of a one-sided match in the eyes of the bookmaker, handicap betting provides an opportunity to make the betting more interesting.

England -11 v Wales +11

  • Betfred offer Evens for England -11, which means to for the bet to be successful, England must win the match by 12 or more points.
  • You can also get Evens on Wales +11 points.
  • So if the match finished in favour of England but by less than an 11 point margin, a Wales +11 points would be a winning handicap bet.

Alternative Handicap 2-Way

Bookmakers will also offer Alternative Handicap 2-Way rugby betting and this opens numerous possibilities for matches.

Essentially, this betting market works the same way as standard handicap betting in rugby but offers many more possibilities.

Taking the England vs Wales match in the 2018 Six Nations again, you have a wealth options.

If you would like to bet on England and feel they could run up a big score against the Welsh, you could use the -18.5 point handicap, at odds of 7/4.

Notice the use of a half point in this bet.

We all know you cannot score half a point in rugby but the half point is there to remove the draw as an option.

So, it is merely a way to simplify the bet and you will need England to win by 19 points or more for the bet to be successful.

Alternative Handicap 3-Way

In addition to the Alternative Handicap 2-Way betting, you can enjoy Alternative Handicap 3-Way betting on rugby.

This works in the same way as normal handicap betting in rugby but introduces the possibility of the match ending in a draw, meaning there are three options.

For example, in the England vs Wales 2018 Six Nations match:

  • England are 4/9 to win with a -6 point handicap.
  • Wales are 7/4 to win with a +6 point advantage.
  • The draw is 22/1 +6 points.

England are the strong favourites to win the match and that is why Wales are still 7/4 with a 6 point head start. Furthermore, for the draw to be the winning bet, Wales have a 6 point advantage, so if England win the match 26-20, the match would be called a draw for the purposes of the bet.

A draw in Alternative Handicap 3-Way betting on rugby is rare and hence the odds are always much larger than the other options.


What is a Canadian Bet?

A Canadian bet

A Canadian bet is a popular type of bet for horse racing punters.

A Canadian bet is a popular wager for horse racing fans. However, horse racing bettors are not the only ones who love a Canadian bet. Fans of other sports can take advantage of the bet type, but for the most part, horse racing is the main sport for this type of bet.

The Canadian bet, also known as a Super Yankee, can seem quite complex. However, with some explanation, you will fully understand this highly lucrative wager.

Canadian bet explained: What is the Canadian bet?

  • First off, it is important to explain what is the Canadian bet.
  • Simply, it is a wager of five selections consisting of 26 bets.
  • The bets break down to:
  • 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five four-fold wagers and a five-fold accumulator.

The Canadian bet is similar to the Lucky 31 bet. However, the major difference is the missing five single bets bettors get in the Lucky 31. Those five single bets are placed on each selection. If you are familiar with a Lucky 31, it shouldn't be too long before you get your head around the Canadian. However, unlike the Lucky 31 bet, the Canadian bet isn't a full coverage bet. It still gives bettors a lot of coverage.

To win the Canadian bet, a bettor must have predicted at least two correct outcomes. When a bettor makes a Canadian wager, it is important to note it is a multiple of 26. So, a £1 bet will be a total of £26. It may seem quite high to some bettors that prefer to wager less money. But keep in mind, if the results go your way, you can see thousands of pounds enter your pocket. It is also important to know the Canadian bet can be done for a winner or each-way. If you wager on the each-way bet, the price for the wager will increase from £26 to £52.

Why make a Canadian bet?

The wager is used when all runners have an equal weight in determining the bet's return. The Canadian bet offers excellent returns to those who place the wager and win. The great thing about this bet type is that it can return a healthy sum if only a few of your selections win.

Using the example of horse racing, bettors who choose the each-way Canadian bet can win without their selections actually winning the race. Making an each-way wager using the multi-bet type can be far more lucrative in the long run. You won't have to pick the race winners, but could still see your profits rise during a successful day of horse track betting. Another reason to use the Canadian bet is due to the fact bettors don't have to select longshots for big wins.

This bet type is a great way to try something completely different. If bettors are tired of making single wagers for small returns, the Canadian can offer a fun alternative.

Example of a Canadian bet

Now that you know what a Canadian bet is and why it can be a great moneymaker, let us look at an example of how it works.

For this example, you have wagered on five results all at even odds. The bet is backed at £1, which means you have actually paid £26 for the total stake.

If all five results lose, then you lose the £26 stake. In addition, if one selection is victories and four lose, you lose your £26 stake. If two results win, that means one of the doubles in the Canadian bet wins. However, it will only return £4. Therefore, you have made a £22 loss on the bet.

If three results win, things get better for you. A three-result win means you take home £20. However, you have still lost £6 from the initial stake.

Once you reach four correct results, you begin to see profits. Four wins means a £72 return on your initial £26 stake. You have now made a profit of £46, which is great.

If five results go your way, and you can achieve five wins, then you have really hit the money. Five wins from a £26 Canadian bet at even odds sees a £232 payout. That is an incredible sum, especially when you haven't wagered on longshots. This once again shows just why wagering a Canadian bet can be so lucrative in the long run. If all five wins occur, you have just made a brilliant £206 profit. That isn't a bad day at the bookies.

Sportsbooks and online bookies

Remember that many of the online bookies and bet shops still call the Canadian bet a Super Yankee. You may not realise it when you make your selections, so be aware they are the same thing. Nearly all major sportsbooks and online bookies offer this bet type. Once you make your five selections, just look through the accumulator options and it will be labeled as either a Canadian or Super Yankee.

Now that we have explained what is a Canadian bet, it is time for you to try one. Good luck!

Free In-Play ₤50 Bet Offer on Man United v Southampton

Free In-Play bet Bonuses at Betfair

Manchester Utd v Southampton Free In-Play ₤50 Bet Offer at Betfair Sportsbook

A Free In-Play ₤50 Bet at Betfair Sportsbook is a freebie not be missed. Read on for this fantastic offer and details on how to get yours. There are two Free bets up for grabs for all brand-new punters this Friday. Betfair sportsbook will offer you a ₤ 30 basic welcome new signup bonus offer. Plus for the Premier League game on Friday between Manchester United and Southampton you get a Free matched bet to your In-Play stake up to ₤ 50. So that's a possible ₤ 80 in Free bets to be made in one day.

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3. Free In-Play ₤50 Bet

Then put a money wager up to ₤ 50 in-play on Man United v Southampton and get a totally free bet matched to the very same value.

Terms of the ₤ 30 and Man Utd v Southampton Free In-Play ₤50 Bet

[wpsm_toggle title=”Details”] Bet ₤/ EUR10 AND Get ₤/ EUR30 in Free Bets PLUS Place an In Play bet throughout Man Utd v Southampton and get a complimentary matching wager approximately ₤/ EUR50.

Can I participate?

You can just participate if you satisfy both of the following requirements: you are not an existing or a previous Betfair account holder; and your Betfair account will be signed up in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland. If we discover that you have actually participated in this promo utilizing a replicate account or that you have actually utilized more than one account to get involved, we book the right to keep your totally free bet and any payouts made on the replicate account.
Exactly what do I have to do?

You initially have to open an account from utilizing advertising code ZSKAAS. Then, you will have to position a SINGLE Sportsbook (Fixed Odds) bet (minimum stake ₤/ EUR10) at probabilities of a minimum of 1.2 (1/5) within 30 days of opening your account. Put your bet on ANY Sportsbook market. Exchange bets are omitted from this promo.
Making use of Neteller, Skrill & Moneybookers eWallets are not qualified for this offer.

Exactly what are you providing me?

Within 24 hours of your certifying bet being accepted, you will be provided 3 x ₤/ EUR10 complimentary bets.
How can I utilize my complimentary bet?

You'll have the ability to see information of your complimentary bet in the ‘My Free Bets' tab accessed through the header of https://www.betfair.com/sport. Your totally free bet should be utilized within 30 days and can just be redeemed versus one bet on any Sportsbook (Fixed Odds) market at probabilities of a minimum of 1.2 (1/5). To utilize your complimentary bet, include a choice to your betslip that fulfills the terms of this offer. If you make more than one choice in your betslip which would adhere to the regards to this offer, the complimentary bet will be used to the choice with the longest chances. Free wagered tokens might not be utilized with other offer.
Exists anything else I have to find out about my totally free bet?

Your complimentary bet can just be utilized when. If you stake less than ₤/ EUR10 with any of your complimentary bets, the rest will not be useable. Stakes are not returned with payouts if your totally free bet wins. Your profits will be credited to your primary wallet.
Exists anything else I have to learn about ‘Place an In Play bet throughout Man Utd v Southampton and get a complimentary matching wager as much as ₤/ EUR50'?

– Place an in play single bet on the Man Utd v Southampton game on the Sportsbook on Friday 19th August and you will get a totally free bet matching your stake approximately ₤/ EUR50.
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Requirement Betfair Terms and Conditions use.

Betfair Customer Support.

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York Ebor Free Bets – Betbright Bet £10 Get £5 Bet on Every Race

Betbright York Free bets offer for every race

Get your York Ebor Free bets for every single day of the exciting horse racing meeting thanks to Betbright. This offer is limited and exclusive so act fast to qualify for your free bets in every race on every day.

York Ebor Free bets from Betbright

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3) Once the marketplace is opted for each race you will be granted a ₤ 5 Free wager for the next race.

Terms and Conditions of the York Ebor Free bets promotion

Offer only available to new customers who register through relevant promotional material for the Bet £10 on first race at York and Get a £5 Free bet for each of the next five races after 05:00 17/08/2016 and before the offer is taken off the site. Min stake is £10. £5 each-way bets do not qualify. Stakes under £10 will be excluded from the offer. This offer is limited and applies to new customers only. Offer must be the first bet placed and is limited to one per customer, IP address and household or other common identifier. Bets on this offer by existing customers will be voided. Customers who register for this offer will be not eligible for any other sign-up offer.
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An Englishman’s August Highlight: Ebor Festival York

Ebor Festival York
August is always the merriest time for most Englishmen! For horse racing lovers, it is when the Ebor Festival visits societies again. As per tradition, the Ebor Festival happens on the 19th to the 22nd of every August. Its establishment dates back to 1843 with only one race, the Ebor Handicap. Being one of the most celebrated race meetings of the flat season, the festival has always incited participation from race goers in both inside and outside of the United Kingdom. In this festival, the Ebor happens.

Ebor Festival Ante Post Betting

Ante post betting on the Ebor festival is one of the major horse-racing events worldwide.  In every day of this four-day long event, the organizers have prepared various races. Wednesdays are referred to as the Juddmonte International day. It consists of the Acomb Stakes, Juddmonte International, and the Great Voltiguer Stakes. Thursdays, on the other hand, are called Ladies' Day.  On this schedule, the Yorkshire Oaks and Lowther Stakes happen.  Friday has always been announced as Nunthorpe Day. Friday's highlights are the Gimcrack Stakes, Strensall Stakes, and the Nunthorpe Stakes.  Lastly, Saturdays are the grand Ebor Day. Its highlights are the Lonsdale Cup and the Ebor Handicap.  In all matches, ante post bets are available.

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Ante post betting on the Ebor covers all bets waged before the overnight declaration day. Traditionally, most of the celebrated horse racing events allow ante post betting. Upon the entry of the 20th century, most of these bets can be made online.

Aside from being a horse racers' favourite strategy in the Ebor Festival, ante post bets are actually advantageous. Most, if not all, celebrated races offer ante post betting before the competition day because a lot of punters prefer to select a horse in the earlier part of the season. This is because punters believe that a bigger price means a bigger chance to have a favourable race in the later part of the competition. Another benefit of ante post betting is that it allows punters to bet better prices for a horse as compared to horse prices during the competition's actual declaration day.

The main disadvantage, however, in this type of betting is that there is a likelihood that a punter might get a horse that does not run. Ante post bets accept all horses, whether they can run or not. In this case, once the horse you bet on is not able to run, you are immediately declared a loser. However, this disadvantage can sometimes be avoided. In some competitions, punters are allowed to get their stakes back from the management after getting a non-runner horse.

Taking place at York Racecourse in York, England, the Ebor festival has always been a remarkable event. Down in history, it is one of the tournaments with the highest ante post betters. Although very risky, ante post betting punters have always been thrilled by the uncertainty of the match. In fact, most punters bet in money for the excitement and thrill.  Due to its heavy entertainment weight, the Ebor Festival has undoubtedly become a part of an Englishman's lifestyle.  In addition, if you find yourself a tourist in England in August, it is suggested that you drop by York and place your bets. After all, an experience betting on the Ebor festival is worthwhile and irreplaceable in it’s excitement.

Tips on Horse Racing Bets for Dummies

Tips on Horse Racing Bets for Dummies
Only a few sports are as exciting as horse racing. This premier event attracts millions of fascinated audiences and bettors due to the joy and satisfaction that they can naturally get from seeing the horses take off. If you are new to sports betting and want to check out your options on horse racing bets for dummies, you have to be thorough when deciding who to believe. Not everyone who use a technique can cash out, and not everyone who try to depend on luck can win either. You can look into a balancing act, which will surely pay off bonuses in the future.

Horse Racing Bets for Dummies Tips to Follow

You can use the following tips as your guide in winning more money in horse racing:

  • Never bet on impulse

Some people have guesses, instinct, or what they call as gut feeling, and this tells them if a certain horse will win the race. This is not such a good idea when it comes to horse racing bets for dummies. Do not follow this kind of belief because instead of winning, there is a great likelihood that you will lose more often. Unfortunately, many people can’t win just by relying on their guesses and instincts.

  • Playing Favorites

Placing a bet only on your favorite horse is another bad investment when it comes to horse racing bets for dummies. While there are odds, avoid depending too much on your favorite horses to the point that you are no longer willing to place a bet on any other horse except the one with the highest odds to win. While you can win by betting on a favorite horse several times, depending on this technique for too long may cause you unsatisfying results in the long run. With this in mind, you must look for gaps in the winning cycles and check out which horse is strong at particular races and times.

  • Research

Research is one of the best tips in horse racing bets for dummies, but several people don’t do it. If you want to win, then it is advisable to read up about horses and jockeys, and make exploring about racing a part of your routine. If you always do this, you can easily figure out the horse that will win based on your own knowledge. The average bettor at the horse track does not know any inside information and probably does not care. This is the reason they do not win most of the time. Conduct extensive research about horse betting and about certain horses, if you want to emerge as the victor in the game. Try the racingpost website for free detailed stats on UK and Irish horses it's a great resource for everything about horse racing.

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Like other kinds of gambling, it is important to bet on horse racing responsibly. Do not bet all your money just on one option and make sure to focus on facts, figures, and odds all the time. You may get a piece of information that will be the reason for your next big win. The key in horse racing bets for dummies is to keep your eye open for information and avoid betting on impulse.

Understanding the Different Types of Horse Racing Bets

Factors that Affect the Odds on Horse Racing Bets for Today

Horse Racing Bets for Today
People who bet in horse racing are aware that they cannot gamble their money indiscriminately. Betting in these instances does not entirely depend on luck. You have to consider other factors and reasons and avoid relying your income on pure luck. Those who bet on horse racing always consults the odds on horse racing bets for today. This information helps them choose where they will place their money. They place their bets depending on the chances shown by these odds.

Take a look at the factors that affect the betting odds on horse racing.

Horse Racing Bets for Today Factors


Basically, the reputation of the horses and their jockeys is one of the main factors that most bettors look into. This is what sets the odds on their horse racing bets for today. The reputation of the horse and its jockey will let them know whether they should bet or not. The horse and its jockey can build their reputation through the many races that they won.

Their reputation has an impact on betting because most people look at the results of the previous races, thus, if a certain horse is practically unknown, then it will be difficult to set the odds.


A lot of old-timers examine the complaints of the competitors prior to the race. This will help them decide on the actual betting odds on the day of the race. Before placing your horse racing bets for today, you might as well look at the “condition” first. This refers to the several qualities of the horse and the jockey before the actual race, including the health of the horse. This will tell you about its possible performance. This will also indicate its “fighting spirit” or emotional condition.

These days, the challenges of the horse are really important that many veterans in gambling use various tools to study them properly. Some people consider this as a wasteful expenditure, but those who know the ins and outs of the business understand that a lot of money on your horse racing bets for today will depend on the condition of the horses.


It is often true when they say that the track is actually betting on the horses. Because of this, the horse racing betting odds may change. Many people make bets based on the assessment created by the track. This sometimes happens when a bettor wishes to win a certain amount of money. For instance, they can win big if they bet on the “underdog.”

Of course, many people simply go along with the track because the track is in a position to examine the challengers better. They will have a bigger chance of success, though their earnings will be smaller.

Keep in mind that for your horse racing bets for today, the odds are actually based on facts. If the bettor is unsure, these figures will help them entrust their money to something. Without these odds, people will not have any means of determining the horse where they should bet on.