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Betdaq Exchange

First month's commission cashback up to £1000.

Betdaq Exchange

Betdaq Exchange is known as the 2nd biggest with over 2 Million punters. Up to £1000 Cashback. Your first months Commission back as cash.

  • £25 Free bet
  • In-play betting
  • Horse Racing Replays


  • 2% Commission on bet offers
  • Established site owned by Ladbrokes
  • Multiple betting


  • Not as many punters as bigger rival

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Customer Service

Choice of bets

Betdaq Exchange Info

  • Bookmaker: Betdaq Exchange
  • Website:
  • Established: 2001
  • Country: UK
  • Support: Telephone: IRE 01 673 3360, UK : 08701781 021, International : +353 1 673 3360 E-mail: Fax: +353 1 6733396
  • Minimum Deposit: £10
  • Deposit Bonus: Up to £1000 Cashback
  • Bonus Code: DAQBACK

Betdaq Exchange Free Bet The Betdaq Exchange competes in a online UK betting market that is estimated to be worth £750 million with nearly 2.1 million customers. Although there are plenty of betting exchanges that are trying to capture this market, Betdaq exchange stands-out among them. As one the fastest growing and the second largest sports betting exchange in the UK. This Betdaq review will thoroughly analyse the business operations of the betting exchange, and will help you in determining their credibility in the online betting market.

Go to Betdaq for a £25 Free Bet

Betdaq Exchange Bonus About details

The core product of Betdaq is its betting exchange. This enables its clients to bet against each other at pre determined prices.

Established in 2000 by Irish businessman Dermot Desmond, it was acquired in 2013 by Ladbrokes International Plc. While Betdaq is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, its customers are spread across the world. Collectively Betdaq's customers place bets in excess of £75 million every week. The live betting section of this betting exchange allows punters to bet in real-time during the course of a sports event.

Betdaq Exchange Usability

Betdaq is the largest betting exchange technology provider in the world. Therefore, it offers you the best pricing, risk management and usability options in the online sports betting market. As on any other exchange, clients set the odds they want to back or lay and Betdaq sets the markets and events.

Betdaq Trading Software

To further improve your exchange trading and betting capability, Betdaq offers trading software called Betdaq Angel. With the help of this software you can place bets directly from a spreadsheet. Also, this software offers one click betting, user definable charting tools, net market position indicator, triggered betting, multi-market trading and betting, and trade calculators. Additionally, Betdaq offers a mobile application for Android and iPhone mobiles, which you can use to access almost all the features of this betting exchange.

Betdaq Exchange Commissions and Bonus

Betdaq follows a layered commission structure, which means if your betting rate increases, your commission rate decreases. Although the standard commission rate in Betdaq is 5 percent of your net winnings, you are eligible for as low as 2 percent commission depending upon your volume of betting activity.

Apart from discounts in commission, you also get attractive bonus offers from Betdaq.

You get a £20 free bet offer for joining this sports betting exchange. Another promotional offer allows you to avail 50% commission refund for the first three months of your joining.

The site also offers you 0% commission on multiples. Providing such bonus offers is a major part of Betdaq’s marketing strategy as they want to become the largest betting exchange in the UK. Therefore, as a customer you can expect many more such offers in the future.

Banking Methods

Getting money in and out of this betting exchange is quick and easy. They accept almost all credit and debit cards. Additionally, they accept payments through bank transfer, cheque, Neteller, paysafecard and Skrill. However, Betdaq charges 1.5 percent administration fee on every deposit made through a credit card. The maximum deposit limit of your account depends upon whether or not you have passed their security checks and for how long you have been their customer.

Betdaq Exchange Customer support

You have the option to reach Betdaq’s customer support staff either through email or by phone. Additionally, they have a comprehensive help section, where most common questions asked by users are already answered. You also get access to demo videos, which is a great way to learn about the various features provided by this betting exchange.

Pros of betting through the Betdaq Exchange

1. You get access to the most advanced betting exchange technology, which means best odds and fast executions.

2. The Betdaq trading software allows you to place your bets in a highly efficient manner.

3. You can avail plenty of discounts and bonus offers, as Betdaq keeps providing them on a regular basis to please their existing clients and to attract new ones.

4. The security systems of this trading exchange are of top-notch quality and they have never suffered a single glitch, which is a guarantee of 100 percent uptime.

5. They have a highly responsive and polite customer support staff.

Cons of betting through Betdaq Exchange

1. In some events you can experience low betting volume but it is compensated by the excellent odds which you can only get in this betting exchange.

2. There is no live chat provided for the customers. However, the response you get through emails is pretty quick, and you have the option of making a phone call if you want to talk to them.

Betdaq Exchange Conclusion

Betdaq exchange has gained immense popularity among punters in a short time. If you ask their existing customers about rating Betdaq, most would give them 10 out of 10. The ability of Betdaq to provide lower odds and ease in placing large bets makes it the preferred trading exchange of most smart bettors. Also, it offers commissions that are as low as 2 percent, which guarantees further value for punters.

Go to Betdaq for a £25 Free Bet

8.5 Total Score
Lay your Bets

Betdaq is an Exchange betting site that has over 2 Million customers worldwide and offers a low rate of commission on your bets. The ability to Lay your bets against fellow punters means better odds for you.

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